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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #90 on: January 22, 2011, 07:16:21 pm »
Hey Sam.  It is always good when you offer information from your side of the ocean.  This is what makes this forum so important:  That information not otherwise available gets collected and disseminated in an open forum that promotes public knowledge and access.  Personally I'm very grateful to you that you take the time to add to the collective knowledge regarding Pablo and others.  Thank-you.  I hope that other European readers will gather courage from your strength and contribute here as well.

Please help me/us understand better.  When you speak of donations, what exactly do you mean?  Can you say in detail all the "donations" you are aware of?  You mention that Canadian dollars or Euros or what?  Is that the required donation for attending the sundance or for participation or something else?  It would be helpful if you could be very clear here about what you know.  For example, I know that he charges folks who attend his sweatlodge in Calgary $20 for the CD he and Casey EagleSpeaker made of sacred Sundance songs.  On the CD, there is a specific claim to receiving one of the sacred songs while "on the mountain" (ie Blackfoot style vision quest).  Casey and Pablo sing this song on the CD with vocables only.  This song is in fact a Lakota Sundance song, and has been sung for generations with Lakota words.  Seems an appalling claim that a traditional Lakota song would be "received" spiritually during a Blackfoot ceremony, then claimed as a personal Blackfoot song where words are changed to vocables, and then sold to hapless wannabes and nuagers in a sweatlodge.

So do you have first-hand accounts of how these "donations" are received and under what circumstances?  I think there would be a great deal of interest to know more about how Pablo is conducting and selling Horn Society Ceremonies.  For those who don't know, this is the highest sacred society of the Niitsitaapii/Blackfoot First Nations.  There would be a great deal of concern throughout the communities if this claim were substantiated.

Just to clarify, Joachim (Joe) does not run a sundance with Pablo.  Pablo Russell and Casey Eaglespeaker run a sundance as a break-away dance that originated with Morris Crow, who is credited with bringing the dance back from the Lakota to the Blackfoot some 25 or 30 years ago.  Joe, like numerous other, are helpers at that dance.  There are huge differences between running a sundance and being a helper.  Repeat:  Joachim does NOT run a sundance and any claims to doing so are false.

It might be helpful for the Europeans to note that Pablo's "tribe" is himself and his family.  Of course he is going to tell the Europeans from whom he wants "donations" that this money goes to his people.  It does, but not in the sense the Euros might think.  Also there are no taxes paid by First Nations people who have an address on the Reserves.  So yes--these "donations" go in his pocket to buy the beads, buckskins and other adornments useful for tricking unsuspecting and starving Wannabes into seeing him as something other than he is. The lack of humility displayed is astounding.

It will be good to read whatever else you are able to share on this.  Thanks again Sam.

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #91 on: January 23, 2011, 12:49:23 pm »
joachim irmer is running together with stefan kobler merce and ernest ferrer and leocadia schönmayer the fast (preperation for the sundance )
twice at the year on his place there is payment involved also he claims to be the mainbishope from europe and you are rigth he is one of the leaders at pablos sundance.
the cost of the sundance is 400 dollar and sombody told me who is participating as a dancer iff you cant affordet then you are not ready to dance.also the dancers have to come to evry sweat to get prepared and evry sweat is about 100 dollar.
pablo runs all nigth smokes but called them since 1 months again path off the buffalopipeceremonies.the money of the cd s goes to there own pocket .the sweat and sundancemoney goes to there own pocket .after 6 to 8 weeks pablo have for his lectures and sweats about 20 000 in his pocket when he leaves europe. and i know he adds stuff from the horns to his lectures .he was one day a helper for the holy
woman .and he talks whats happend in her teepee i not gonna tell what he sad because no one who dont participate should know.
the people who attend his sundance and i speak about people here in europe are scared to do anything wrong.there following blind.
specialy stefan kobler are really rude he screams at the dancer and people who are older then him getting back to be little kids .
a lot of brainwash is out there.its like a time there even gathered money for a kitchentrailer 5000 dollar the kitchentrailer never show off.but its all called donation wich is ridicolus

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #92 on: January 23, 2011, 12:57:36 pm »
just add the reason why he called the all nigth smoke now path off the buffallopipeceremonie is
i told some people that he have no rigths to run this ceremonie because he is not in the society.
so now there have a new word for it ,but its the same ceremonie people told me .

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #93 on: January 23, 2011, 05:45:51 pm »

Hi @Sam,

thanks for the info. You may also post in German language, or send your contributions to me per PM, and I will translate them to English. It will probably be easier for you that way.


Hi Sam,

vielen Dank für deine Infos. Du kannst aber auch auf Deutsch posten oder mir deine Beiträge als PN schicken und ich übersetze sie dann. Das macht es dir vielleicht ein wenig leichter.

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #94 on: January 25, 2011, 10:39:57 am »
 :)whats about danish?

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #95 on: January 26, 2011, 05:21:05 pm »
indeed, you make very good points annomninous

and you have in fact, truly bought it all into a little more focus, yes indeed the issue of crossing boundaries from helper to lover is quite clearly one of the reoccurring themes in this story, and yet it is quite a complex and layered issue

spiritual abuse and sexual abuse are not uncommonly tied together in first nations communities.  i am not excusing or condoning this, but pointing it out, and speaking what many are unable to say.  i think we all know the root cause of this legacy, ..and continue to support the healing of religious/residential schools survivors and be aware of the intergenerational trauma that continues.  most of the many first nations ppl i know are victims of sexual abuse and/ or insest- almost all actually.

i am not saying or assuming that this is the case with pablo, but making a bigger point about the communities at large, and a realistic picture.  today we have many pipe carriers, sundancers, helpers and elders that do not come from a purity vacuum, it seems we are all on a long journey towards rebuilding from oppression of persons, and ethocide of peoples.  sometimes i think that this generation has left some slim pickings sometimes, but there are those who have been chosen to carry the gifts forward to the next generation

western culture really does far divide sexuality and spirituality..."minister" brings up images of a white robed celibate or a wholesome family man.  this collective denial of the sexual nature of the 'spiritual man' does often lead to abuse of sexuality, which is actually a gift.  indigenous worldview is more apt to accept and embrace sexuality, and its connection to the sacred.  it is this contradiction which is found at very core of this common issue of such "sexual exploitations" ... it is a perpetuation of crossed boundaries, by wounded and confused persons

yes it appears pablo is one to cross boundaries that at times he shouldnt.  perhaps he has not fully learned to respect women, and the role they play in his life.  the very fact that he is still a lonely man seeking comfort in the affections of young beautiful ladies speaks to the likelihood that he still sees a woman, not fully as an alli in his work, but as an activity in his play.  i think someday he will come to understand this, and if/when it does happen he would be gifted and better guided.  i am of the belief that even his misguided actions of 'selling' (is he really doing that these days?) of ceremonies stems from his lack of womans wisdom in his daily life, an imbalance.

it is a sad story,  yet the saddest part is that this type of thing is more common than ppl might think.  there are in fact many many men who act in the same way...only most of them dont venture all the way across the sea, and end up with such a high profile, and on a site like this ....but believe me, there are ....and there are also many woman who share the story of being confused and mislead by this sort of no, we cant excuse or ignore it..... we really need to come to understand it as sisters, mothers, daughters and grandmothers, and the rights and responsibilities that entails.....  understanding our own power as women is an important part of stopping these abuse cycles, and correcting the "imbalances of power" .....we as women hold great power in the direction of our families, the fate of our men, and we need to reclaim this

but in the end, we all have to walk on our own two feet, and we are accountable for what we do... so im not going to judge pablo, he has his own accountability to contend with, and whether or not he harms .... for what we do to others, we do to ourselves

I cannot believe that you actually wrote these words down. 

The sexual, emotional and violent abuse of NDN children in "boarding schools" and its multi-generational legacy in terms of trauma is an incredibly important and painful issue.  That you would even think about using this to deflect credible accusations of sexual abuse (for that is what they are) against Pablo Russell is one of the most abhorrent things I have ever had the displeasure to read - and trust me I've read some seriously abhorrent things.

If this man is a fraud then his actions are disgusting and loathsome.  If he carries some credibility re his spiritual lineage and responsibilities it increases the vileness of his actions as the abuse of trust is so great.

Your odious please for "understanding" of Russell using the serious issue of boarding schools and their legacy of multi-generational trauma and cultural genocide is a cheap shot IMO and deeply insulting to anyone personally connected to such events as well as anyone who has ever been sexually abused and, like most people, who has never even considered abusing another human being, regardless of the pain and trauma they experienced. 

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #96 on: March 09, 2011, 05:01:27 pm »
in my personal opinion i think you should get your facts straight about pablo russell. About anyone for that matter. if thats what you do in life is go around spreading lies about people what good are you doing in this world.? In the first place you take no part what so ever in any of the ceremonies everything you say is supposibly true you've heard from somewhere else. you know nothing of anyone or anything so why dont you save your critizism for yourself. You want to judge someone when your the one talking abunch of non sence.?  As a saying goes. 'Speak of no one unless you've walked a mile in his shoes.'  Remember that the next time you want to say something about a person.!!

Read more:;sa=send;f=inbox;pmsg=8520;quote;u=4280#ixzz1G7fLbdiP

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #97 on: March 09, 2011, 05:02:43 pm »
this is what mister hiddens send me ???

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #98 on: March 09, 2011, 09:10:35 pm »
Sam your link does not work.
I don't know who you are addressing your second last post to.  Can you clear that up for us all?

A note to the Europeans reading this forum:

I have just heard a second woman tell how Pablo Russell seduced her and used his power over her for sexual relations.  This makes two women with exactly the same story, confirming Pablo's modus operandi with his female European followers.  The line he uses is:
"This is the only opportunity you will ever have to sleep with a real Medicine Man."

This sickens me to the depths of my spirit.  My heart grieves for these vulnerable women.  I feel rage, contempt and disgust for this man who uses his spirituality to sexually abuse his followers/students.  These actions are like those of a predator, grooming and then assaulting those from whom he has gained trust.

I wish ALL EUROPEANS would BAN ALL CEREMONIES being sold by Pablo Russel.  Without the monetary support of the Europeans, there simply would be no Sundance led by this man.  He is not charging the locals to sundance or to sweat.  The sundance is not possible without European involvement and money.  To put it very clearly, Pablo does NOT have the support of his Nation or the support of the communities.  He's a rogue defector, an embarrassment, and at worst a sexual predator.

Again, it is up to the Europeans as without them, Pablo has neither the financial resources nor the human interest for his Sundance to continue.  It is YOUR money that allows him to continue.  He is not being supported by the local communities.

There are many many ways for Europeans to re-connect with the indigenous spiritualities of their/your own native lands.  I would encourage each of you to do your own research on your own ancestral and spiritual lineages, and consider pursuing a path that perhaps is more honourable to your own ancestors.  Supporting a man who doesn't have the respect of his own Nation damages people on both sides of the ocean.  No one benefits (except Pablo and his cronies financially) and many are harmed.

It's a time when the Europeans can really have a profound impact for GOOD:  by withdrawing your financial support, by refusing to participate in his ceremonies-for-sale, and by boycotting his sundance in Canada.  That's a LOT of power, and would be a huge step towards limiting his access to future victims.

Please prayerfully consider.

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #99 on: March 13, 2011, 07:20:23 am »
what i have posted is just what i got under my messages from somone under the name hiddens
and i posted it wrong under my name here .sorry

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #100 on: March 13, 2011, 08:10:34 am »
Thanks for clearing that up Sam.  It seemed like you were posting that to a member here, but I didn't think that was the case.

I'm sorry you received such a mean-spirited and hateful message.  That must have hurt a lot.  It would seem that this "hiddens" person is a follower of Pablo and by this message it is obvious that Pablo is not teaching Respect.  Apparently Pablo is attracting some very lost and damaged souls.  It's a pity, and I feel sorry for their vulnerability and weakness.  But thank God you are not one of them Sam.

Be strong and know who you are.

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #101 on: March 16, 2011, 09:44:53 am »
    Bente Græbert Tiede medicinkvinde, shaman, soldanser og adopteret af Sortfods Indianerne. Bente

                                       har igennem årene været, og er en stadig kilde til inspiration med sin visdom, klarhed, styrke og kontakt til den åndelige verden, som

                                       hun formidler på nærværende og klarskabende vis til sine klienter og kursister.

                                       Hun har været den "vise bedstemor", der kærligt og bestemt har vist mig vejen til at se mine næste skridt.

                                       Bente er fuldttids dedikeret til den indianske tradition og arbejder på at fremme udvikling og vækst både små og

                                       store cirkler i udlandet. Udover healing og trommearbejde, har Bentes traumeterapi været særlig markant og transformerende. Bente

                                       gør med en stor forskel også på globalt plan. Sammen med andre soldansere for hele verden arbejder hun for jorden, menneskeheden

                                       og helheden. Bente har "Helhed & Harmoni - Centeret for indiansk spiritualitet - kreativitet og vækst" sammen med sin mand

                                       Bjarne Græbert Tiede, som også har, der formidler indiansk kunst og smykker.

 another follower p. russells

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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #102 on: March 16, 2011, 09:57:03 am »
Coachforum Speakers & Seminars presents
En indsigt for livet
BisonMedicine wheel
Pablo Russell


Nu kan du møde "The teacher of teachers" -
vores egen store inspiration, læremesteren selv:
Pablo Russell fra Canada.
Foredragsturne i 2011:

Trommen, Hørsholm d. 13. april 2011 kl. 19.00 - Køb billet
Turbinehallen Århus d. 12. maj 2011 kl. 19.00 - Køb billet
Magasinet Odense d. 25. maj 2011 kl. 19.00 - Køb billet

Pris kr. 199,- (excl. gebyr).

Pablo taler et tydeligt og letforståeligt engelsk.

Pablo Russell er en indianer med en enestående gave: Han kan forklare sin egen dybe spiritualitet på en meget anvendelig og jordnær måde. Mødet med Pablo bliver for mange starten på en rejse ind i en glemt dimension i deres liv, og en inspiration til svarene på de store spørgsmål i livet.

Pablo Russell vil denne aften komme omkring emnerne:


      Hvad vi kan lære af dyrene og naturen

      Livet, døden og den store cirkel

      Få fat i din egen spiritualitet

      Om at finde sit formål i livet

      Det indianske medicinhjul

      Hvordan du lever i nuet

      Find krigeren i dig selv

      Livsledelse, stress og relationer

Pablo er en stor inspiration for alle, uanset alder og køn. Han arbejder som rådgiver og inspirator for både ledere og unge i Canada og Europa. Foredraget henvender sig til alle mennesker, unge som gamle. Pablo Russell er underholdende og humoristisk, selv om han tager fat på de store emner i livet.

Få en oplevelse der stikker dybere i 2011, hvor Pablo Russell gæster Danmark direkte fra Canada. Hvis nogle af dine mål er at blive et bedre menneske og forstå en større sammenhæng i livet, så er dette foredrag et must.

Kl. 18.30 Vi åbner for indgang
Kl. 19.00 starter Pablo Russell sit foredrag, der afbrudt af en kort pause undervejs, slutter kl. 22.00.

Pablo Russell

er indfødt Blackfoot indianer og medicinmand, født og opvokset på den traditionelle indianske måde i det sydlige Alberta i Canada, og hans indianske navn er "Shooting In The Air".

I en meget tidlig alder indså han, at han følte sig så tæt forbundet med de ældres viden og lærdom i Blackfoot-stammen, at han besluttede sig for at lære alt hvad han kunne fra ældste i stammen, så han kunne udbrede den viden om "the native way" til hans folk i dag.

Pablo Russell er en formidabel fortæller og underviser, og hans nærvær og oprigtighed gør ham til en person man tager til sit hjerte.

Nogle af Pablos hjertesager er relationer mellem unge og ældre, og han arbejder på et netværk der skal forbinde ældre mentorer med unge familier uden relationer og forbilleder på hvordan man bygger et familieliv og opdrager børn.

Pablo gør et stort stykke arbejde for narkomaner i Canada, og han arbejder som rådgiver og inspirator for både ledere og unge i Canada og Europa.

Jeg mødte Pablo i 2004, hvor jeg var med til hans foredrag og blev inviteret med i svedhytte, det gamle indianske udrenselsesceremoni, som er en utrolig intens og smuk oplevelse.

Pablo Russell er en oplevelse for livet, du ikke skal snyde dig selv for. Træk vejret dybt, luk øjnene og tænk så på dem der står dig nærmest.

Vi glæder os til at se dig.

Jesper Kjærgaard

Læs mere om Pablo Russell på


Coachforum Seminars ApS  ?  Foredrag og foredragsbooking  ?  Telefon +45 70 23 28 24 ? E-mail: ? Web


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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #103 on: March 16, 2011, 05:15:06 pm »
Hey Sam, When you post in another language, could you post a direct link to the text? I'm looking this over and am unclear on the connection to Pablo Russell. Are you wanting to start a thread on the others mentioned here?

The original page for the first post appears to be here:
The page also cites Kiesha Crowther as "a great inspiration". Google translation of page.

I'm sure our European members could do better, but here's a machine translation of text above:

Danish to English translation
Bente Græbert Tiede medicine woman, shaman, sundancer and adopted by the Blackfoot Indians. Bente over the years has been, and remains a source of inspiration with his wisdom, clarity, strength, and contact with the spiritual world She disseminates at this and realize creative ways for his clients and students. She has been the "wise grandmother" who lovingly and certainly has shown me the way to see my next step. Bente is full time dedicated to the Native American tradition and works to promote development and growth of both small and large circles abroad. Besides healing and drum work, Bentes trauma therapy has been particularly steep and transformative. Bente makes a big difference also globally. Along with other soldiers presses throughout the world, she works for the earth, mankind and the whole. Bente "Holistic & Harmony - Center for Native American spirituality - creativity and growth" with her husband Bjarne Græbert Tiede, who also who disseminate Indian art and jewelry.

This other one is definitely about Russell:

Translated Page
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Re: Pablo Russell
« Reply #104 on: March 18, 2011, 09:50:43 am » -
this is a link to the web