Author Topic: Raceshifting: Tracking Fraudulent "Metis" Groups  (Read 394 times)

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Raceshifting: Tracking Fraudulent "Metis" Groups
« on: June 10, 2019, 07:54:20 pm »
   Good resource:
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Re: Raceshifting: Tracking Fraudulent "Metis" Groups
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I moved it to put it down as a Non Fraud resource. This is under their About section:

"Darryl Leroux is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Justice and Community Studies at St. Mary’s University. As part of his work on the politics of race, racism, and colonialism in Quebec and French Canada, he studies the social, political, and legal dynamics that have led French-descendant people to increasingly claim Indigenous identities over the past decade-and-a-half.  In particular, he seeks to record and understand the work of so-called metis organizations in Quebec, which often openly oppose existing Indigenous peoples’ rights and/or claims. His peer-reviewed book, Distorted Descent: White Claims to Indigenous Identity, will be available by mid-September 2019.

Unwritten Histories Digital Consulting is a digital consulting firm specializing in creating and managing digital history projects. It is led by Project Managers and Digital Creators, Andrea Eidinger and Stephanie Pettigrew. For more information, and to find out how to work with them, check out our website."

This is a listing of the dubious groups they've researched. Several are fraud groups we've discussed before, my bolding.

Abenaki Nation at Missisquoi (Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi)
Abenaki Tribe at Nulhegan~Memphremagog (The Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe)

Alliance autochtone du Québec
Anishinabek Solutrean Métis Indigenous Nation
Archigantegou, communauté Abénakise des cantons de l’est
Assemblée des Communautés métisses historiques du Québec
Association Métis Centre-Nord du Saguenay des Terres-Rompues
Association Métis Côte-Nord (Communauté de Mingan)
Atlantic Métis Nation Association
Bras d’Or Lake Métis Nation
Canadian Métis Council – Intertribal /Métis Genealogical Centre of Canada
Communauté Autochtone Chibougamau-Chapais Eeyou Istchee
Communauté autochtone Wôbtwegwa
Communauté bedeque à Mont-Joli
Communauté Clova-Sibi
Communauté Mesquakie du Canada
Communauté Métis Autochtone de Maniwaki
Communauté métis l’étoile de Pohénégamook
Communauté métisse de la Grande-Rivière
Communauté métisse de l’est du Canada
Communauté métisse de l’Estrie
Communauté métisse de Wabos-Sipi
Communauté métisse de Yamachiche/ Communauté magoua de Yamachiche
Communauté métisse des Voyageurs
Communauté métisse du domaine du Roy et de la Seigneurie de Mingan
Communauté Widjikiene
Communauté Wik-Wam-Sun-Oté
Communauté Wikanis Mamiwinnik – La Sarre
Confederacy of Nova Scotia Métis
Confederation of Eastern Métis
Confédération des peuples autochtones du Québec
Conseil Autochtone de la Côte-Est
Corporation métisse du Québec et l’Est du Canada
Council of the First Métis People in Canada/Conseil du premier peuple métis du Canada
Cowasuck Band – Pennacook/Abenaki People (COWASS North America, Inc)
East Coast First People Alliance/Alliance du premier peuple de la Côte-Est
Eastern Shore Métis Nation
Eastern Woodlands Métis Nation Nova Scotia
Eldawik Metis Council
Elnu Tribe of the Abenaki (The Elnu Abenaki Tribe)
French River Métis Tribe
Highlands Métis Nation
Historic Saugeen Métis
Kespu’kwitk Métis Council
Kitchisaga/Assemblée des communautés autochtones et métisses de l’est du Canada
Koasek (Cowasuck) Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation
Koasek of the Koas of the Abenaki Nation
L’Association des Acadiens- Métis Souriquois
Laconia Indian Historical Association
Metis Eastern Tribal Indian Society of Maine
Montagnais Métis First Nation
Métis Eastern Tribal Indian Society of Maine
Métis Federation of Canada/Fédération métisse du Canada
Métis Memphrémagog Mamlhabagak
Métis Nation in New England
Metis Nation of Saint John
Nation Abénaki Algonquine Antaya (Nation Antaya)
Nation Métis Contemporaine
Nation métis du soleil levant
Nation Métis Québec
Nation of Acadian-Métis Indians/Nation Indien Métis Acadie
New Brunswick East Woodland Métis Tribes of Off-Reserve Indians
Ontario Métis (and) Aboriginal Association – Woodland Métis Tribe
Painted Feather Woodland Metis
Rassemblement Métis autochtone dans la Matapédia
Rising Sun Community Restigouche West/Communauté Soleil Levant Restigouche Ouest
Shadow People Métis Association
Sou’West Nova Métis Council
Syndicats des droits autochtones d’Amérique
Union métisse Est-Ouest
Voyageur Métis
Wabanaki International Sovereign Nation
Wesget Sipu (Fish River Tribe)
Weskarini Algonquin First Metis/First Nation