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Helaria Maya Spirit "Shamanic Mindfullness"
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I'm only able to work with Google translate on this - any input from German speakers is especially appreciated.

Curandera intensive inauguration and training "Divine Intervention" according to the Mexican tradition of the line holder Starr Fuentes by Anneliese Flachsmeier, naturopath, healer, lecturer and Curandera, authorized by Starr Fuentes in Arkansas USA


Indian-shamanic 2 year old education by Philipp Kansa, psychologist, USA


"True Spiritual Partnership", Intensive Seminar, Chuck Spezzano, Psychologist, Kahuna Shaman, Hawai


She's basically a New Age workshop junkie. Runes, twelve color rays, dreamlines, reiki, kriya yoga, dragon's voice, electromagnetic restoration, rasheeba, magewave, trance dance and more.

By combining energetic and spiritual bodywork in motion, I combine spiritual gifts from the Egyptian and Curandero Mayan shamanism. These healing methods enable me, with my own life experience, to find fast and effective solutions for your individual life themes, creations and manifestations together with my clients.

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Helaria's name is Franziska von Koss:

FB page: [Helaria - Healing & Trancedance]

YouTube channel: