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Warren Black & Awakening Within
« on: April 10, 2019, 01:29:13 am »
A Maori reports his group uses fake versions of Maori traditions.

FB site has this:
"Our founder and spiritual teacher Warren Black welcomes you to join our group. -
We’re creating a new breed of spiritual community to align people with their truth and to be sovereign in all areas of life.
We're all about education and personalised clearing of negative entities, financial and karmic release, auric clearing and learning to manifest what you truly desire.
As a member of our private community, you'll also receive expert tips and advice from our founder Warren Black on how to clear financial blockages and reprogram your subconscious mind.
Here are some of the significant benefits our members share as part of The Awakening Within …
· A LOT more money
· More aligned with their purpose, doing what they love
· Greater business success
· Quality investments for passive income
· More happy and joyful, connected to Source
· No more financial karma through our ‘Enhanced Karmic Release Program?’
· Glowing energy field"

So that's definitely mangling several beliefs systems together.

Warren Black is not only an advisor to Australia's wealthy and powerful. He is also a Grand Master of spirituality and empowerment. He has trained with gurus world over, channeling his own powers to unlock success and happiness for those around him.

In his professional life, Warren is Australia's foremost expert on offshore tax law and business growth. His company Wealth Safe has helped Australia's top 1%...

Christine Evans
Member 3 months
“I met Warren Black in May 2018 shortly after he had his encounter with The One. He related his experience at a small group webinar which I was attending. As he was explaining what had happened and how the Council of Nine had instructed him on his role to clean up the planet, I instantly knew that what he had to say was true. My whole body felt as though it was covered in white light....

The webinars he conducts are amazing - very informative with many healings included. It has become clear that there is a much bigger purpose behind all these teachings and Warren’s mission is to help save this planet from destruction. I know now, that I am a part of this and I am learning what it is I have to do.
At a private session, Warren and William (Warren’s son) cleared a lot of heavy dark energy from me."

Some of his claims of being a legal tax dodger, maybe, maybe not.
Former ATO employee, Warren Black
Warren Black, a Perth-based accountant and former ATO employee who runs a company called Wealth Safe, also appears in the leak as a director and shareholder of a Mossack Fonseca-managed company called Wealth Grow International Limited, which was incorporated in the Seychelles in March 2015.

Mr Black's website states his "life passion" is legally "getting people out of paying tax" and that he is known for his "ability to create out-of-the-box solutions to minimise tax" and wants to make "the complex tax and asset protection secrets of the rich easily understood by the average person".