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Some of the prior links in this thread do not work anymore. It looks as if some archives have been removed also.

Her company Hopi Wisdom Teachings, LLC still exists and can be found through a search done here

Google translation of an upcoming event:

Grandmother Jeremie, Hopi Indian elder / teacher is in Djoj with a meeting. For the first time she probably gives a one-off meeting in the Netherlands about the American Indian sacred teachings. The lineage of Grandmother Jeremie is that of the Hopi Bear clan.

She gives this meeting together with Satya Henkes from Rotterdam. Satya is of Dutch origin and Grandmother has trained her and asked to pass on the old traditional lessons here. The language spoken during the meeting is English.

From January 2019, Satya will give these Hopi American circles in Djoj.

"May you Walk in Beauty" touches the essence of the lessons. Grandmother will explain the age-old way of remembering who you are, what your beauty, strength and medicine is. The following circles of circles are part of this tradition:
• The 13 grandmothers
• Vibratory Centers
• Medicine wheel
• 7 sacred directions
• '20 Count '
Additional in English:

About Grandmother Jeremie
Grandmother Jeremie is a recognized elder and teacher of the Pueblo Indian nations – Hopi, Zuni and Navajo. Jeremie grew up walking in two worlds – that of the white man and that of “the people” – her family lineage is that of the Hopi Bear Clan. Although educated in the tradition of the white man to a PhD. level as well as being an ordained minister, she believes her real education comes from the apprenticeship she served to several American Indian Elders, including:
Chief Dan Evehema – Hopi
Sun Bear – Chippewa
Grandmother Snowdeer – Oglala Sioux
Jeremie has been given permission by her American Indian teachers to share the wisdom of the old ways through the oral tradition.



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Google translate:

INNER NOMADS PODCAST Afl. 2 | In conversation with Satya Henkes about the value of sacred Native American teachings for the modern life that we live. And vice versa ??

Satya works in her daily life for the municipality of Rotterdam as project / program manager and coach / trainer. The use of your talent or 'original medicine' in this world are processes that are central to her work.

Hopi Indian elder / teacher Grandmother Jeremie taught Satya in the traditional wisdom of the Hopi and asked her to pass on the lessons. The application of this knowledge in daily modern Western life is mostly Satya's interest.

Here you can listen to the episode:

A lot of listening pleasure! May you walk in beauty.


Look for "Afl. 02 – Satya Henkes, Hopi-wijsheid voor het moderne leven" here:

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my ex ol lady was zuni

also have a cousin who married to a zuni....and tons of zuni friends

i NEVER heard of anyone once even close to having a hokey azz name like "moon shadow"


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Hopi Wisdom Teachings LLC principal office address is now PO Box 593 Danville, KY 4042-30593

Jeremie L Leckron is the organizer and registered agent.

Her website has expanded.

In an audio clip on her site she says "my biological heritage includes both european anglo saxon (she pronounces it "saxton") and southwestern Hopi Indian" and she speaks of "white mormon ancestry and my Hopi Indian ancestry". She describes a grandmother as "full blooded Hopi".

Although she promises "teachings of the Hopi" at times she speaks as if Hopi people are different from her. Phrases like "to my friends at Hopi" and that she is a "conduit only" mix with her explicit claims of Hopi ancestry and Hopi childhood upbringing.

Leckron says she has a community of over 200 people.

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Hopi Wisdom Teachings, LLC
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Hello Everyone --

I'm a Unitarian minister serving in Lexington, KY and the organization "Hopi Wisdom Teachings, LLC" wants to use our property. I stumbled across this forum and this post in particular ( It raised some red flags obviously. I don't want us to be the church that rents out to an organization that is appropriating Hopi rituals. Some initial digging around has made me aware that ripping off indigenous rituals is a profitable business for many...I guess I was naive.

I've reached out to the Hopi tribe and am waiting for their input as well. Any other people/groups you'd recommend reaching out to? Plus, I figured instead of necro-ing the old post, I'd ask if anyone had new information on this?

With gratitude.

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Re: Hopi Wisdom Teachings, LLC
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It's OK to post in the older threads. Just ignore the weird red notice; that's part of the system software, not our opinion.

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Merging threads.

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Thanks for this! I'll update this thread when I hear from the Hopi tribe.

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I heard from the Hopi Foundation in Arizona and they raised a red flag. They nudged along my other requests to the tribal government and I also reached out to the Pueblo of Zuni since Leckner claims authority from them as well. I imagine it'll be a while before I hear back anything else, but this thread and the concern from the Hopi Foundation are enough for me.

In speaking with one of Leckner's representatives, they stated: "She has been given authority to draw from all indigenous wisdom to build a bridge with white Americans."  A Cherokee colleague of mine nearly had a stroke when I told him this. Anyway, I've started to spread the word to other churches in town.

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In speaking with one of Leckner's representatives, they stated: "She has been given authority to draw from all indigenous wisdom to build a bridge with white  Americand"

Wow! The absolute arrogance of that! Thank you for doing this.