Author Topic: Larah Westholt aka Hantewi Yuna / Hant’éwi Lakhóta Yuna - German Pretendian, claims Lakota / Winkte  (Read 2517 times)

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Dear people,

this is about a Trans-Acitivist in Germany, who claims to be several things:

She claims to be Oglala Sioux and international Activist. She say´s she lives in San Francisco, but also claims that she lived half of her life in Germany, also has a german citizenship, a  german car in Germany.
She writes and speaks perfect german, without any dialect.

The person is now claiming to do transgender-activism in Europe, tries to mobilize a group of people, always claiming, that the so called Sioux cultural view on gender of her is superior to European view(s) of gender, also says that ancient European cultures had been brutal and inferior, in comparison to matrilinear peaceful native societies.
She speaks about being a Winkte all her life, before that and after, and that everyone who is trans is also a similar thing. But her knowledge about Winkte can be found by everybody on the internet.
She also claims to be Trans Women of Color, and say´s that this topic is about identity, not about race or skin color.

She talked about, that she had to learn so hard to understand the concept of western transsexualism, because she was born Winkte, never know the binary concept.
She claims to be an important and well known activist in Germany which is not true, her transition only started 3 or 4 Years ago, she was completely unknown to everybody in the Trans-Community here before this.
She described herself as a transsexual 3 years ago in a petition, how could that be, if she was Winkte her whole life and doesn’t understand the binary concept?

This person has a guru-like character, always searching offensive for new allies in trans issues and meeting with them face to face, and some people also following this person ideologically. Persons who disagree with her, are getting bullied by her and her fellowers. She also criticize real registered transgender-activist groups in Germany, because they would not understand what trans-rights and transgenderism really are.

Another account of her, with standing Rock Pictures and other Stuff:

The pictures on her account can be found on the internet:

Women on the Horse (It´s not Hantewi):

Fraud or not?

Thanks for your attention people.

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OK, just looking at this page:

Ask yourself this:

Even without all the contradictions you already know about this person's background, the stolen photos, the claims that don't line up, etc... If this person was so traditional, why would their website be full of copied and pasted "explanations" about LGBT "identities" written by white people?

Most of what is on their site is by people who are not only white, but they are mainstream LGBT people who have absolutely nothing to do with any Native cultures that have Two Spirit people. The only Native source they are attempting to quote, they totally misinterpret, and then go on to misrepresent in a really obvious way. It's painfully obvious to anyone who knows the cultures and sources they're trying to use.

These really obvious mistakes are probably because they are German and can't understand the tribal context. They don't even understand colloquial American English. The Lakota sections on the page are also copied and pasted from other webpages, including newspapers on and Lakota women's Facebook posts that come up in public searches. This is grotesque identity theft, actually.  Put the text into google and you'll find it all.   

Ask this person what exact Lakota community they are from, and who are their elders, by name. Then we will ask, if you still think for a second this person isn't just another German pretendian. 

This person wrote: "Black And Colored Trans Lives matter!" - No one from America writes like that. Not someone in that age range.

And their bio says, "Human Rights Activist Of The First Nations Of North America" - HAHAHA. No. A non-Native wrote that. I won't dissect all that's wrong with that, but it's a big, red flag. They don't even understand the most basic terminology.

Looks like a Euro appropriating Two Spirit.

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Because this colonizer likes to steal other peoples' photos. Posting these that I guess are actually Larah Westholt who goes by Hantewi Yuna or Yuuna, etc.... From

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Here's the petition comment, in screenshot and translation from google translate, in case that disappears

Pardon of all 49,000 men sentenced to homosexuality under British law.
641K supporters
Supporter comment

I am signing because I am transsexual myself. We are viewed by the state and medicine as people who have a severe "personality disorder". We are psychopathologized against better scientific knowledge. Our gender identity is denied. This is based on our social discrimination. Identity is an expression of civilization. I know what it means to be deprived of its dignity. It's about dignity! When it is returned to these men, this is a first step - and an expression of civilization.

Larah Westholt, Germany

3 years ago

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What stood out for me was the very obvious: Claiming Lakota used to number "in the millions." Not true of any tribe north of Mexico, and not a mistake anyone Native would make. Or even any American would make.

Every single site with LW is in German. And of course her appearance. Any alleged ancestry is distant. Finally the very idealized view of all Natives as completely accepting of LGBT. Yes, more accepting, but because of colonialism and missionaries there are some who've assimilated bigoted attitudes.

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Thank you for response.

RedRightHand: “Ask this person what exact Lakota community they are from, and who are their elders, by name. "

People asked her about that and similar things like enrollment or ancestors, but she always said it is racist to ask such questions, or some of her fellowers are defending her and saying the same: "You are a racist, stop it!"

educatedindian: "And of course her appearance. Any alleged ancestry is distant. "

I saw her in real life, she appeared southern European, very small statue with a little bit of romani ancestry or something similar "exotic". She had a strong tan, but it looked like the result of tanning spray, or indoor tanning. She wears a lot of "Native American" jewelry which can be bought on the internet for a lot of money, but also cheap feather earrings, i found some of it on internet stores and her name:

In comparison to her older pictures that can be found on the internet and are shown here, she looked like she did a styling-transition and intense tanning towards appearing more Native American.

One thing that was also hilarious, that she told me, that we Europeans need new myths, like that of a white buffalo calf, or stories about a winkte, but she told me nothing concrete.

I could even talk more about her suspicious acting, but I think it´s enough.

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The jewelry is not in any way Native. It's white people's ideas of what Native people wear.

The fantasy idealization of Native cultures on this person's pages, while they may seem positive to outsiders, are still racist caricatures that show a total ignorance of what Lakota communities are actually like. This person has clearly never lived in a Lakota community. Rather, they've watched German pretendian shows and read fantasy novels.

Only racists think it's racist to name and discuss race. The rest of us have to talk about it, and do so all the time. It's only nervous white people who think it's a big deal. For those of us with families who are oppressed due to race and ethnicity, it's just talking about our families, lives, relatives and communities.

We know people who are active in the legitimate Two Spirit communities, as well as the fraud ones. The legitimate Two Spirit folks are an even smaller world than Indian Country as a whole. If this person was legitimate one of us would know them, or know their family, or would have at least heard of them. There is literally nothing about this person that does not scream FRAUD. 

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The software here does not support the full Lakota font system. More posts by this fraud can be found in searches under their fake Lakota name, Larah Ha?t’éwi Lak?óta Y?na  (approximately, Larah Hant’éwi Lakhóta Yuna)

Content Warning. If you do not have safe search on, you will get explicit porn results if you search on - Hantewi Yuna - in the Duck Duck Go search engine. This might reveal a possible origin to part of this person's chosen name. It's not Lakota. It's Asian.

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Larah Westholt aka Hant’éwi Lakhóta Yuna - Pretendian, fake Winkte
« Reply #8 on: November 02, 2017, 09:57:59 pm »
The profile page has been deleted.

Probably undergoing a frantic re-invention. Watch this space for name changes and any further fraud attempts.

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Be prepared for her fraudulent claims and practices in the UK.

It seems that she is moving with one of her disciples to London. Her actually used name is Sarah, sometimes she described herself as POC and native American, sometimes not.
She fantasized about actually living in the UK since months, the truth is that one of her disciples got a job there and will move to London in the next days.

She now claims to be a member of the so called “Ball Culture”: and that she, her girlfriend and daughter(if they even exist) where hunted because of this thread. Trans activists in Venezuela also had to flee because she was their leader. She claims that she has now stopped working together with white people, Black/Colored Communities only!

The illusionary claims about living in London, Ball Culture thing and chaining identity patterns pointing into a direction that she is mentally unstable.

They didn't stop the recruitment, one disciple was also a member of an organization which is teaching kids in schools about gender, she was interviewed in Germany's famous left wing magazine “Der Spiegel”(Online) it is very likely that they will also seeking media attention in the UK.