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Blog alert - 2nd World Conference on Ayahuasca
« on: October 25, 2016, 09:29:24 am »
FYI for reference and info - just posted Oct 21 Y2K16 -

Preview excerpts:

"bargaining with that which is sacred is not an indigenous characteristic"

"for me, the most hideous intemperance of the human being is that of the moral hypocrite"

"at the height of their arrogance, many ...  hail this drink ... so mystical and beneficial to human beings, as belonging to all without distinction. ...  endorsing the colonialist position of those who appropriate everything ... in accord with what they themselves think and not what others may think."

As a non-native person of conscience I can only be appalled and concerned by ongoing even intensifying cultural depredation - by dominant outsider interest(s), specifically the psychedelic movement at its current re-insurgent stage, the 'psychedelic renaissance' (PR phrase coined ca 2009).

All of this 'in progress' poses major concern, on one hand.  On the other - a complementary and perhaps deeper concern arises by - a seeming lack of reasonable notice or concern from within the dominant culture as the host context of - the psychedelic movement.   subcultural point source of this 'aya tourism' business, with all the issues it harbors. 

From studying this situation, the issues so far strike me as - more than can be counted, almost - and of profound scope and scale.  The campus USA scene, closer to home for me - seems to display a passive acquiescence at best - no studies or research to my knowledge, looking at such a problematic situation unfolding. 

All things considered, I'm especially troubled by circumstances illustrated by institutions like - Univ of MN.  They host a notorious (IMO) character like Dennis McKenna, in a legitimizing, paid position - as faculty.  If I understand right (someone please correct me). 

I've read that in his 'teacher' role - he takes students to facilities now set up S. America - like centers of subcultural appropriation (of ayahuasca ritualism) - offering class credit.  Its an educational 'experience' product - in service to psychedelia's agenda, in current form - as involves this sort of thing.

In psychedelia's founding era - taking your acid was enough to satisfy and qualify one as 'experienced.'  Whatever issues that posed, would seem to have been - relative few, and relatively pale by comparison to what's going on now.
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