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Back to Jacob Pedersen & Co. Take a look at the very detailed questionnaire accompanying these mandatory agreements. Who in their right mind will hand such a plethora of sensitive medical information (including any case of mental illness) over to a couple of convicted criminals?

*Spirit of Aya Health Screening & Full Disclosure
Because some of our tours involve the ingestion/utilization of sacred plants, we carefully screen each guest for their safety prior to attending a tour. All herbal supplements, natural medicines, and medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be disclosed and subsequently approved for use by Spirit of Aya. All herbal supplements, natural medicines, and medications (prescription and over-the-counter) cannot be taken during the course of the tour without the express permission of Jacob Pedersen.You hereby agree that all information you provide in the application is correct and current and that you have disclosed all physical and psychological conditions as well as all herbal supplements, natural medicines and medications (prescription and over-the-counter) that you are taking. In some cases, you will be contacted personally by one of our staff to ensure that you are prepared for the experience. Spirit of Aya is not a medical facility and its owners, staff, employees and agents are not licensed medical doctors, psychologists, or psychiatrists. We do not practice medicine, diagnose, cure, or treat disease or illnesses. Instead, we function as spiritual guides and teachers and offer ceremony for the purpose of spiritual communion. Dietary & Behavioral Restrictions: Because some of our tours involve the ingestion of sacred plants, there are certain dietary and behavioral restrictions that must be followed. You will be advised of these restrictions when you arrive at the start of the tour. Some of our tours may have a different set of restrictions than contained in the following paragraphs. Each specific set of restrictions should be followed according to the corresponding tour. The amount of sweets that can be consumed on tour due to the use of sacred plants is limited. Consumption of alcohol and street drugs are not allowed at any time during the tour. Consumption of pork or pork products is not allowed during the entire tour and for 30 days after your last shamanic ceremony with sacred plants. You must also abstain from alcohol consumption and the use of street drugs for 7 days after your last ingestion of sacred plants.There is to be no sexual activity whatsoever between guests and/or staff during a tour. This includes married couples. This also includes masturbation. The environment demands abstinence from all sexual activity. Should you develop a sexual or romantic interest in another person, we request that you delay any physical displays or expressions of it until the tour is over. We are not attempting to create a moral or philosophical boundary but preventing the potentially dangerous crossing of energetic fields that can result from sexual or romantic behavior while engaged in shamanic ceremonies. Again, it is not important for the guest to understand this completely, but it is mandatory that the guest observe the rules.

 ?I accept Spirit of Aya Health screening & Full disclosure

*Spirit of Aya Medications Note
For your safety the Spirit of Aya shamans have a "no medications / vitamins / supplements policy" at the camp (with the exception of birth control pills and anti-malaria medication). Medical studies have shown that mixing medications and some supplements, with ayahuasca can be dangerous and potentially fatal. Spirit of Aya representatives are not licensed to give advice on prescription medications. If you are currently taking medications, please consult with your doctor before discontinuing any medications. If your doctor approves discontinuing your medications and has guided you on the weaning process then we require that most medications need to be fully stopped at least one month before the workshop begins so that your physiology can find safe balance without it. This stability period could be extended up to 6 months depending on the combinations and types of medications being taken.

 ? I have read and fully understand Spirit of Aya Medications Note


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Re: Jacob Pedersen AKA
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Jacob Pedersen's operation has some commonalities with Trinity de Guzman's .

Trinity de Guzman exploited Shipibo and then set up his own business. The screenings/application process looks similar. They both use tipis for their events - Trinity when he operated in USA, Jacob in Denmark.


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Re: Jacob Pedersen AKA
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Back to Jacob Pedersen & Co. Take a look at the very detailed questionnaire accompanying these mandatory agreements. Who in their right mind will hand such a plethora of sensitive medical information (including any case of mental illness) over to a couple of convicted criminals?

Unfortunately, (other than drug tourists who want to be able to boast about vomiting and tripping all night), there are a lot of desperate people out there. Even in the face of convicted criminals, they will shrug off all doubts and hand everything over, just for a chance of salvation. People with serious life threatening physical illnesses hope for a cure. People who have hit bottom with substance addictions and mental illness want help.

These ayahuasca predators promise miracles. Many people feel this is their last hope.

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Re: Jacob Pedersen AKA
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What to think of this story that a woman send me recently ( May 2017):
I came back from Ronda, Spain 2 days ago after leaving an Ayahuasca retreat held by an organisation calling themselves “Spirit of Aya”. They are not good people, or maybe they are/used to be but something has hi-jacked them and it is some sort of dark/evil/digital entity posing as Ayahuasca healers. It’s very creepy. I saw it jump between their bodies and I heard it thru the Icaros and it is foul.

Another participant who was in the same retreat is at the point of becoming psychotic and I have no opportunity to help him soon, since I am full booked with other sessions. And beside that these people are not living in the Netherlands, so that is also a complication.

A real experienced ayahuasca shaman from the indigenous tribes in South-America must undergo a very rigorous training of a year-long fasting and daily drinking of  ayahuasca with an authentic teacher in a secluded spot in the Amazon. He has to do that  in order to get to know all aspects of ayahuasca. And those aspects includes the world of Light and the world of Darkness (Duality- Polarity Game) , the recognition of diseases and how to cure them. The recognition of trauma and the recognition of the associated entities and demons and the knowledge how to liberate them and most of all how to protect the participants against it. That is an incredible hard training and many can’t keep up and give up their ambition to become a ayahuasca shaman.It is too ridiculous for words that, in Europe, many people who  drink ayahuasca a couple of times with non-traditional shamans find themselves ready to hold ceremonies.

But also with well trained shamans who come from the Amazon Area, there are a lot of abuses taking place. Sexual abuse of western women who participate in their ceremonies happens very often. The journalist Annie Oak has done a very extensive research into this subject and published the results in an article titled: The abuse of power in ceremonies that use psycho-active substance. You can read it here:

Many people do not know it, but in the Amazon region it is full with  so-called black ayahuasca shamans. These are shamans who work with black magic, demons and entities and thus make other people sick, bring a lot of misfortune and often kill other people. I estimate that half of the ayahuasca shamans in the Amazon is working with the Light realms and the other half with evil and darkness. I myself have met several of those black shamans when I studied in Ecuador and I have had lots of problems with them, like most shamans who work with the Light Forces.

In the Amazon region it is not as peaceful as it all seems. There's a continuous struggle between white and black shamans. This you can also read in all the serious books that have been written about ayahuasca shamanism and of which I'll mention a few below. Black shamans are very dangerous. I personally know three white shamans from Ecuador and Peru who died through black magic. And black shamans  also work with ayahuasca. And their ayahuasca sows death and destruction due to the intentions of the black shamans. It is clear that ayahuasca in itself is a neutral force that is guided by the intentions and capabilities of the shaman who works with it.

Another warning: black shamans also travel to Europe to give ayahuasca ceremonies. They pose as angels of light, but in the meantime .............

Two years ago I had to heal and liberate a Dutch woman who was very heavy possessed with black magic. She had for a while  assisted in a group of very reputable shamans from Peru who give ayahuasca-ceremonies in Europe and also in the Netherlands. The son of the shaman was in love with her and wanted to marry her. She did not wanted that and had to pay for her refusal.. By the time she came to me for treatments she was completely exhausted and was about to be taken into a psychiatric hospital. She was very severely possessed by demons that these black shamans (father and son,  Xia and Xana  Bane from the Huni Kui tribe) had put into her. After a total of 9 individual treatments I was able to liberate her. She is definitely one of the worst cases I've ever dealt with. Black magic is the most difficult and dangerous to handle.

She never wants to have anything to do with ayahuasca shamans anymore, but that Huni Kui group of shamans are still giving ceremonies in Europe till today.. The innocent participants admires them and price them highly, but if you join them in a ceremony  is it very dangerous and everyone gets a few demons put into his / her energy field. It is not easy for a layman in order to be able to distinguish between good and bad shamans. But one thing is certain, it runs very often all about money. The Amazon region is poverty-stricken and everybody wants to give ceremonies in Europe because of the huge amounts of money involved.. Whether they are white or black or no shamans at all. You just put a feather-crown on your head, you buy a few bottles of ayahuasca, you call around that you are a  shaman and every European is bowing at your feet. Any form of critical consciousness does not seem to exist in Europe.