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Sundance in West Virginia
« on: August 07, 2013, 02:22:15 am »
Anyone heard of this group?


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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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The whois info on their site is protected so don't see any names that way, the site was created in 2008 and updated recently.

This witchvox profile was posted 2007:
Standing Bear Community

Age Range/Type: Family
Located in: Tri-State WV, DC, Maryland
Key Contact: Jennifer

Spiritual Path: Native American
Status: Established Group
Community Support: Open Circles...

Group Overview: The Standing Bear Community was formed to provide a safe environment for individuals to experience and strengthen their spirituality through community, education, and ceremonial support for the Way of the Pipe. Our premise is Pragmatic Spirituality based in Native American Traditions and practice. We hold Ceremonies for individuals to interact with Spirit and give honor to our ancestors seven generations ago for the seven generations to come. We endeavor to keep Have One Mind and One Heart, All Things are Divine and that We are all Relations in the forefront. Therefore, this community is intended for those who truly want to learn, participate, or live this way of life. It is not for gawkers, site-seers or Wannabes.

We respect that you come to Ceremony with an understanding of your spiritual path and traditions, our Ceremonies are not restricted to any specific religion, tradition or path. Ceremony is a way of life and a time for prayer.

All who come in a good way are welcome.


Group Stats

Formed?: 1998

New Members OK?: Yes

Incorporated?: No

501* Cert.?: No

2013 event:

On that event notice this web site link is also given:

The One Heart One Mind Interpretive Center is located just outside of Charles Town West Virginia and has community members from all over the country and Europe. The Center continues the vision of Chuck Derby to educate those on the Red Road about the Cannupa, culture, language, and traditions.

In Early 2010, Chuck Derby, an activist and educator in Pipestone, MN was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. A long time friend of Chuck's, Michael McGee pledged that Chuck's life work and his vision would not die with him. Out of this promise, the One Heart One Mind Interpretive Center was born. Our vision is to see the next generations learn the history, culture and traditions of the Cannupa in order to walk the Red Road.

They host Standing Bear Community ceremonies, along with other activities.


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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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Board of Directors of the One Heart One Mind Interpretive Center, includes photos
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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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A peaceful Flash Mob Round Dance took place at the IDS Center in one of the dozens of solidarity rallies across the United States in recent days in support of Canada’s Idle No More movement.  Bellecourt was not involved in organizing the event and was informed of the Round Dance only moments before it happened, according to a press release issued by Jennifer Hudson, executive director of the One Heart One Mind Interpretive Center. The nonprofit center supports the traditional way of life and ceremonies of the Standing Bear Community and creates a safe environment where people can learn about the Lakota traditions. “We’ve been working with Clyde and the AIM interpretation center for about two-and-a-half years and I happened to be in Minneapolis when Clyde was arrested and they asked me to coordinate the press so we could get the word out as fast as possible. We were also working in conjunction with the Twin Cities AIM Patrol to put out the press release,’ Hudson told Indian Country Today Media Network on the phone December 27.
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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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On their board of directors is Running Deer "community advocate"

Here is his site

Running Deer is a Veteran.
His heritage is Tsalagi and Seneca and is an enrolled tribal member.
Awiadici is a spiritual man who helps keep alive the Ceremonies of Native Peoples.

Born near the North Carolina-Virginia border, Running Deer resides in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.
Flutist; Artisan; Orator, he is a master flute maker

Herndon, VA.  US  20171-430
   Domain Name: RUNNING-DEER.COM
Administrative Contact:
      Deer, Running      
     Herndon, VA 20171-430
He possibly is Carl Joyce

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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
« Reply #5 on: August 19, 2013, 11:32:17 pm » senecas and tsalagis have names like "running deer"?

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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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If there is only one Sundance that took place in WV this year, friends of mine said that their friends did it with "Chief Lenus Red Feather" and that he's bringing it to Maine ... ??

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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
« Reply #7 on: September 09, 2013, 01:20:35 am »

The article mentions a Lenus Red Feather Jr. from Martin, South Dakota. These kind of folks like this Chief Lenus Red Feather pick their names without knowing how to receive their name. I know somw New Age crazy on FaceBook who claimed her name was Sacred White Wolf.  ::) Sooner or later these crazies will be exposed

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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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I can't wait to see Running Deer turn into Scared Rabbit  ;D

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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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Chief Redfeather is neither crazy nor ignorant. He is a legitimate Sundance Chief in every way.

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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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I see at the Standing Bear site their reading list includes frauds like McGaa and Michael Hull, as well as legit people like Joseph Marshall.

Among the elders they claim they list four who have passed on. I recall the American Horse family were ones who disagreed with the Protection of Ceremonies statement from Looking Horse and other elders.

This group is in their links.
But I'm not sure why this one is.

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Re: Sundance in West Virginia
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ah seen the pictures all white people
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