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Re: Roy Barnes
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Making the related thread that was split off from this one a bit easier to find:

Clarifiying misconceptions regarding FNMI (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) -

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Re: Roy Barnes
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Anything Roy claims to have gotten from William commanda is a bold face lie......william did not do sundances....he knew it was not his way and he respected that way was ceremony from the west....having said that why would he sanction a white boy to do this ceremony ..... It just doesn't make sense......many who attended Williams gathering over the years past are now dropping his name for their own fraudulent purposes since grandfather has passed on ..... RIP Shomis..........and he is no longer here physically to defend his if Roy is so called native where is he from?  Which nation does he associate with?  Do they know he took Lakota ceremony as his himself a pipe....etc....and from what I witnessed he did not have any elder teach him....he took by heres a kicker for you.....he married a lady from Massachusetts, he met this lady at Williams gathering, she attended a sweat lodge.....when he tried to cross the border with her to go to Massachusetts , border patrol ran his name and came up with a red flag on his name.....he wasn't allowed in the states he was turned back because he had a criminal record for being arrested for drug if this one person defending him in this thread had any real weight to carry about Roy......many questions would be asked, and if Roy was honest he would the answers and proof to back himself up...for Roy to keep these things hidden....puts up a big red flag ......question me about anything and I will speak my truth....i have nothing to hide......if someone goes on the defensive by the truth I share only tells and shows me who you are and gullible one may be.....and thats what is deemed a follower.....Miye