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Nathan Deon Cagle AKA Nathan Windwalker
« on: December 21, 2012, 05:47:37 pm »
Got a request about him. Surprising we don't already have a thread on him since he's denounced by name by several elders resolutions and a convicted serial con man. That's why i started him off already under Frauds.

Women esp, note that he's convicted of stalking and abusing several females.

Non-Indians like Nathan Deon Cagle in California have exploited the spiritual ceremonies to the extent of being convicted of crimes.

Cagle, 49, known as "Windwalker," was convicted on eight felony counts in Yolo County Superior Court in California.

Claiming to be a Northern Cheyenne spiritual leader, Cagle charged hundreds of dollars for sweat lodge ceremonies and "vision quests." He offered Native experiences to children and advertised rites of passage and pipe ceremonies on the Internet. Cagle, who says he is innocent, was convicted of theft by false pretenses, extortion, stalking, embezzlement and other charges.

Susan Bates recently reported in the American Indian Journal a story about a self-proclaimed Northern Cheyenne "Shaman", Nathan Cagle, a.k.a. "Windwalker," who was arrested and convicted in Yolo County California Superior Court on eight felony counts, including grand theft, theft by false pretenses, extortion, stalking, and embezzlement.

According to the Bates report, "Cagle conducted $300 sweat lodge ceremonies and $600 'vision quests' for New Agers and Wannabees who were only too glad to spend the money for an "authentic" Native American Sacred Ceremony.  He also offered traditional Native experiences to Girl Scouts and advertised rites of passage programs and pipe ceremonies."

Describes case in detail.
Cagle v. Schwartz


Official citation and/or docket number and footnotes (if any) for this case available with purchase.
September 4, 2007



 Petitioner is a state prisoner proceeding pro se with an application for writ of habeas corpus under 28 U.S.C. ยง 2254. Petitioner challenges several convictions he sustained in the Superior Court of Yolo County in 2002, on two separate grounds. Respondents filed an answer on December 8, 2004.

 I. Background

 After plaintiff was convicted and sentenced in the Superior Court of Yolo County, Petitioner appealed to the California Court of Appeal. Answer, Ex. 1. In its decision affirming petitioner's convictions and sentence, the Court of Appeal summarized the trial court proceedings and the evidence presented at trial as follows:

 Defendant Nathan Cagle was convicted on various charges, including embezzlement, grand theft, extortion, and stalking, stemming from his association with two women with whom he had a romantic relationship. . .

 Carol Weinmann owned a stained glass and upholstery shop (Kat's Custom Upholstery) in Woodland, California. She had been in business approximately seven years when defendant entered her shop to look around while he was having his car repaired. They quickly began dating, and soon became intimate.

 Defendant told Weinmann he was active in the Native American community. He referred to himself as Windwalker. He did Native American artwork, and made Weinmann a ceremonial Native American wedding dress. He told Weinmann they would grow old together.

 Defendant eventually began to do his artwork in Weinmann's shop. Defendant offered to do things to help Weinmann around the shop. She taught defendant how to take bids for her. He did more and more things for her around the shop, and she did things for him as well. They helped each other out, but defendant was not Weinmann's employee.

 Defendant was unemployed at the time, so Weinmann loaned defendant money to purchase a car and car stereo. Defendant only paid back $50 of the approximately $2,040 he owed her for the car and stereo.

In January 1998 defendant opened a car detailing business next to Weinmann's shop. Weinmann purchased the business license and the first stock of supplies for defendant. Defendant's shop and Weinmann's were connected by a metal roll top door that could be locked only from defendant's side. Weinmann's shop was protected by an alarm. Weinmann gave defendant the access code to the alarm.

 After defendant opened his business he did not spend as much time at Weinmann's shop, although he continued to help her out. She also helped him by detailing cars with him.

 Defendant started making significant business decisions for Weinmann's business, even though she did not give him permission to do so. Around March 1998, defendant took an order for an upholstering job from Willibaldo Rodriguez. Defendant quoted Rodriguez $537.94 for the job, but only charged Rodriguez $300. Weinmann and her employees did the upholstery work. Defendant gave Weinmann $200 and told her Rodriguez would pay the rest later. Rodriguez paid the remaining $100, but Weinmann never received it.

 In another incident Weinmann prepared an estimate for work to be done on a boat by James Canady. Defendant gave the bid to Canady, but Weinmann did the work. The bid was for $2,970.93.

 Canady paid $500 up front and tendered a gift certificate for $200.

 Weinmann only received $2,170.93 of the remaining $2,270.93, even though Canady paid the full amount.

 In another incident Polly Nelson came to Weinmann to repair the broken stained glass on her front door. Nelson contracted separately with defendant to remove and re-install the door. Weinmann quoted Nelson $1,435 to do the glass work, with the understanding she would be paid by Nelson's insurance company. Weinmann never received the money from the insurance company. The insurance company sent the checks for Weinmann's work to defendant and defendant cashed them. The checks were made out to "Nathan Deon, Doing Business as Kat's Custom Upholstery," and "Nathan Deon, Doing Business as Kat's Stained Glass[.]" Defendant told the claims adjuster the drafts should be made out to him because he owned the business.

 On March 13, 1998, Weinmann discovered defendant had received an e-mail from a woman named Caroline, indicating defendant had spent the previous evening with Caroline. Weinmann confronted defendant and "told him to pack up his beads and feathers and leave." Weinmann had the locks and the alarm code changed in her shop.

 Weinmann felt she needed to get away so she went to Clear Lake for the weekend. When she returned to her shop on Monday, she found defendant in her shop. He bragged to her that he had convinced the police and the alarm company he was supposed to be there. Defendant told Weinmann if she wanted him out of her life, "then I am going to sue you. I'm going to ruin you in this town. I'm going to see my attorney. . . . Oh, by the way, how much fire insurance do you have on this place?" He then demanded she put him on her payroll and paid [sic] him $400 per week until June 10, 1998.

 After this incident Weinmann started to notice money was missing from the shop. To test defendant, she put a check in her desk drawer, and when she came in the next morning the check was gone. She stopped payment on the check. A few days later, on June 10, defendant told her he could not work for her anymore.

 On June 12, 1998, defendant sent Weinmann a letter demanding $10,400. Weinmann turned the letter over to the police. Defendant called Weinmann twice demanding the money.

Defendant began following Weinmann around town. He gave her "evil" looks and glared at her. She felt threatened by him and did not believe her encounters with him occurred by chance. She also began receiving hang-up phone calls. Finally, in September she got a restraining order against defendant.

 Weinmann's property started disappearing during the time defendant was in her life, and she stopped noticing property was missing after he was gone. She made a list of items he took. The total value of the missing items was $11,455.88.

 Brenda Klein met defendant in June 1998. They soon began dating and became intimate. On July 31, 1998, defendant called Klein and told her he was being arrested for violation of probation. Klein loaned defendant $3,200 to hire an attorney. She also allowed him to stay with her to avoid going to jail. She accepted third party custody of him, and he lived with her for a period of about nine weeks.

 Klein had her own business selling credit card equipment and debit machines. Klein hired defendant as an independent contractor in her business because he needed a job for probation. Defendant charged Klein for some business cards without her permission. Klein also agreed to co-sign a contract for defendant to get a cellular phone. She later found out the phone bill was in her name. Klein paid approximately $2,000 for defendant's phone charges.

Klein noticed things like tools, jewelry, and coins turned up missing while defendant was staying with her. Klein estimated the missing items had a value of around $1,159.

 The jury convicted defendant of embezzlement based on the money defendant took from Weinmann on the Rodriguez, Canady, and Nelson jobs. He was convicted of check fraud based on possession of one of the checks from Nelson's insurance company. He was convicted of two counts of grand theft based on the personal property taken from Weinmann and Klein. He was found guilty of diversion of construction funds based on the Nelson job. The jury found him guilty of one count of extortion based on his demand to be on Weinmann's payroll, and guilty of stalking against Weinmann. He was found guilty of two counts of grand theft by false pretenses, one against Weinmann and one against Klein.

 The jury found defendant not guilty of extortion of the $10,400 from Weinmann. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on one count of check fraud and the burglary charge.

 The trial court sentenced defendant to a total of nine years in prison....

 B. Prior Convictions

 Petitioner's second claim concerns evidence presented at trial indicating petitioner had several prior convictions....

 The prosecutor made a motion to impeach defendant's hearsay statements pursuant to People v. Jaccobs (2000) 78 Cal.App.4th 1444, hereinafter Jacobs. The trial court granted the motion and read a stipulation to the jury that defendant had been convicted of five felonies: "1975, transportation of a controlled substance; 1986, theft; 1990 theft; 1996, forgery; 1996, sale of migratory bird parts." The trial court further instructed the information was not to be used as evidence of defendant's propensity to commit crimes, but for the purpose of attempting to impeach defendant's credibility regarding his own statements....


And what's very disturbing, he's out and selling himself as an expert in curing vets' PTSD.

Peddling life coaching on youtube, thankfully not too many views.
Of course one can always post warnings in the comments.

His own site, still posing even after serving time.

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Re: Nathan Deon Cagle AKA Nathan Windwalker
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2014, 04:11:11 pm »
Got an email from an associate of his. She insists he's now reformed. But I can find plenty of evidence he hasn't.
First is her email followed by my response.


I perceive the Indian culture as a respectable and highly spiritual one.  I am trying to understand why someone who claims to be based in this culture would perpetuate the negative consequences of someone's poor choices years or even decades later?  Do you not embrace the ability of the human spirit to learn and grow?  Is this not why we are born?  To learn and grow?  As you must know, Forgotten Warrior was founded by Wind Walker, a half-Cheyenne Indian, (formerly Nathan Cagle, son of Charlie Cagle, a full blooded Cheyenne who physically abused young Nathan until he was 15 years old) after serving time in prison for behaviors which were the result of his own childhood and combat-related PTSD. But, once Wind served dying prisoners in a prison hospice, his spiritual-authentic self was awakened and he recognized his own PTSD had prompted him to make poor choices.  That was 15 years ago.

I have been working to raise money to feed 300 veteran families a week, fund a program in which seasoned veterans "life-coach" newly returning vterans with PTSD, provide job training skills to unemployed veterans, and find volunteers to help veterans whose benefits have been denied... yet, your organization has our founder and CEO on a list of "frauds".  I am asking you to kindly remove the negative comments that impede my ability to fund vitally important programs.  Every day - I see veterans dealing with horrible circumstances.  They come to us where I have seen families fed, veterans on the verge of suicide gain hope, and unemployed vets reclaim a productive life because of Forgotten Warrior's job training programs. I have seen Vets like Wind who have been imprisoned due to PTSD behavior reclaim a productive life. 

Do you know Wind earned three Purple Hearts and a Silver and Bronze star in Vietnam?  He has seen the worst of war.   I am asking you to reconsider your position.  Please do the right thing and remove the slanderous and misleading information from your websites.  Mr. Wind Walker is doing fantastic work in the community and if you saw it with your own eyes, you would be proud to know him.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Feel free to email or  call if you have any questions or comments.

Julie Leigh Domeny
 Development Director
Forgotten Warrior

Ms. Domeney, I'm glad that you are willing to talk since you seem unaware of the most basic facts about the imposter you naively trust.

Mr. Cagle was convicted of multiple counts of fraud, theft, and extortion in 2002, 12 years ago, and was imprisoned as recently as 7 years ago. He has five  convictions going back to the 1970s for drugs and theft as well.

He is not Native and was denounced by actual Native elders. He was never their medicine man. The Cheyenne do not "put out a shingle" to sell their beliefs as Cagle did and continues to do today.

His history of being a serial con artist includes both manipulating and stalking women and impersonating a Native spiritual leader.

That Mr. Cagle would use PTSD or a military record as an excuse is despicable. There are millions of vets, including combat ones, and highly decorated, who do not con people, abuse women, or misrepresent themselves.
misrepresent themselves.

If Mr. Cagle had truly reformed he would admit his crimes, not make excuses for them. He would also no longer falsely present himself as something he is not.

That you were taken in by him is easy to see why, since you do not seem to understand much about Native cultures. It is cultureS, plural, not one generic Indian culture like you seem to think based on Hollywood films.

You enable him and his abuse when you buy into his impersonation of an Indian, such as his use of an obviously fake Indian name.

"Wind Walker" was a movie from the early 80s with a white man portraying a Cheyenne Indian medicine man, exactly like Cagle. How much more obvious can you get?

Regardless of the merits of your charity, this man is not to be trusted, as shown by his continuing lies to you and all those around him.
Al Carroll, moderator

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Re: Nathan Deon Cagle AKA Nathan Windwalker
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2014, 04:40:51 pm »
Cagle still claims to be a Cheyenne medicine man. This is his company.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be, with a tie dyed blanket and a statue of children holding hands around a candle. This is beyond self parody, the goofiest attempt to impersonate Native ceremonies I've seen in awhile.

This site claims he's no longer president of that charity.


His claimed life story is getting more unlikely.

Who is Nathan "Windwalker" Cagle... 
I was raised in a very abusive home and was constantly told by my parents that I would never amount to anything; over time I believed that message. I left home, quit school and lived here and there. I ended up living in the streets, doing drugs and having a big chip on my shoulder. My Vietnam draft number was high so I enlisted in the Navy, where I was drugged and raped on my first command ship; after my discharge I was treated for PTSD. These experiences and the extreme childhood abuse I had suffered made me even angrier at life. I was later diagnosed with A.D.H.D. and dyslexia, can it get any worse? I continued my drug abuse and rode with a biker gang.... 

I remember a time when I felt all was lost; I was losing my girlfriend so I sat in a dark room with a gun to my head ready to take my own life....
Two years ago I began writing a program that I believe will change the world by my Coaching tools of showing people how to reprogram their sub-conscious mind and learn how to think positive. Using my program, I healed my thinking and my broken body, and I am no longer in a wheelchair....

Owner(s) Nathan "Windwalker" Cagle 10 years in operation!


10 years ago he was in prison for being a serial con artist. 7 years ago he was still in prison. Notice how he leaves all that out.

Now, in its place, we're supposed to believe he had this miraculous change of heart from a suicide attempt. I don't think they let prisoners in prison handle guns. Or parolees either.

And claiming he was drugged and raped in the navy? Really? The idea that there are dangerous gangs of gays in the navy waiting for the first chance to rape you seems pretty far fetched.

We've seen these kinds of claims before, Harley Reagan telling a story of being raped in prison. The idea is to win over the sympathy of women, especially women who've been abused and might feel they can relate.

Notice also there's no mention of all the decorations Ms. Domeny claims he received. No mention of PTSD she said he suffered. Wouldn't that have made an inspirational story?

And if he can truly make people walk again with his program, that would be front page news everywhere. Another miracle cure that's somehow secret, unless you buy his program.


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Re: Nathan Deon Cagle AKA Nathan Windwalker
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2014, 04:33:19 pm »
Entity Number:   C3098638
Date Filed:   04/01/2008
Status:   ACTIVE
Jurisdiction:   CALIFORNIA
Entity Address:   909 12TH ST STE 114
Entity City, State, Zip:   SACRAMENTO CA 95814
Agent for Service of Process:   WIND WALKER
Agent Address:   909 12TH ST STE 114
Agent City, State, Zip:   SACRAMENTO CA 95814


Entity Number:   C1866459
Date Filed:   09/09/1993
Jurisdiction:   CALIFORNIA
Entity Address:   6058 MAUDS LANE
Entity City, State, Zip:   SUISUN CA 94585
Agent for Service of Process:   NATHAN CAGLE
Agent Address:   6058 MAUDS LANE
Agent City, State, Zip:   SUISUN CA 94585


California business search:


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Re: Nathan Deon Cagle AKA Nathan Windwalker
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2014, 04:48:26 pm »
Name:    Nathan Deon Cagle
Event Type:    Birth
Event Date:    13 Jan 1952
Event Place:    Solano, California, United States
Gender:    Male
Mother's Name:    Kisling

Name:    Nathan Windwalker Cagle
Titles and Terms (Original):    
Also Known As:    Nathan Windwalker
2nd Also Known As Name:    Nathan Walker
3rd Also Known As Name:    Nathan D Cagle
Residence Date:    13 Nov 2000
Residence Place:    Woodland, California, United States
Birth Date:    Jan 1952
Phone Number:    899-5737
Phone Number Recorded Date:    18 Jul 2001
Address:    8092 PO Box
Address Continued:    Woodland, California 95776
Address Date:    13 Nov 2000
2nd Address:    823 PO Box
2nd Address Continued:    Winters, California 95694
2nd Address Date:    01 Dec 1998-15 Aug 2000
3rd Address:    Ward 234
3rd Address Continued:    Palo Alto, California 94304
3rd Address Date:    01 Dec 1993

One of his former wives, the mother of his son, can be found on genealogy forums researching the Cagle side of the family. She only had family stories to work with, some possible names, no mention of NDN heritage. I strongly suspect Nathan doesn't know his actual heritage.

His parents are Charles Deon Cagle and Elizabeth Lorraine Kisling.


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Re: Nathan Deon Cagle AKA Nathan Windwalker
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2014, 06:39:39 pm »
Additionally, Cagle would also claim to be part Scottish and would also give lectures at various institutions throughout the state on the Scottish-Indian connection. Wideman said that an investigation into Cagle's family tree through the Mormon Church revealed no Cheyenne or Scottish ancestry.

"The nearest I can tell is that he(Cagle) is of German and English decent. None of the names that he claimed to have in his background appeared on any genealogical records," said Wideman, who also furnished a copy of Cagle's family history to Indian Country Today.

Cagle claims to have derived his lineage from the Northern Cheyenne Bigback family and claims to have learned his spiritual trade from Northern Cheyenne tribal member Gloria Bigback.

A letter from the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council obtained by Indian Country Today and signed by three tribal council members, said that Cagle is in no way associated with the tribe and that, though Gloria Bigback is a tribal member, she does not have spiritual or religious authority.

The letter further stated that the Northern Cheyenne do not use the term "shaman" when referring to their religious leaders, a term Cagle often employed to describe himself. Calls to the Northern Cheyenne headquarters in Lame Deer, Mont. confirmed the contents of the letter, though attempts to reach Bigback were unsuccessful.

In his defense, Cagle said that he is the victim of a conspiracy resulting from bitterness on the part of the two businesswomen because he ended the romantic relationships with them. He also said the women and Wideman are motivated by fundamentalist Christianity and take exception to his teaching American Indian spiritual beliefs. In regard to the stalking charge, Cagle insisted that he only ran into einmann in the grocery store by accident only one time.

Cagle said he never charged money for his spiritual services and says that he never made much money at all even from his art. He insisted that Bigback is a qualified spiritual teacher and calls the charges that he has falsified his ancestry "ludicrous" and claims to have done his own research through the Mormon Church.
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Re: Nathan Deon Cagle AKA Nathan Windwalker
« Reply #6 on: February 16, 2014, 07:34:58 pm »
Wow. This is textbook abuser/con man stuff. Sometimes I think these guys are all working from the same script.


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Re: Nathan Deon Cagle AKA Nathan Windwalker
« Reply #7 on: March 17, 2014, 06:33:46 pm »
My name is Matt Sammons I was his operations officer for 5 weeks. I can attest first hand to the kinds of illegal things going on. This man is ruining peoples lives. When I found out about his fraudulence and confronted him on it he called the police department and told them I was threatening to assault him and destroy his vehicle (luckily there were witnesses to disprove this). He tried to get a restraining order on me however they would only give me a restraining order from going into his office. If you have any questions or would like more info on anything email me This man needs to stop now! There are many Iraqi veterans like myself out there that need the help he is stealing away!