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Press Release: November 1, 2012


After making myself knowledgeable about the activities of Kevin Annett, I am aware that he is perpetrating widescale and international fraud – financial, intellectual, academic, identity and cultural fraud.  In short, Kevin Annett is committing multiple levels of criminal fraud against the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island and he in no way represents any of our Peoples – individually, or as representative of any of our Nations, here or in Canada.  He therefore can in no way act on our behalf in any mock ‘International Court or Tribunal’ proceedings that have no legitimate bearings whatsoever, or ask any other individuals or Nations to act on our behalf in any capacity of Law, or Courts – or in any Legal or Cultural or Advisory manner. This includes the order to CEASE immediately further writings and publishing on the Internet, including any and all websites, or any other forms of press and media, including Radio, YouTube and other video or otherwise televised format.

I hereby order Kevin Annett and his conspirators as follows :  Alfred Webre, Bill Annett, Nell Cole, Russ Letica, Marcia Lane, Mel Ve, John Deegan, Lori or Carol O’Rourke and all other complicit participants to hereby CEASE AND DESIST FROM ALL INTERACTION AND ACTIVITY AND/OR ANY INVOLVEMENT WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF NORTH AMERICA AND CANADA FOR ANY REASON OR PRETENSE.


Dennis Banks is scheduled to appear on First Voice Indigenous Radio in November with Ken Bear Chief, Royce White Calf and Lydia White Calf, hosted by Tiokasin Ghosthorse of the Lakota Nation regarding this grave and serious issue facing First Nations Peoples of Canada and American Indians of North America.  Date and Time to be announced.  Thank you

ok....the story i finally got was that in 2010 there was a plot on the popes life involving an explosion in a public place, 6 people were arrested in the UK, according to joanne all of them were white and all of them claimed to be in league with militant lakotas and were doing it on behalf of the lakota people due to centuries of christian oppression.

problem is that NO LAKOTA or any indian tribe in north america/canada were aware of this nor would any of them be onboard with such stupidity. stateside there were a few people involved as well and were questioned by the feds, the names i know for sure are lydia whitecalf, eliase/elijah yenegata, and kevin arnett and some other people who supported this plot from US.....only common factor was that they were all pretendians gone militant outside of the approval or knowledge of any tribe

im not sure how any of them got themselves released or who they snitched on....but word through the grapevine is eliase played the "retard card" and being that he was delusional special ed kid in school and it served to help him out

then all of a sudden some of the pretendians did what pretendians normally do, sent the feds after joann spotted bear. she denounced them and ever since eliase has been on the net telling everyone that joann, a REAL warrior for her people is a fraud and phony, insinuating that she works for the BIA and gets paid to divide the people....and then out of the blue he told the feds that she held him, lydia white calf and jimi mcnair (another pretendian from denver area) at knifepoint, then changed it to gunpoint, then he said she robbed him of over $3000

she said she has paperwork she will send me when she can....i will put some of the relevent stuff in bold

i myself failed to find any info on net connecting any pretendians to the plot but i do know eliase was bragging about his involvement ONLINE at one time trying to impress girls....on a thread in 2011...i wish i would have snapshotted it...i didnt believe it at the time...then again i never really read the news from overseas...

but i did find that this kevin arnette guy was howling for the popes arrest once he resigned....and it looks like many of the stateside non-indians all seemed to turn on eachother

That Kevin Annett is a real piece of work. The more I hear about him, the more I think he has some serious mental issues. Plus he wants to be the star of the show, the great white savior of the Indian people.


--- Quote from: debbieredbear on October 25, 2013, 05:20:18 pm ---That Kevin Annett is a real piece of work. The more I hear about him, the more I think he has some serious mental issues. Plus he wants to be the star of the show, the great white savior of the Indian people.

--- End quote ---

It is with respect that I wish to add my voice to this forum.  I have known Lydia White Calf and Royce White Calf for the past two years as a result of doing research into Kevin Annett.  During that time, I have never found evidence that a 'plot' ever existed to 'kill' the Pope that was hatched either by Lydia or by Kevin.  Kevin Annett is a spineless coward incapable of confronting a small puppy, let alone plotting anything so violent.  He does however have an agenda that uses the Pope, the hatred for the Vatican and the 'child sex-abuse' issue, as a means of fomenting sympathy for his delusions and attracting some desperate people to his 'cause'.  There have been three people to date that have been arrested under the banner of Kevin's ITCCS (International Common Law Court).  Kevin has most recently posted a video calling for the occupation of Kanata and the establishment of a New Republik.

With respect to Lydia, she has shed much light on the forces at play in the struggle for Native Sovereignty and the release from Colonialism.  When I first met her, I found hers and Royces stories of FBI surveillance and threats to be incredible.  However, if it were not for my own personal experiences with members of the 'intelligence' community, ANONYMOUS hackers, and government shills, I would have called Lydia and Royce crazy and as delusional as Kevin.  I now know better.

What I know to be true is that Kevin took advantage of the White Calfs (along with many other well-meaning Native activists) and suffered the effects of that relationship.  I believe this is Kevin's agenda... to infiltrate groups and causes and then destroy them from within.  He does this not by the destruction of the structure of the cause itself, but by destroying the people in those causes.  Many lies on blogs have been written and will continue to be written about myself, Lydia and Royce, and the people writing those lies could care less who gets hurt in the process.  Kevin has accomplished his task as effectively as if he'd pulled a trigger on a gun pointed at the White Calfs heads... He has done this with most of the true activists here in Canada, and he has enlisted the help of 'well-meaning' white people in the process.  It's salt in an already deep and agonizing wound and it makes me wonder the purpose of levelling these 'Pope-Assassination Plot' accusations based on what appears to be a strategic rumor.  And how long ago was this??

If you look me up, you'll see I'm no fan of Kevin (as evidenced by my own blog) because I'm no fan of liars or the lies they tell.  I bring this in defence of the Lydia White Calf who I have come to know as a friend and ally and I write this for Royce, who once called me 'sister'.  While I no longer have contact with the White Calfs (out of respect of their need to sever their history from Kevin Annett's and start life anew) It is important that I give my testimony here today, in the hopes that everyone can move on.  Thank you for listening.

Heather Martin

maybe......but they associated with someone (NON-INDIAN ELIASE GRAYWOLF POSING AS A LAKOTA) that sure took credit for it and threw their names in the mix and bragged all over town and all over the net...she kept associating with that fraud even after that and ran to the feds claiming joanne robbed them and they kept changing the story.....i never met lydia....NOR DO I WANT TO.......but in colorado all indians know eachother and word travels quick......................the consensus among the REAL indians here was "what the hell are these wannabes thinking?" .......especially when the few real indians who chose to be nice to these wannabes started getting contacted by feds asking questions.........she can thank her buddy eliase GAYwolf for that

the other word in the community is that she kept meddling in lakota politics which no sane non-indian would ever want to open that can of worms......all under the guise of "helping"........see what happens when you involve yourself where youre not wanted and think you know whats better for indians than they do for themselves...she MAY be innocent of that, but her buddies sure lay down with graywolfs you end up with fleas.......and joanne has more sorry but i believe joanne

joanne has a track record of fighting on behalf of her people....the others are known liars and imposters and frauds..........who's word do you take?

so why is this annett character talking about occupying canada? its great that people want to support but they should probably leave the planning and the speaking to indians themselves


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