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Vernon Foster
« on: September 05, 2011, 03:22:25 pm »
This is somewhat confusing. This guy, Vernon Foster, has been pretty outspoken about the James Ray sweatlodge tragedy, speaking on behalf of AIM:

But today I was informed about this site where Vernon is selling spirituality in Europe.
It´s all in Dutch (is that Dutch?) and I don´t quite understand it, but I can see the words sweatlodge and channupa and I can see the pricetag down the bottom.

Any more info?

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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2011, 04:01:19 pm »
I saw him on CNN after the James Ray murders hit the news. He was leading a sweat in Sedona. He let CNN film inside a lodge that looked to include both Natives and non-Natives. He had the non-Natives singing a special song... The AIM Song.

Do you know what chapter Foster is claiming to represent, and whether it's Autonomous or sanctioned by GGC?
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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2011, 04:50:31 pm »
Found one of the videos. This is not the CNN footage:

Foster identifies himself verbally as being with "the American Indian Movement of Arizona". In the text on the screen he's identified as the "A.I.M. Southwest Regional Director". The video was filmed in Sedona, as was the footage I saw on CNN. I think this was filmed on the same day CNN was there, though the lodge itself shown on CNN was at night.  Video was uploaded by skabewis on Oct 27, 2009.

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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2011, 05:46:35 pm »
Oops, video above is same one Freija posted.

Here is one of the CNN reports:

You may get the article page, the red "view video" text is a few paragraphs down. First part is a summation of the deaths, sweat footage starts at approx 1:08

Found some commentary on the CNN footage here:

Here's the initial info on Foster from the James Ray thread:;topicseen#msg19489

I'm going to edit my post above, as neither of the videos above show the white people on plastic crates singing the AIM song. Either the CNN footage of people on milk crates was from a different "lodge" or, if from one led by Foster, it was in a different report. Different edits of the lodge footage aired in the multiple spots that included footage of Foster. The footage gave the impression the weirdness was from Foster's lodge, but it's also possible they mixed footage from different video shoots together for some of the reports.


Found some more videos of Foster on YouTube. He's doing presentations at a "Shamanic Center" in Brazil.
"Palestra de Vernon Foster sobre espiritualidade da tribo norte americana Lakota, antes da Cerimônia Inpi, no Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro."
(Google translation from Portuguese)
"Vernon Foster Lecture on spirituality of North American Lakota tribe, before the ceremony INPI, in Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro."
"This event is being held at Carlos Sauers' Center for Shamanic Studies in Alta da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro."
"Este video foi gravado na vinda de Vernon Foster em outubro de 2010 - No dia participei junto com amigos e amigas de uma tarde maravilhosa de ensinamentos no Sitio Lua Cheia de Leo Artese."
(Google translation from Portuguese)
"This video was recorded at the coming of Vernon Foster in October 2010 - The day I attended along with friends of a wonderful afternoon of lessons in Sitio Leo Full Moon Arts."
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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2011, 11:00:53 pm »

The site you found, naturescall, is from Belgium. It has been mentioned before here at NAFPS, as they also offered seminars and ceremonies with Michael Redsky. The site is run by an individual going by the name of Johan.

Johan has got some – errm: interesting info re Foster. He claims Foster was a member of the Klamath/Modoc Yahooskin band of Snake Indians... No further comment.
There are price tags:

„Oct 7: Native American Teachings, Chanting and Drumming: € 30
Oct 8: Connection to the Spirit World and Intuitive Energy: € 110
Oct 9: Teachings around Sweatlodge and Chanupa traditions: € 110
Oct 10: Personal consultations with Vernon: € 80
The entire workshop will cost € 230 incl. Beverages and snacks (bring your own lunch). Accomodation possible, with snacks (no showers), at € 15.“

fyi: € 110 = US$ 156
€ 80 = US$ 113

There are a few more sites announcing ceremonies with Foster: he has been to Switzerland and the southern parts of Germany, Belgium, Brazil (Foster did the German and Swiss workshops with an alleged Brazilian shame-on called Carlos Sauer), and I even saw some sites in Romanian language.

Posted : May 20, 2009 18:39

BUFFALO HEART by VERNON FOSTER and PARASHAKTI. In this workshop you will experience the "Earth Medicine Awakening" through the ancient teachings and healing rituals of the medicine wheel, pipe ceremony, story telling, chanting & dance. Through shamanic journeying you will connect with ancestral spirits, retrieve lost parts of soul and discover your own creative & authentic voice, with intention of the healing of the earth.

You are cordially invited to an intimate one-time-only personal engagement to journey into healing with Native American Leader, Wakia Un Manee (Thunder He Walks With). Through traditional ceremony and healing sacred songs, experience how traditional indigenous practices can help us connect to the spirit world and truly heal. Experience time honored indigenous energy medicine by drawing closer to our creator Waka Tonka. Learn to move energy, bring balance and extract toxic energies that have embedded in our energy fields. Practice soul retrieval to heal past trauma and recover our vital self. Gain techniques for crafting meaningful rites of passage.


Vernon Foster - Indian name, Wakia Un Manee (thunder he walks with) is a national Indian leader and works with many tribes across the United States helping to develop cultural and educational programs as a teacher and lecturer. He has been an activist for the native people since 1968 and is the Southwest regional director of the American Indian movement. Vernon has turned his focus on the spiritual ways of the Native people. He is a healer who uses indigenous century old healing methods.

His rare and personal appearance in NYC is one not to be missed. $50 at the Door
3/26/2010 6:30:00 PM
3/26/2010 9:30:00 PM

First Full Moon Party ~ Ceremony ~ Empowering 2011
Thursday January 20th 6:30 -12 am
Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary :: 778 Bergen St. BK. NY
25$ Energy Exchange

Unitribe is Excited to Present this Full Moon Ceremony, Party, and Journey into this 2011!

This Full Moon Event will be featuring

*Native Lakota Elder : Vernon Foster ~ (Thunder He Walks With)
*Wisdom Teachings

*The Dance of liberation (shamanic journey dance)

*Intentional Full Moon Ceremony for activating your 2011


*Live Music and Drumming

*Amazing Transcendental Music

Featuring Dj Srikalogy

The Didje Project

*Gourmet Ayurvedic Cuisine

*Live Art

*Lots of dancing, laughter, connecting and all that good stuff!

-Not to be missed-

Support your resolutions and intentions that were set for this new year! With two eclipses and lots of alignments this ceremony is largely focused on supporting the beginning stages of a powerful year and shaking off the rest of that unneeded guck that may still be lingering from 2010. This year is the year! Enhance all that you are doing... Aho!

Vernon Foster (Wakia Un Manee) is recognized as an International spokesperson on behalf of the Native American community and is one of the Traditional Wisdom Keepers of our modern world. Vernon actively travels the world a Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Advisor, Healer, Counselor and Teacher generously sharing the Native wisdom and ways that have been used by Indian people for centuries upon centuries.

The Dance of Liberation® is a unique form of shamanic movement therapy that heals and frees physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. Participants are held in a safe space as they journey blindfolded beyond their conscious fears and limitations, allowing their judgements to fall away and opening for their innermost creative sides to break free. This inner journey happens in a trancelike state to the vibrations of live global music, drums and transcendental beats. This powerful and beautiful soul work sheds inhibitions and heightens inner awareness and self-realization.

WTF ...

Relax here: Spiritual dance club
Posted in Own This City by Alex Schechter on Nov 14, 2009 at 1:00pm

Let your hair down tonight at “Illuminate: A Spiritual Dance Club,” an artsy party with a shamanic twist. Get ready to bring out your inner witch doctor—this unconventional approach to a disco is hosted by the Open Center, an interactive healing school and community center that recently moved to a bigger midtown space, making events like this possible.

Israeli spiritual healer Parashakti will be conducting her “Dance of Liberation,” a technique she developed to get people to loosen up on the dance floor. DJs, drumming and yogic breathing exercises all help participants “ride the wave of sacred rhythm.” But while spirituality is certainly an important aspect in this, don’t be intimidated. “Overall, it’s just a dance party,” an Open Center marketing manager explains. “And since I’ve been here, they haven’t done anything like this.”
After an opening ceremony featuring Parashakti, medicine woman Joani Henry, and Native American elder Wakia Un Manee, you can make like a maenad and hop between the “Chill Out Room” and the “Tipi Room,” where from 10:30pm to 1:30am, the dancing will take place.

February 13, 2011 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Traditional Native American Teachings
Learn Sacred Native Songs & Drumming

Sunday, February 13th  •  12:00pm – 4:00 pm

LOCATION: The META Center 214 West 29th Street, 16th Floor, NY NY (7 & 8th Avenue)

As your spiritual journey unfolds, you can begin to understand the sacredness in all things. This even pertains to the songs we sing. When we implement songs into or healing practice, they become sacred songs. This workshop will help you discover your own sacred song. Learn how to find that song, and to sing it with intention.

Drums can be heard around the world, but for Native Americans the drum is the heart beat of mother earth. The beat and the rhythms can escort us into the other dimension, a world that man does not understand. Learn how to use your drum to call upon living spirits of the natural world. Vernon will bring life into your own shamanic practice and share with you some of his sacred songs and dance.

Workshop: $60 Energy Exchange
($30 special discount for NYSC drum making workshop attendees)
Limited enrollment due to space available.

VERNON FOSTER— is a member of the Klamuth/Modac Nation, and active member of the American Indian Movement which promotes Native human rights, he has been a strong advocate and activist of Indian country for over thirty years. Vernon is recognized as a national spokesman on behalf of his community, a motivational speaker, spiritual advisor, healer, counselor and teacher regarding Native American issues, solutions, and perspectives. He has been the founder of many charitable organizations: Buffalo Heart Project; Red Road Journeys. Vernon sits on many national boards.

Jornada Xamânica com Wakia Un Manee – Vernon Foster
Dias: 24, 25 e 26 de junho
chegada 24/06 - a partir das 16h
saída 16/06 - as 17h
Local: Aldeia do Sol – Sacra Família do Tinguá – RJ
Condutor do trabalho: Wakia Un Manee (Vernon Foster)
Troca: R$ 460,00 - Inclui hospedagem, alimentação e todas as práticas.

fyi: BRL 420 = US$ 280

Vernon Foster (WAKIA UN MANEE) is a full blood Klamoth/Modoc Native American.  An activist since 1968, Vernon currently serves as regional director of The American Indian Movement (AIM). In his role as an educator and public speaker, he works with many tribes to help create cultural and educational programs. And, as a healer, WAKIA UN MANEE draws on traditional methods and tools passed down for centuries. He has been studying and practicing Lakota tradition for 30 years. And he is a sun dancer and guardian of the sacred pipe, Chanumpa, who specializes in bringing healing and balance to people’s energies through performing shamanic extractions and leading sweat lodges.

A native of Brazil, Carlos Sauer began studying spiritual healing and Brazilian Spiritist depossession work as a teenager, receiving his primary training from his own family. In 1981, he came to the U.S. to,  live in Big Sur, CA, where he spent 20 years at Esalen Institute working and studying Shamanic Healing.

His primary teachers were Michael Harner PhD, anthropologist and founder of The Foundation of Shamanic Studies (FSS), and Hector Gomez, a Native American church roadman from Argentina. Other teachers include Nelson Turtle, a Cheyenne Native American church roadman elder and Carlos’ adopted father, and Crow Bear, Sun Dancer from the Mohawk tribe. He was the coordinator and facilitator for the Esalen Institute Sweat Lodge from 1996 to 2004. Carlos taught depossession trainings for graduate students of the FSS for many years in the US and Europe. He also teaches workshops privately in the US, Europe and Brazil, continues to facilitate Sweat Lodge ceremonies.

For information about the workshop given by Vernon Foster & Carlos sauer go to Native American Spirituality and Shamanic Healing

28 – 30 March, 2011
Beginning: Monday, 28 March 2011, 7 p.m. with dinner
End: Wednesday, 30 March 2011, ca. 4 p.m.
Seminar fee CHF 300.–
Board & lodging CHF 211.–
Attending this seminar includes board & lodging at Waldhaus Zentrum. If money is problem, please contact us.
English with German translation

Open Evening for Guests
Monday, 28 March 2011, 8.30 – ca. 10.30 p.m.
Costs: CHF 30.–
Dinner CHF 21.–
Please register in advance for the open evening and for dinner.

Individual Session
On Wednesday, 30th March, and on Thursday, 31st March (whole day), individual sessions with Vernon and/or Carlos can be booked.
Costs per session: with one of both CHF 150.–, with both CHF 180.–

Fyi: CHF 300 = US$ 380
CHF 211 = US$ 267
CHF 150 = US$ 190
CHF 180 ? US$ 228

There are a few more seminars taking place in the South of Gemany:

„Weekend Seminar: Shamanic Seminar with Vernon Foster and Carlos Sauer with Indian sweatlodge
March 25 – 27, 2011

Energy Exchange: Euro 350.00
Personal Consultations Friday: Euro 60.00“

(€ 350 = US$ 497
€ 60 =  US$ 85)

The same organizer will do another event with Foster and Sauer later this year:

„Sweatlodge and Healing Ceremony
Seminar with Sweatlodge and sacred White Table Ceremony
October 28 – 30, 2011“

The price tags are the same as above.

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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2011, 03:47:05 am »

DANCE TO RETRIEVE LOST PARTS OF THE SOUL by PARASHAKTI. According to Native American and shamanic cultures, when we experience trauma in our lives, we lose a little piece of our soul. Dancing to Retrieve Lost Parts of the Soul is designed to retrieve those missing parts through spiritual counseling, dance, yoga, meditation and shamanic journeying. This program is specifically designed for individuals who have suffered from past trauma or a life-threatening disease and wish to commit to their healing through deep journeying work. The goal is the same for everyone: to tangibly mend rifts within yourself, Integrate refugee parts with commitment and intention, discover different responses to daily events and challenges find a knowing trust in life's process, attract relations that resonate with your deeply awakened being and to create and connect to a clearer sense of yourself, your purpose and your vision. Just added!

POW WOW DRUM by VERNON FOSTER. Vernon Foster, Wakia Un Manee (Thunder He Walks With), presents a handmade Pow Wow Drum to the New York City Community, Parashakti and the Liberation Drummers. A Pow Wow Drum carries the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The drum is often thought to help bring the physical and mental side of a person back in touch with his or her spiritual or heart side. As with many things in the Native American culture, the drum is used to bring balance and rejuvenation to a person through their participation in dancing, singing and listening to the heartbeat. As the receiver and carriers of this drum, the NYC tribe is bringing this drum to be blessed at the Gaian Mind Summer Festival. Its ceremonial use invokes the ancestors and the land. At this initiation ceremony you will witness this ancient drum call forth everyone’s deepest intentions for the festival and the vision of the future. Just added!

BUFFALO HEART by VERNON FOSTER and PARASHAKTI. In this workshop you will experience the "Earth Medicine Awakening" through the ancient teachings and healing rituals of the medicine wheel, pipe ceremony, story telling, chanting & dance. Through shamanic journeying you will connect with ancestral spirits, retrieve lost parts of soul and discover your own creative & authentic voice, with intention of the healing of the earth. Just added!
... ... ...
SWEAT LODGE with Guest Pouring by Wakia Un Manee. Sweat lodge is an ancient and sacred ceremony. It may be the oldest ceremony on the Earth, and has been practiced everywhere on the planet at one time or another, in one form or another. Sweat lodge is a rite of purification, of healing on all levels, and of rebirth and renewal. The lodge was given to us by the Mother. We enter her womb to cleanse our body, clear our mind, awaken our spirit, and heal our emotions. We come to create a deeper connection with Earth Mother, Creator (God), and all things. We arrive looking for a deeper understanding of who we are and what our purpose is in this life. We seek wisdom... [Read more...] Just added!


    EARLYBIRD - $100 (April 1st - April 12th, 2009) Sold Out!
    ADVANCE - $125 (April 13th - June 1st, 2009) Sold Out!
    GATE* - $150 (June 2nd - June 14th, 2009) On Sale Now!

* Cash or Credit Card Only at the Gate - no Personal Checks.

You can buy tickets online at

Food and lodging not included in ticket price.

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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #6 on: September 06, 2011, 07:14:49 am »
Thanks everyone. So it´s obviously all about pay-to-pray.
And at the same time he is claiming to be the South West regional director of AIM ?

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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #7 on: September 07, 2011, 08:19:16 am »
Apologies if this has been posted before but he has a blog here

Vernon Foster is a full blood Tribal Member of the Klamath/Modoc Yahooskin Band of Snake Indians. Vernon is a member of the American Indian Movement, which promotes Native human rights. He has been a strong advocate and activist on behalf of Indian Country for over 35 years. Vernon is recognized as a national spokesman on behalf of his community, a motivational speaker, spiritual advisor, healer, counselor and teacher regaring Native American issues, solutions and perspectives. He founded the Buffalo Heart Project, a holistic Nativ American immersion programme and Red Road Journeys, a youth touring and guide organization. Vernon has actively worked with many Nations, such as: the San Carlos Apache, Yavapai Apache, Pasqua Yaqui, Havasupai and Klamoth/Modoc Yahooskin. He has also worked with many Urban Indian communities, organizations and programmes.

the above is from the profile page, but the blog itself has a lot of interesting text and photos including this:

Vernon provides personal counseling to individuals or groups in his role as Traditional Spiritual Advisor, serving the Native and non- Native communities.

He has extensive experience working with substance abuse and sobriety issues, family matters from
baby blessings, weddings, grief counseling and traditinal parenting. Vernon is certified to perform weddings to any couples wishing to have a tradional Native American ceremony.

Native Colleagues:

Vernon has worked closely overy the years with many Medicine People including Frank Fools Crow, Deveere Eastman, Andrew David, Martin High Bear, Dennis Banks, Chris Leath, Harry Charger and many others. 
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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #8 on: July 19, 2012, 04:41:18 pm »
Got an email from a supporter of Foster's. First him, then my reply.


Hello friends!
I am Jurandir Fagundes Martins, from Brazil. I'm 34 years old and would like to say a few words.

First I want to show my respect for your work, by Native American Culture and its traditions.
Forgive me for a possible error of language, because my English is not good.
I live in southern Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, near Uruguai and Argentina.
I agree with your concern about the violation of Native American ceremonies.
I confess that since 15 years old I'm interested in your culture and my only means of knowing it was through books and the internet. Acquiring a good sense of what is respectful of your culture, and I learned what is not respectful. But I know that many people do not have this good sense. Many people believe to be "Indian at heart" or were an Indian in a past life trivializing the prophecy. If I was a Native American in a past life doesn’t matter, but in this life I have great empathy for your culture.
I participated in ceremonies of "shamanism" in Brazil, and I had contact with medicines. Definitely this is not my way. I do not want to become a "shaman" and I'm not interested in Peyote or Ayahuasca, but I really want to live by the Lakota Spiritual Path and I know that the medicines do not lead me to this path.
The major problem that serious people have here in the south is the access to knowledge seriously. The only book that taught me something real was The Sacred Pipe of Hehaka Sapa (Black Elk), who had to read in Spanish, it’s not exist in Portuguese.
I recently met Vernon Foster. I know about the criticism directed at him, but I want to say Vernon is very consistent between his words and attitudes. Vernon Foster is not presented as a "shaman", and his teachings are not “shamanism”. Many things written in the workshops announcements are made by the organizers of these events and not by himself. Vernon Foster showed us the beauty of the Lakota culture, but he does not teach how to conduct ceremonies. He is a good man, and his work is simple, is a good work.
Many malicious people lost interest in him because his work has no medicines, and is not glamorous.
I guarantee that my intention of learning is serious, this is the Spiritual Path I'm leaving for my two children. I am very far from the USA, but I put myself at your disposal. I want to learn and keep this knowledge. If there are Native American spirits who have returned to this world, they must learn the right way to return to their culture.
If you show the true path profiteers have no space.
Thank you for your attention.

I am Jurandir, and what I said is true. Lila Washté!
Mytakuye Oyasin.

Thanks for coming to us. We always welcome information which can clear these matters up.
First, Foster is not Lakota. He is Klamath and Modoc, very different traditions from the Lakota.
Foster is clearly selling ceremony, which is not only unethical and harmful, it also makes the ceremonies useless.
He has done this in so many places that it is not possible for it to be the fault of others.
Finally, Native traditions are not intended for outsiders. They make no sense outside of their tribe. You can learn ABOUT traditions, but outsiders practicing them is not desired by Native traditionalists.

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Re: Vernon Foster
« Reply #9 on: July 19, 2012, 07:27:42 pm »
Jurandir wrote:
I want to learn and keep this knowledge.

There are many beautiful spiritual traditions from your culture, your part of the world. Your ancestors also need dedicated people to preserve their ways. Native people are in charge of preserving their own ways. 

If there are Native American spirits who have returned to this world, they must learn the right way to return to their culture.

"Native American spirits" live in Native American people.