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Are these the same people who are promoting the Crystal Skulls?  Just thought you might be interested in this.  


The GrandMother Drum International Peace Project
HEARTBEAT Newsletter
August 17, 2005

GrandMother Drum Completes Third “Ring of Fire??? Tour

Traveling over 10,000 miles of the West Coast song line of the “Ring of Fire??? from Sedona, Arizona to Fairbanks, Alaska, the GrandMother Drum International Peace Project continues to promote Unity, Peace and Life.  On her third World Tour, GrandMother Drum closed with an activating Prayerformance at the University of Fairbanks Healing Symposium and the 26th Annual Summer Arts Festival on July 15, 2005. Teachings, ceremonies and healing sessions continued throughout the week at DragonFly Ridge Healing Arts Center. An Earth Portal Activation Ceremony was conducted at the Healing Center  along Chena Ridge overlooking Fairbanks.

Within the last ten years there has been a shift in Mother Earth’s magnetic field, placing Alaska, (in particular Fairbanks, Alaska) as the new crown chakra of the Earth. GrandMother Drum’s profound inlaid crystal matrix opened a portal to anchor new prismatic light frequencies (higher consciousness of light and love) from our Grandfather and Creator onto our Mother Earth. Thanks to all those who joined and supported these sacred ceremonies for the awakening of the land and people.

Special thanks to UAF staff Jo Ryman Scott, Barbara Polmar, Judy Divinyi, and Gianna Drogheo. Thanks to Tarika Lea, Director of Dragon Fly Ridge Healing Arts Center and her assistant Joanne Jenkins. To all who helped us along our spectacular drive up the Alcan (Alaska/Canadian Highway) including  Jerzy Babkowski of the Keystone Foundation, Angelyn and Ester at Xenia on Bowen Island (, Kathy Byers and GrandMother Mary, Mike Rice of Hilltop Gardens and Russell Magun of the First Nations of Watson Lake. The land of British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska are absolute treasures on this earth!  Resident stone sheep, wild horses, buffalo, moose, black bear, fox, hawks and eagles happily stopped our tour!

During our “Ring of Fire??? US West Coast Tour, the GrandMother Drum touched the hearts of over seven thousand people with her pure vibration, resounding the Heartbeat of Creation and the Heartbeat of Oneness that lives in all things. Requests for GrandMother Drum’s healing heartbeat are pouring in from Morocco to England, Holland to Washington DC and throughout the United States. As the Grandmother’s unfold their guidance to us, we will keep you posted on our plans for the 2006 and 2007 World Tours. For detailed information on hosting the GrandMother Drum, please visit our website.


The GrandMother Drum Activates the Sacred Crystal Skulls

To Fulfill the Prophecy of Unity and Peace on Earth

at the:

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The Call is to implement the Divine Plan.
Within the Call is the invitation to fulfill the legend
of the 13 Sacred Crystal Skulls

Check out the website to join us at the gathering at If you would like to make your own drum for the event see our webpage at:

Thank you for your orders from around the world for the healing meditation CD of the largest crystal inlaid drum that we know of in the world! We have sold out of our first production and have now received our second production from our Australian production crew. The GrandMother Drum continues to travel and spread her healing voice through this live recording of the Universal Heartbeat of all races, religions and cultures. Two hundred clear and rose quartz crystals are inlaid between seven layers of cedar and birch in a triple spiral pattern replicating the matrix of the seven chakras or energy centers of the human energy field.  When activated by drumming, the crystals within the GrandMother Drum transmit a full range of harmonics, bringing the body to higher vibrational frequencies and immersing it in a sonic healing bath. Her voice speaks for itself! You may now hear a sample from the CD and order it online at:

Wish List For Our West Coast Tour

Donation of Motor home
Donation of Sound Equipment for the Tour (headphone microphone, two portable microphones, amplifier, microphone stands, mini disc recorder
Professional Synthesizer keyboard.
Donation of Studio Time to Record “Forgiveness??? CD
Dancing Awake the Rainbow Dream,

White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth)
Director, International Spiritual Healer, Musician and DrumKeeper
The GrandMother Drum International Peace Project
PO Box 110224
Anchorage, Alaska USA 99515
907-336-7438 ph/fax

They quote from the same dubious sources about crystal skulls, Nocerino and Shapiro. They use the same name for one of the skulls, Max, as Mary "Thunder" does. But it seems to be a different group.

The Xenia Center is run by a vague touchy feely type who makes no mention of either crystals or NDNs. The main ones behind this are a group I haven't seen before."Michael Hamilton, guardian of Angel Valley, co-founder of Angel Valley Ministries and co-intiator of the Universal Gathering of Hearts....
Amayra Hamilton, guardian of Angel Valley, co-founder of Angel Valley Ministries and co-initiator of the Universal Gathering of Hearts. She has had a deeply-felt connection with crystal skulls for more than 10 years and is the guardian of a family of 30 crystal skulls."

A "family"? Apparently those skulls really like to breed...Who knew that skulls could get that randy? Some of the mother skulls must be worn out...

"Brent 'Moses' Maupin. Brent ‘Moses’ Maupin has strongly felt the absolute necessity to do his part in what he has come to call the Implementation of the Divine Plan. The planet is just beginning to go through a transformational process of such magnitude that no one truly has a comprehensive understanding..."

Yeah, apparently no one can understand you either...

"White Eagle, keeper of the GrandMother Drum and initiator of the GrandMother Drum International Peace Project."

WE's real name is Suraj Holzwarth, a blond white woman making her living off of pseudo feminist workshops. Some of the photos of her playing NDN look almost comical. She claims to be a little bit Native but doesn't say which alleged tribe.

Most of what Holzwarth teaches came from the East Indian guro Osho.

"She will conduct a Oneness Ceremony which is meant to be a consolidation of the new high frequencies that are invoked during the Universal Gathering of Hearts by all those who have been an active part of the event."

A consolidation of frequencies? In other words, you're harmonizing a la Doo Wop....

And invoking frequencies? A fancy way of saying you're shouting or singing.

"GrandMother Drum was built in 2000 from a vision of indigenous grandmothers and the multicultural Alaskan community."

Oh really? Then why, in their invitations to two dozen tribes, has no one accepted?

"The drum took over a year to construct and has 200 crystals inlaid"

A lot of traditions would say that's pretty damned reckless to put so many crystals together. Plus, most crystals sold to Nuagers are byproducts of industrial strip mining.  

And all of this can be yours for the low low price of $288.
$577 more for rooms? For only two days?
Oh wait, it's in Sedona of course.

This kind of stuff is just not attractive to Bush Alaska indigenous people. Ya just don't do "spirituality" this way, uh-uh. It's not the Eskimo way to loudly criticize; people of all kinds are tolerated and listened to. And then ignored. And she's really presumptuous. Without having ever spoken to her, I imagine how she would come off to real Elders - as an aggressive, arrogant shrill lacking in dignity and substance. Think Japanese and 'loss of face'. People with the real thing don't speak of it as there is no need to brag.

I think she must have many followers - Alaska's got a lot of new age, sweat-lodge, livin' off the land-types; who come here for the back-to-nature Greatland experience. But not the Natives.

I am shocked and astounded at one particular part of it. It's laughable and not even remotely real. She's clearly basing her expectations on some kind of pre-concieved notions or experiences with fraudulent hoo-haa of "Native Spirituality" of Lower 48 tribes, and she's got it completely wrong.

Suraj says: "These years were filled with numerous opportunites to apprentice with many traditional medicine people and indigenous Elders throughout North and South America. She was adopted into the Alaska Native tribes of the Athabascan, Yupik, and Aleut. She apprenticed with the Eastern mystic, Osho and created a meditation center for Alaska. She became a messenger for the teachings of the Sacred Sisterhood of the GrandMothers shared with her in dreams and visions by indigenous GrandMothers from many nations."

Yup'ik is not a tribe; it's Eskimo. Eskimos don't "adopt" outsiders and there's no ceremonial ritual in which to do so. Wouldn't happen. If it did, it would be completely made up and not based on tradition. I won't speak for Aleut and Athabascan tradition, but I suspect it's the same for Aleut.

Oh well, none of the links worked here. I will stick to the other one and see what I find from there.

yup none of the links work


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