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Protecting the Sacred San Francisco Peaks
« on: August 09, 2011, 08:49:04 pm »
Amazing stuff is happening in Arizona, where Indigenous defenders of this sacred site, and their allies, are putting their bodies on the line to stop the desecration of the holy mountain. An important part of protecting ceremonies is protecting the ceremonial grounds from destruction. "Our action is a prayer."

Updates from the Week of Action are coming in regularly. Here are some of the sites with up to the minute info:

And protestors are tweeting and texting live from the actions. You can find some of them on the #nopoopsnow stream on Twitter.

The activists are taking a multi-level approach, with stealth basecamps on the mountain from which affinity groups are launching direct action, a public basecamp for welcoming new supporters, and public marches and demonstrations on the streets and at relevant buildings in Flagstaff. They are keeping up the pressure on the streets, in the courts, in the media and on the holy mountain herself, blockading the destruction. Prayers and gratitude for all these brave, beautiful defenders.

photo courtesy youth of the peaks / censored news

Photo credit: Kyle Boggs of the Noise

photo courtesy censored news

klee benally arrested for no apparent reason at legal march
photo courtesy youth of the peaks / censored news
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Re: Protecting the Sacred San Francisco Peaks
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Yes, I've been following this on facebook page for TrueSnow

Good people doing a good thing. 
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