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More evidence on DRW:
She has not connected culturally with any of the
Native peoples she has claimed.

I have met Doris once at a pow wow in Benton.  She is a very likable person. But, and it's a big but . . . . Doris is a clan mother.  How, I do not know.  Doris's mother was a full blooded Russian Jew.  How do I know?  She told me. Her father
was supposed to be half Seneca, from the old Cornplanter tract in northwestern Pa. (It's all
under water now, flooded in 1964 by the Kinzua
Resevoir.)  Her father's father was Lenape.  As far as the Senecas are concerned, she's Russian Jew, with Seneca blood.  She has no contact with them at all, just with a few in Pa. that claim Seneca ancestry. Traditionally, her Lenape people would feel the same way. She has no legitimate claim to being a clan mother.

When I brought her up to my buddies at the rez, they just roll their eyes and snicker.  They don't worry about her, but then again, she's not claiming to be a Seneca clan mother. At any rate, they don't have much regard for what goes on in some areas of Pa.  They don't deny there are Indians there, but feel they need to go a long way farther before they start making claims. I know a lot of the people in Pa. and like them but I don't get involved in their
politics or squabbles. For me, it is better to be on
the fringes here in my own homelands, but be around legitimate teachers and people than to play along with the games there. I may only be part Seneca, but it's legitimate and I don't have to explain it to anyone here. I do understand their
frustration though, with trying to recreate what was
taken from them and it would be much better if the
Delaware Nation in Oklahoma worked with them rather that deny their existance.

For whatever reason though, Doris seems to have a
lot of people afraid to question her.  She has a lot of influence in eastern Pa. in local Indian politics.
Doris's husband has been made a chief she is the wife of a "chief" and will have even more
Name withheld emails: Don't want backlash or threats-

The Turtle Island Chautauqua
"There were naming ceremonies. I saw them. I would receive dirty jokes in instant messages from
this so called Chief Carl Nighteagle. I personally saw, the drum disrespected by Night Eagle as he threw a complete fit because someone used his drum stick. He swore and screamed and my husband packed us up and we left, as we did not feel that our children should be exposed to such things. The drum itself I was told by another member, was kept in the same room as a cat that had urinated on it many times.
For a multi nation teaching group, they did not bother to teach their own people.  We were involved with them 6 months or so. Till all the dirty remarks got to me, and We turned our backs and walked away. I have not seen or spoken to anyone
from that group since. We saw others treated badly also.
We never went to another powwow or gathering and I lost all faith in ever truly learning what I
hoped I would. I am writing to you because I appreciate the questions you are asking, and expecting truthful answers.
I thank you for your time and patience in reading
this. Please do not use my name as I do not want
anything more to do with these people. I just wanted to let you know that, there is someone out here listening to you and respecting your opinion."
Paul & Doris
" You probably already know this, but Paul is lilly
white. His 'status' is he was adopted by a white guy who was adopted by a guy who was thought to have Indian blood that he thought was probably Lenape'.
He also claims that as his wife is part Indian,
(eastern woodlands), and her link to her ancestors is all matralinial, she is therfore - a fullblood by Lenape' law.  They are assuming she is Lenape
because of her family's location. He says that this makes him a fullblood Lenape, by virtue of
their marriage making them on spirit."

" Ask Doris why she doesn't claim Seneca enrollment. If as she claims, she is 1/4 Seneca through her father's mother, from the Cornplanter people, she is one of the very few that can claim enrollment as Seneca through her father. This is because the Cornplanter Senecas are all descendants of Cornplanter, (Seneca war chief during the American Revolution and later leader of the strongest faction. Also the brother of  Handsome Lake.)
They were all enrolled when they still occupied the
tract in northwestern Pa. and that enrollment also afforded them enrollment in the the Seneca Nation of Indians in New York. Doris chose Lenape because although it cannot be proven, it also
cannot be disproven.  Her husband Carl, claims to have grown up on the Onondaga reservation, but is not enrolled anything. "

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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More evidence on DRW:

"This is response to some of Doris's statements that were forwarded to me. Thought you might be interested.

 Doris Schmidt Pieschel was born in Brookly NY in
either 1940 or 1938. She is Jewish with some Seneca and Lenape bloodline.
First, according to some of her followers she
does perform ceremonies; naming ceremonies, marriage (blanketing) ceremonies, winter solstice and the one of the dead. that we spoke of last year. According to one person, Doris said that she is not going to powwow's anymore because of the politics. So she will only be at ceremonies and anything for recognition.
My experience's with Doris have not been pleasant. She lied and presented herself without any high regard. It appeared that she just wanted everyone to have a good time, laugh and not to take anything seriously. Just do whatever ya wanna do. It also appeared to me that she is interested in only getting numbers for recognition. So since that is her agenda, she is not interested in tradition,
truth, etc. We are all one anyway, join my group and help us gets recognized, then we can get some money and build a casino too. This is just my
opinion based upon my own personal experience with her."
(name withheld)
" If she were true about the teaching of the native
ways she would correct these people and tell them she doesn't have the lineage for a clan mother and to teach them what a clan mother is about. That is
assuming she's interested in the truth.
It is true that a lot of people of various cultures go to her gatherings and that there is no ADMITTANCE fee. There is usually an auction, passing of the blanket or a raffle or a donation box. So while
a fee is not mandatory there are various forms of
voluntary contribution. Most of the people who go
there see it as a social gathering to meet with old
friends and make new acquaintances. I have always left disappointed, with my senses shocked and offended.
It seems her belief is to tell people what she
thinks they want to hear in the moment.  I stopped
wasting my time and energy on her the day a friend
told me that Doris had guardianship of a big drum and allowed her dogs and cats to urinate all over it. "
Eye wittness report-
The bogus adoptions so people join and pay for
memberships. With her I think it's ego more than
conning. I could be wrong. She claims at times to be
Seneca or Metis, Susquehannhock or Lenape. I will call again.
October 25/26, there will be the Tayac Sundance Powwow in Dimmick Park, Hellertown PA.
Good day, I spent $60 at the solstice auction. The monies were earmarked and solicited for the Sundance as explained by Doris at the solstice - she identified Eagle Claw as the coordinator and also mentioned Terrys concert at that time which was to raise additional funds.
It  was told to me that the monies never reached the sundance.

Yes, I actually saw the drum that was in Doris' home. It was a disgrace - urination, cat hairs. dust -
uncovered. There was even a magazine sitting on top of it. You have my permission to pass this anywhere you feel best. (If I wasn't willing to stand up for this injustice I would never have spoken up in the first place or given you her last name. - Just is Just) Out me all you need - I would help anyway I could. Also seen her cat was sleeping on top of drum. (Eye witness at Doris's house no longer has anything to do with her, afraid of threats.)

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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More eyewitness reports:

Name withheld-
Doris aligns herself to Tom Big Warrior who is the
biggest twinkie I ever seen. He has a big mouth, no
respect. He claims to be Chief of RedHeart Warrior
Society which is made up of prisoners in the jails, he
also claims to be the History Keeper of Eastern Lenape Nation??? This guy is also in cohoots with Chief Billy Blue Feather or whatever he calls himself they are out of Conn. and are the ones who adopt whether you can be there or not, I think you had the link acqtc .com These people are bad news, they come down as guests of Tom Big Warrior and throw this area in turmoil. How? Lenape Nation of Pa. is envolved with the city of Easton to get a monument put up by the city to honor our ancestors. Tom decides to get these Conn. people
involed and run the thing. We walked out of meetings with the city and Tom. The town has since seen that they realized they made a mistake and asked us to come back without Tom or the Conn. people. These are the same people who put on a dance called the Lenape buffalo dance, and also Lenape style martial arts???
Never heard that one before. Little Soldier is
another, this guy is completly unhinged he may go to the powwows around here and hang with Tom Big Warrior but he is NOTHING at all to Lenape Nation of Penna.
There has been a big push to distance ourselves from the wantabees, adoptees who were adopted by adoptees. At one time 20 years or more ago people were being adopted by 2 Chiefs from other tribes who seemed like it was who could adopt the most on any given day. And now today we have to deal with all these people who thinks its cool to be native.
That is why to be a member of Lenape Nation of Penna. you have to have proof of your geneology back to a ancestor. We don't go by blood quatum, thats something the europeans imposed on native people. We have started a language program, we have some elders who have been taught Southern Unami and our program is based on that.
I could never understand why some of  the western
people can not accept the decendants of those who
stayed behind. Our Nation does have ties with some tribal leaders in Okla. and Canada as well as
Wisconcin. But they  too play a game of politics and
why its that way I don't understand. When I was fairly new to all this I wrote a letter to one of the tribes out west and for once I got a response back. I asked why is it it seems like we are outcasts to our own people. I was told in a polite way that they accept us as we're all related. There was more along this line but I can't remember.....
Twinkies, New Agers, Etc: I really believe these
people are lost. They not only don't know who or what they are but I have seen some real oddballs. I've come to think of them as people who re-enact and really do think they are cool or something. I don't know........When I see them at a powwow and they try talking to me I keep moving. Alot of people do the same.
I'm new here, so I don't know that anyone will pay me much mind.

You all are discussing wannabe groups and people in Pa. This American Indian Alliance was started by a guy named Dennis Hoffman. He changed his name to Black Hawk a few years ago and now claims he is carded Lenape Indian. His only card is from his membership in the Eastern Delaware Nations back in the 90's. He also claims his father was a full blood Lenape. Wrong. His ancestry is thin, at best and not verifiable.
He has no people and his friends are pissed of at him because he took advantage of them and cleaned some of them out. He was adopted longtime ago by your Doris Riverbird Woman, supposed to be turtle clan, but also claims wolf clan sometimes. He has no clan and no real status. Ya'll need to watch out for this man, he's not honest at all. Name withheld
Below a "teaching drum" does this mean she drags the big drum around-
Found on search engine-
Storytelling by Grandmother "Doris" Riverbird, and
the Teaching Drum. ... - 13k
- Cached - More from this site
Rehab & Ed Center. There will be a live birds of prey
display, Grandmother Doris Riverbird Woman will be
storytelling, White Panther will have a Native
American Martial Arts. Chief Bill Thompson &
Grandmother Dianne
Eastern Lënape Nation of Pennsylvania (ELN). Many of the eastern bands have ties to the ELN.

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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More on TIC/ELN:

TIC-turtle island chautauqua-
Our Mission PRIMARY PURPOSE To establish an education facility to promote philosophical and cultural exchanges of information regarding the indigenous peoples of the Eastern Woodlands, specifically the Pennsylvania area

Doris's group the TIC is part of this confederacy out
of Conn. No one should join that ACQTC confederacy group below because they are not only wasting their money for nothing there is no state or federal recognition. But the membership requires your social security number and there is no reason you should be giving that out
to a group like that of strangers.-

ACQTC; download the Application for Membership, fill it out, and mail it along with the appropriate fees to the address indicated on the form.
Q: Can Adopted members receive a new name in the Indian tradition?
A: Yes, no matter what type of membership you have, you may send us a request and this will be done. Iron Thunderhorse usually does the naming for the Quinnipiac and ACQTC; he chooses an appropriate name and its Wampano dialect spelling.

Q: In adoptions a person can choose a new name to be made legal. Can this be done with ACQTC adoptions, too?
A: Yes. After receiving a new name we can provide you with a special certificate. Write the National Office and include a check or money order for $10.00 to cover costs. This certificate is embossed with our official Corporate Seal and is legally binding. We include a Petition for Name Change and Notice of Name Change, which you can file with your local Bureau of Vital Statistics, who make the name change official with the US government. Once you have that done, then you go to your nearest Social Security Office, show them the papers and ask for a new SS Card under your new name.

Ceremonial Grand Chief Billy Blue-Feather Harford with assistants preparing for the annual adoption ceremony with Grand Council Members, and the adoptees waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Bay-View Park, Oiocommock (Stony Creek) CT, 2000.
From: Tom Big Warrior/Red Heart Warrior Society
Date: 3/2/2003
Anthony Redhorse Driscoll #261-789 is an American
Indian charged with "Engaging in Unauthorizrd Group Activity" for membership in his nation, the United Eastern Lenape Nation (UELN) in which he is a pipecarrier and the Wolf Clan Chief of the Traditional Village.
They are punishing him by keeping him in "the hole"
because he sponsored others for adoption in our
Redhorse was an active UELN member prior to going to prison, and has been a model prison for over ten years. He has carried himself honorably, and helped his fellow prisoners in many ways including tutoring, giving music lessons and teaching sign language to the deaf. He has been active in prison spiritual circles and in correspondence with many people internationally, who look to him for wisdom and knowledge. He is also an inside facilitator for the Alternatives To Violence program.
He has done nothing to warrant this cruel treatment. Christian prisoners are given wide latitude and accomodation to practice their faith, but a Native traditionalist is treated like a gang member.
Please write, call, fax or e-mail a letter of support
for Redhorse and the rights of Native prisoners.
Director Reginald A. Wilkinson Ohio Dept. of
Rehabilitations and Corrections 1050 Freeway Drive
North Columbus, OH 43229 Ph. 614-752-1164 fax
614-752-1171 e-mail
Terry Collins Deputy Director of Institutions Ohio DRC 1050 Freeway Drive North ph. 614-752-1729 fax 614-752-1347 e-mail
Senator Mark Mallory Correctional Institution
Inspection Commission State House Senate Bldg.
Columbus, OH 43140 ph. 614-466-5980 fax 614-644-6164 e-mail
Redhorse Driscoll #261-789 PO Box 69 SMH London, OH 43140
Tom Big Warrior/RHWS PO Box 4362 Allentown, PA 18105 ph. 610-437-2971 fax 610-437-4090 e-mail

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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More evidence:

Hearing the stories passed down for generations?
When asked by a Cherokee woman if Doris's books were traditional Lenape stories, her reply was, "I'm not a storykeeper, I'm a storyteller".
This woman makes up stories here are some of them-
HeartStone Products
Native American Indian Books
Newly Released
A scholarly work on  the struggle of a Lenapé
Band of Native American Indian People against
dispossession by Dutch colonialism in the Mid Hudson Valley.  Well-researched, the book includes over 440 footnotes and documents several treaties.
Tom "Big Warrior" Watts presently serves as
Historykeeper to several Eastern Lenapé Nations, and publishes the Red Heart Warrior newsletter from his home in Allentown, PA.
Education & Research HeartStone 1538 W. Broad Street, Quakertown, Pa. 18951
Riverbird Teaching Series Wonderful teaching stories for young and old alike!
#1   Why Coyote Stop Imitating His Friends
#2   Why The Young Man Stopped Being Boastful
#3   Why We Are Friends With The Animals
Beautifully illustrated by Heidi "Red Paint" deFrenes.
Sold as a Unit $20.00 (includes a Lenapé Bookmarker) Or separately $7.00 each.
About the Author- Doris Riverbird is Clan Mother for
Turtle Island Chautauqua and the Eastern Lenape
Nation.  She has truly dedicated her life to the
service of "The People." Doris Riverbird is one of the "star-lights on this plant.  Her commitment to others touches the light in all of us.  She reminds us that the world can be a better place if we all work together.

They endorse the Pigeon Lady-
Hobby Horse July 2, 3, 4,2005
Googled search-
It is shameful that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by not recognizing a legitimate tribe in PA, has prepared a fertile ground for this travesty to grow. But let me just interject here, that there are Indians in PA, as in every other state. So before you take aim with a big scattergun, know and name your target, not
"those PA Lenapes." A few of the spurious gangs of
Wanabees include, but is not limited to: United
Eastern Delaware Nation, Thunder Mt. Lenape,
Lightening Valley Lenape, Big Horn Lenape Nation,
EWNAIC, Turtle Island Chautauqua, Munsee Delaware Indian Nation USA, United Eastern Lenape Nation, the Traditionalist UELN, the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, The Allentown Museum......have I left anyone out? Know Your Enemy!....P.S. One Who Knows - I checked out that link.....and read in disbelief that the UEDN has actually raised money and bought land.
The hangout- Eicher Museum-
Chief Bill Thompson & Grandmother Dianne
Turtle Island Chautauqua Pennsylvania Tribes
Eastern Lenape Nation of PA c/o Doris Pieschel (Secretary) 21 Cedar Lane Mountville, PA 17554

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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Article on PA Lenapes:
House candidate would support Lenape recognition  Posted: July 07, 2004
by: Christine Graef / Indian Country Today

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - Democratic candidate Dan Weand will carry the issue of tribal recognition to Harrisburg if elected state representative in November. Along his campaign trail, he has initiated discussion with Pennsylvania's Indians to form a state Commission on Indian Affairs.
Weand, D-146, would represent about 66,000 residents.
"I have little information yet," Weand said. "To put
this proposal together, we first need a definition of
what recognition is. What is it being sought. Let's
begin with that."
Weand said the office needs to be permanent and
established by legislation.
"It doesn't have to be located in Harrisburg," he
said. "It could be here in Montgomery County. This was original lands of original people."
The original people of eastern Pennsylvania are the
Lenape whose efforts to gain state recognition began more than five decades ago. Doris RiverBird Woman, a Lenape Turtle Clan Mother representing the Eastern Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, the Traditional United Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania and the Turtle Island Chautauqua, said there are two main reasons why American Indians in Pennsylvania want recognition from the Commonwealth.
"To make reclamation of the bones of our ancestors
easier and to show that the history of Pennsylvania is a great one for all people," RiverBird said. "We teach our children about our history and to be proud of our culture, then they go to school and are taught that there are no Indians in Pennsylvania. This is a fallacy."
There are an estimated 20 groups in Pennsylvania who use the name Lenape.
"A few are authentic," said Jim Beer, spokesperson for Lenape Nation Inc. "They're carrying their lifestyle in a way that helps their people, not just attending a pow wow once a year."
Beer said meeting with Weand is "an effort to address things we all face. There are basics we need as a people and state recognition is necessary to have that because they've made it that way."
Lenape in Pennsylvania, for instance, cannot perform legally-recognized marriages. They cannot reclaim the remains of their ancestors. They cannot sell Indian arts and crafts as Native. They have little recourse in protecting sacred sites.
Federally recognized tribes can apply for and run
their own federal programs. They can acquire gambling rights through the federal Gaming Regulatory Act.
States may independently define their own relationship with tribes on issues such as repatriation but ceremonies that include certain items such as wolf pelts are freedoms given only to federal tribes. In a state where the first treaty with Europeans was signed, Natives are asking that they be acknowledged.
"It took us 300 years to go from being a predominant, easily recognizable people to being totally invisible," said Ed Bocchinfuso, Lenape descendant. "Now we're becoming visible. All we're asking is to stop denying our existence."
Weand is also looking into the viability of creating a
Commission of Indian Affairs comprised of Natives from the various groups.
(More of the article at the link)

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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The Powwow from Hell-
That Mother Earth Drum or whatever it is, is the very first one david and i saw here at our first powwow here, in Ephrata, Pa...we couldnt
believe our eyes!! these white women were singing in english, and like you said, shaking a rattle and drumming at the same time..they were singing some really wierd new age song! we just looked at each other...we were already
shocked outta our minds by some behavior we had a cell phone hooked onto her regalia..! and..this is shocking! i noticed one of the group got up and walked away to get some aspirin..i asked her if she was ok..she said yeah..but she had cramps..i said you mean you are on your moon? she said "yes"...i was standing there with my mouth hanging open!! i said.."you mean you are sitting at the drum with your period? we are not allowed to do that where i come from!!" she told me "an "elder" grandmother doris, told her she was allowed"...i just walked away...still in shock!

i will never be able to forget this huge, big hairy,
bare belly, bald white guy with a bone (?)chest plate on, with baggy plaid shorts... shoes that
pass for mocs at walmart, shuffling around the circle
and shaking some kind of club in the air! when i asked our friend who that was, she proudly told
me that he was adopted into the Lenape "tribe" and this was his first "war" dance...yep...she actually said that...a "war dance!" turns out he was doris riverbirdwomans "adopted son"...she is supposed to be an elder of the Lenape...????

just when we decided to get the heck outta there, we saw this booth selling indian fortunes" with "indian spirit" cards, and they had the white folks lined up like crazy! we went to find the MC and no one knew who it was! kids were running around with plastic drums, head bands, plastic flutes, and screaming at the top of thier lungs while the prayer was being said..thats when we saw a little boy, dressed in fake buckskin pants with plastic fringe put his sticky coke can on a drum! his mother didnt say a word! the drumsticks were laying on the ground, and another kid stepped on one..we heard this "crack"..he broke it..we gently told this young boy that he shouldnt really put his sticky coke can or anything on a Drum..and his mother gave us a dirty look so we walked away...

further down the row of booths, some white woman was asking everyone if they had found jesus, and actually grabbing people walking
by and asking if they had been saved! i nearly lost it then..
most folks werent dressed in any kind of regalia we
recognized..if you can call it that..i think they found that at walmart too...the whole place looked like a 50's movie set, with white actors playing indians..i felt ill. i was holding davids arm so tight i think i cut off his circulation!

we couldnt wait to get outta there! that was our first powwow in Pa, (it was at Ephrata, Pa,) or the
East, and we almost made it our last..we did attend 3 more, with more of the same..most of the same folks too...we found out later that this was approved of, and maybe sponsered by this
Doris Riverbird Woman..for an elder to condone all
those things..the direspect of the Drum..women on
their Moontime SITTING at a Drum...religious nuts age music all over..such disrespect!
Kris O' Brien
letter 2
We heard later on..from a woman we trust..who doesnt want her name mentioned in fear of retaliation..that Doris held the Big Drum in her house..and that her animals peed on it!!! omg!!! we did have the misfortune to be around this Drum at another powwow..and my could SMELL the urine on the Drum!! unreal..i could NOT believe my eyes or nose! who is this woman? we have heard she is very powerful around here! i wouldnt, however, want to be in her shoes...Creator must not be very happy with her..and this much disrespect for the Drum and traditions..which she seems to make up as she goes appalling!

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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Thanks, Linda.  I read the entire website, and the BSQ there seems very high to me.
The query is about the legitimacy of a "tribe" that opens its membership to anyone, and holds regular "adoption" ceremonies.  So, does anyone have personal knowledge of anyone in this group?

 Actually, I know some of them very well.  email me.

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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Thanks, Linda.  I read the entire website, and the BSQ there seems very high to me.

Again, this query is NOT about what's happening to the elderly man in the Texas prison; that is totally plausible, as I said, and terrible. 


here is info about the chief of the tribe, the man in prison:

They stole his ancient homeland, shattered and scattered his remarkable, peace-loving people, then 350 years later they abused him in Catholic schools and taunted him for his religion. After racists murdered his wife and baby son, they sent this 18-year-old young man to Vietnam, behind enemy lines where this Green Beret witnessed atrocities which no young man should ever see.

He saw too much, knew too much, and their attempts to brainwash failed, so he refused to become an undercover operative in the states.

In 1977 he was arrested in Texas and held incommunicado for ten months, moved from jail to jail surreptitiously at night, until some serious crimes were committed by a local man who resembled Iron in appearance. Then he was charged, railroaded, and wrongfully convicted of heinous crimes.

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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i got this frm doris river bird

Standing Stone Village of the United Eastern Lenape Nation
14235 Valley View Circle
Mount Union, PA 17066

they were only loaned items for the musem till l found out what they realy were so i removed my items from there
i was never there clan mother

tic stands for Turtle Island Chautauqua closed 501c3 2005

Red Heart Warrior Society
run by tom big warrior watts
removed from tic because of selling memberships

billy blue feather and his brother was turned in to aim by doris

Chief Chuck Demond of the  Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania. 
doris said she never even belonged to that group
so how was she the clan mother

white panther was removed from the tic for selling memberships
now is running his own Turtle Island Chautauqua

edn run by mike taff, mike medicen shield
she states she was never a member there eather

as to the allentown musem run by dorthy and carl both have passed years ago
i was only there once years ago
before hey changed there name

mother earth daughters drum is from the group run by stray wolf
and is not part of the tic
they were a guest drum at the ephrata event
and that was the last event run by the tic
doris is very upset that someone from that drum said that she said they could sit on a drum while on there moon

tic did not challange any one for native statis
just respect of your own culture and others

Turtle Island Chautauqua is closed
she cut her hair and resined before all groups as grand mother and clan mother
carl also has cut his hair and resined as grandfather and was never a chief of any group

Turtle Island Chautauqua has never charged for any event nor even given out cards
and how could we adopt someone we are not a tribe, just a gathering of native friends
many groups just said i was there clan mother with out my knowing
many people called me grandmother why because i was old i guess

the both of them are in poor health for years now they have not attended a event because of the goings on at the 2005 ephrata event

there are probley many other groups that i have forgotten

there are at least 20 different groups through out pa most are splinter groups
mad at each other, can not get them together on any thing

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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Got this email about a new one in this bunch, "Thundering HawkSpirit Kirouana Paddaquahum".


I know this guy, "Thundering HawkSpirit Kirouana Paddaquahum".
He told me about the Kogi elders gathering near my house.
He is 100% Italian on both sides. His grandparents were born in Italy.
He used to think he was Indian in a past life, but  his guru "tracker" Tom Brown
told him that his grandmother was descended from Lenape who was
brought to Italy as a slave. Now "Kirouana" claims to be 1/8 Lenape.

Thundering HawkSpirit Kirouana Paddaquahum is the Medicine Chief of ACQTC and UELN.

His "tribe" consists of all white guys:

The Algonquian Confederacy of the Quinnipiac Tribal Council

The guy who arranges the Kogi events, Ellis, is a real loon. I've known him for years.
He is involved with Hunbatz Men  and many other psychotic white guys who think they're
Indians. "Drunvalo Melchizidek", another nuage nutball, is also involved with Ellis.
Ellis goes by the name "White Elk". He and the others  also believe that the US government
zaps them with mind control rays and pain rays from the HAARP antenna. They are UFO
nuts, too. It's amazing to me that all these mentally ill burnouts got together and created
a nuage fantasy world that has grown into a world-wide cult.


Found this link on him. He's a ceremony seller and franchisee of several frauds.
With Hawks Brother Kirouana Paddaquahum
This class will be an ongoing class on Shamanic practices, meeting once a month. It will be taught in stages, starting with energy cultivation, body preparation and shaping, and philosophy.  The class will then branch out, over time, into an extremely well-rounded toolbox of personal practices, dreaming techniques, meditations, journeying, healing techniques and tools, to plant the seed of life and grow your spirit garden....
Studied with Taoist sorcerer, Jou Tsung Hwa; 2 year, live-in apprenticeship and 6 years as a student. 15 year student with Taoist/Buddhist internal arts Master B P Chan and his senior Students. 8 years study with Taoist Sorcerer Wu Ming. 7 year study in Apache shamanism with Tom Brown Jr. 10 year apprenticeship with Algonquin Medicine Chief and Quirri-pe-Oke Thunder Clan Grand Sachem, Iron Thunderhorse. From the year 2000 until her untimely death in 2006 I studied with and shared practices with my dear friend and 9th level Mongolian Shaman, Sarangerel Odigon. Studied SKY Kundalini yoga with Swami Vethathiri 3 years. Studied Hawaiian Shamanism with Serge Kahili King, and have studied   Hereditary Witch craft and other Majical healing arts

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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Sorry, You do not know what you are talking about. You do not know this man and you have not seen his official blood work. It has taken some work but I have made sure he got the right lawyer. Randomly discrediting people falls under slander laws. If this is not removed, I will make sure that you are served by Hawksbrother's attorney...and now that he has seen this he has committed to making sure that going to court will be a triumphant day. Please call me when you have removed this. We can meet if you like and I will give you a chance to help reverse damages that you may have done publicly. [number deleted for privacy]
Anais Wolf
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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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The person ranting in the post before this is Anais Wolf, a self proclaimed "energetic healer" and not very good psychic.

Really, an old white hippie Nuager with delusions of being a healer is not the best endorsement for someone being supposedly authentically Native. You sure can't predict very well, and your instincts about people are not very good either.

Those DNA tests are often flawed, with both false positives and false negatives. The one thing they can't do, even if they accurately show Native ancestry, is tell which tribe someone might be descended from.

The fact also remains that this man was trained by a series of obvious imposters. Even if he has a bit of descent, he obviously was not raised in the culture.

Obviously you know as little about the law as you do about Natives. Truth is an absolute defense to libel, esp for a post that simply reports an account from someone who knows the man personally, and over three years ago.

For the record, we have not received any notice from any lawyer. If you actually have one, chances are he's not very good to have taken your case, and just wants to take your money. A good lawyer would have told you not to rant in an open forum and harm the case. Likely this is one more empty threat.

I also can't help but notice there is a three year old threat on the "tribe's" site to sue half a dozen public officials that was never carried out. Empty legal threats seem to be a habit.

Ms. "Wolf," in over 15 years, we've gotten empty threats to sue almost once a month the entire time. Not once have we backed down, not once have we even been in court. It's rare that those threatening even have a lawyer.

Contact a moderator to state your case. If you have more information that would help clear this up, we will gladly post it. An example of helpful information might be that he now realizes Tom Brown was a fraud and has quit believing those falsehoods or claiming to be a healer.

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Re: Quinnipiac Renapi
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tic stands for Turtle Island Chautauqua 501c3 closed 2005
 cause non payment of registration fee
was not a nation, band or clan

Doris river bird woman  deceased confirmed
Carl night eagle deceased confirmed
house sold off confirmed
items  in question ether held by others or destroyed