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Coshise Onepaw is man who walks in beauty, every breath, every footstep a ceremony.The path Cochise OnePaw walks is that of the Peaceful Warrior, Spiritual Warrior and Creators Helper.This is a man who sees Creator in all living and non living things. A man who has a direct relationship with Creator.This is man who makes clear he does not represent any specific people or nation only himself and his family.A representative for Humanity in Creators eyes, this is a man who stands up, steps forward and speaks for the overall good. In the Sacred Circle of Life, this is a man who sits with no one in front, behind, below or above him, only beside him.

so it looks like its still the same ol scam....but he is now being careful to say, at least in advertisements that his teachings are only his......i would be more comfortable if he lost the regalia though......its an apachesque getup with fancy dancer goats and looks to be purchased moccasin boots (they dont have the apache toe).................looks very indian.......except to us indians....know what i mean?

ha....looks like i attended a powwow at an elementary school that he was also present at with a teepee

i was hopeful about this guy....until i seen his FB....i am not sure if he really wants to help....or really wants to help himself

any ndn can be found out sooner or later.....if he is indian or if he is mexican with an indian fantasy remains to be seen.....either way i would like to see his interaction with other mescaleros and see if they recognize his family and his ceremonies and if i know apaches....they definately would be outspoken about whether or not he has the rights to this everyone knows apaches are almost as private as navajos....and ignoring etiquette and protocol are very taboo amongst them