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I'm not bashing anyone when I write this, but I am wondering about some people on here.  I believe this is a real site, but when you have people who doesn't fully introduce themselves, like Starwolf45 and others, it makes a person wonder.

For example, Kathryn states she is a priestess on her own website.  Isn't that a kind of advertising services, or a group she formed?  How do I (and everyone else on here) knows that this group she belongs to isn't a fraud unto itself?  Still not much information about that.

Also, I found much on Al (educatedindian), and much of it isn't good, as in each link you see below.  If I'm to trust a person, I need to know him, and that includes for advice.

Which, again, brings up the fact that not everyone has introduced themselves:  Mama-Porcupine, Superdog, earthw7 (half-way), Kathryn, Starwolf45, and so many others.  I have pretty much given my whole life out on this board, is it too much to ask for others?  You all know my full name, pretty much know where I live...I want to at least know names...real names, what part of the states or Canada you're least basic info.  Perhaps that's some of my frustration?


[Al's note: Title changed to a more accurate one, and moved to where it belongs since these phantom "issues" could not be more resolved.  Next time try doing a search of the site first.]
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Re: Makes me wonder about some people on here....
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Try doing a search next time. There's a thread about me in the Intros. There are also threads on each of the Nuage exploiters who are spreading libel that you were so extremely naive to fall far.

The one exception is the white supremacist John Martin AKA Tallsoldier77 and dozens of other IDs, follower of white supremacist imposter David Yeagley. Again, there are threads in here on both of them, as well as all over the net. Or you could simply have googled and found my hatewatch site

Really, any of these characters you could have googled before wasting our time and yours. Is this how usually you respond to people who have spent many hours trying to help you?

On the plus side, I should thank you for pointing out a new source of libel I hadn't seen before, and plus one pair of Nuage libelers (Lekay and Le Vallee on Heyoka) that have reneged on the legal agreement by their server to quit hosting libel.

You also were extremely selective, overlooking sites that mention me such as,673393.aspx

And thank Ladonna.