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Gary Spotted Wolf
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:35:01 pm »
Have recently been asked about this man's credibility. Supposed to be Lakota, Living in Georgia now, anybody heard of him?

Thanks Sapa

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Re: Gary Spotted Wolf
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He shows up online in articles calling for Ft McPherson to be given back to Natives.

Also produced a record for the SOAR label.

Gary Spotted Wolf - 678-886-7279
Native American Producer, Spiritual Advisor, and Healer
LAKOTA NATION The 8th fire talk about 2012 and the ancient prophecies of a new creation of a new world and race. From the 8th fire:
                By: Sound of American Records.

Protested the Nuwaubians, and mentions he's part of a political group.
....Brunswick officials say a Marietta man named Gary Spotted Wolf contacted them to get a permit to protest against the Nuwaubians this week. York through the years has alternately claimed to be a rabbi, a Muslim imam, Egyptian royalty and a space alien. He now claims to be a Creek Indian named Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle.

Spotted Wolf, who says he represents the United Native Americans and has an Indian dance group, says York's group "is a bunch of wannabes" who are besmirching Indian traditions.


And this is weird, him joining a march supporting the Confederate flag.
"Gary Spottedwolf proves he meant what he said.  Here he is, supporting the Confederacy once again."

My guess is that's him in the center, looking bizarrely out of place.

Here he is again. What a strange cause to focus on.

It becomes clearer later on. He bizarrely accuses the Buffalo Soldiers of genocide and being Nazis.

So my guess is he's happy to be the token for a lot of Confederacy nostalgia groups to try to claim they aren't racist. UNA has done this a lot also.

Runs a small film company and acts.

Facebook page.

Dance group.