Author Topic: Request for Help from Researchers: Camel's Eye Treaty group at Akwesasne  (Read 53174 times)

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Re: Request for Help from Researchers: Camel's Eye Treaty group at Akwesasne
« Reply #45 on: November 11, 2009, 12:05:32 am »
Has anyone heard from educatedind in the past several days? I sent him some e-mails and no response.

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Re: Request for Help from Researchers: Camel's Eye Treaty group at Akwesasne
« Reply #46 on: November 11, 2009, 02:05:46 am »
Yes. He's around. He will contact you.

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Re: Request for Help from Researchers: Camel's Eye Treaty group at Akwesasne
« Reply #47 on: November 24, 2009, 07:22:08 pm »
I received an account saying the Sovran Tuscarora site is being run by Patrick Holley. This is the same Holley mentioned in this thread for ripping off the "United Nations of Turtle Island."

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Re: Request for Help from Researchers: Camel's Eye Treaty group at Akwesasne
« Reply #48 on: November 28, 2009, 02:20:54 am »
Haven't read "Amazing Stories" yet, I see. Please PM me for a copy - then the ties to the militia groups and their legal theories will become clear.

Manly P. Hall is kind of off to the side. The direct line runs from Howard John Zitko (from whence Sedona) and Robert D. Stelle to Richard Kieninger to David Hatcher Childress.

This is a well organized international ring, which runs right through the tiny village of Kempton, Illinois. The ties to Quebec separatists is a new wrinkle, though, and it will be interesting to see the government of Canada's response.

It was all really funny, until the bodies started piling up.
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who is Tom Smith a.k.a. Golden Eagle and his partner White Sparrow. They are at the center of a big fight in Wiky, Manitoulin Island

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who is Tom Smith a.k.a. Golden Eagle and his partner White Sparrow. They are at the center of a big fight in Wiky, Manitoulin Island

During a quick google search I turned up this page on White Sparrow.  She claims to channel Kateri Tekakwitha who, in turn, channels other spirits for her including Crazy Horse.  She mentions moving to Wiky in her writings.  The page Wigwam C, has a little bit on it...I haven't looked over the site entirely yet so I haven't found anything on Tom Smith or the turmoil surrounding them.


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This page has the story of her and Tom getting married.....pretty fluffy stuff, full of new age ideals.  She's not Native and I'm pretty sure Tom isn't either.  Gotta wonder how they ended up moving onto a reserve.

White Sparrow's name wasn't originally White's a pen name and she says she's legally changed it to that...she also includes an aka as Sparrow Smith.

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Re: Request for Help from Researchers: Camel's Eye Treaty group at Akwesasne
« Reply #52 on: January 30, 2013, 03:56:39 pm »
Apparently Karen MacDonald of the Sovran Embassy bunch is trying to push their conspiracy theories among the Idle No More movement. This according to a member of it in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Both MacDonald and Tim Phillips tried to convince the Idle No More meeting of their Camel's Eye Treay claims. MacDonald is falsely claiming to be a Clan Mother.

Apparently some of the Nuage types around MacDonald complain of her strongarm tactics. This complaint comes from the (seriously) Purple Pixie site.
It was nice meeting you in Xaxl’ip, St’át’imc Territory… I had sent a message into the cosmos(Mother Spirit) to meet someone who isn’t like the DETHRONED WAPO PIESEW! His xenophobic tendencies began to wear thin with me and the decision(s) to dismiss, ignore and ostracise my friends with outrageous @$$essments(more like @$$umptions).
I realise that you are an expert in Clan Mothers, 1st Law of the Land, Treaties and other legal aspects(I am truly respectful of that), it is the necessity of inclusion of others whose expertise may supercede ours. I will repeat myself probably forever(until I sound like a broken record) but when others are found by spiritual symbiosis(Joe Dunstan, Joe Pereira, amongst others), we ought to listen utilise them as guides for a sound, clear and progressive movement forward. I can and will listen, understand and bring others who are: Expert in foundation(Brian Ryder), an Architectural Draughtsman(Francis Savage), an Ecological Civil Engineer(Rodolfo Silva-Martinez) as these guys are clearly more experienced than myself. It also provides a sense of openness to working with others, a policy of honesty and integrity.
 It signals to the rest of us that Karen Ann Macdonald isn’t gonna demand that we all have to kow-tow to her. If you require someone to kow-tow let it me be otherwise, we could lose people in a multitude of droves.
Mitch Yamamoto(I prefer not having to kow-tow);-)

MacDonald sells healing herself. Her page for a Nuage gathering that includes Lynn Andrews.

Cached page of her healing center website. The site was up since 2007, but has been down since late 2011. She used to run it with "Lord Gaillen Wraye."

Her appearance at an alchemy/UFO conference. An incredible mix and match of crazy gibberish.
I don't even wanna know about "alchemy enemas" ???

Karen Ann MacDonald:
Karen's mission is to bring freedom through her unprecedented vast knowledge for healing and rejuvenation of the people and planet back to the perfection, and unity of the creation that will open up your eyes.
Having treated thousands of people in her heavenly health quantum wellness
and colonic center, starting the first quantum state of the art and science clinic in Saskatoon. after studying at the university of Saskatchewan, becoming a neo- natal intensive care registered nurse, then integrative medicine at the iquim ( integrative university of quantum medicine). Specializing and pioneering research and development of orgone-tachyon radionics scio/qxci
biofeedback using free energy medicine,
Nano essential oils/ormus with alchemy colonics /enema technology, playing with
decoding matrix energetics for
DNA cosmic activation and emotional release. after spending 25 years studying the fields of
 quantum-Nano technology, holistic integrative medicine, health, nutrition, universal law , longevity, interior decorating, beauty, biodynamic & permaculture green design and environmental issues of EMF,
radiation protection has now nestled into the Kootenay mountains of the Sinixt nations....
one on one consults via Skype and facebook, to hands on raw foods, raindrop oils massage, cranial- Tibetan vita flex reflexology, Reiki,
quantum and matrix energetic, oils, crystals ,biofeedback, sweat lodges using natural law to
practicing transition to Solarian Breatharian , using hydrotherapy from spring to kangen restructured waters. Passionate, dynamic, the proud mother of Alison and, Alexander,
holds the international title to crown lands, as the
savage signatory status the white bear clan mother,
angelically speaking about protecting children ,water, land and environmental issues....

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Re: Camel's Eye Treaty group, Sovran movement
« Reply #53 on: March 07, 2013, 02:05:41 pm »
I received an email from a sovran supporter. First is his email followed by my response.


According to their hype they have served documents to the United Nations, are a non-member and have UN numbers for each member. The court of law was re-instated in 1976 through the world hague courts and is in operation. All I am looking for is a way to confirm that they are non-members, have documents on record with the UN, The hague court, and are issued UN numbers.
The message they spread is one of peace and non-violence. The do not hold with gun toters, and if they do join and carry on such aggressive acts or any fraud acts they are removed. I would like to know if you have any actual proof of any claim on their fraudulent acts. I can say here and now that  you have acted fraudulently, any one can. the proof is in the actual man woman or child standing up and decrying such. As for mortgages, and other paper items, these are fraud to begin with. Not because of what they say (Sovrans, or any of these similar "type casted" men women or children). The system is set up to bankrupt one man in 10, for it to function properly. This means I must take away my fellow mans home, lively hood, living to allow myself to stay comfortable in my living. That is fraud. I can expain further and you can make your own determinations. Just because we practice doing wrong does not change the fact that it is wrong.
It is only when we become aware that we can do something different. If you think that the rise of the populace's unrest is not a sign (shown through more and more "soveriegn, sovran, freeman, or other words) sprouting up around the nations, worse yet around the world.  Every nation has communities, villages and people declaring soveriegnty Italy, Norway, England, et. al. So the questions instead of blame and fear ought to be WHY are we seeking to leave a community/society? Is this wrong? What can we do to improve our community to help continue is growth, health and well being.
love and grace,


Hello Minister Michael,

Sorry for looking up who you are, but someone who does not sign their name arouses suspicion, esp when they seem to be being recruited by a militia associated group like the "sovrans."

I'm guessing from the way you sign your name online that you are a lay Protestant minister. It's not unusual for the sovereign or "sovran" movement leaders to take advantage of sincere people wanting a better or more just future, and they often mislead them with lies that sound impressive to people who don't know history or law.

UN numbers, for example, have nothing to to do with people at all. They are numbers assigned to polluting or toxic materials.

Serving papers to the UN means nothing. It would be much like trying to serve papers on a federal court. The clerks would just look at them with surprise or amusement at not knowing basic law. The papers would be ignored and filed under miscellaneous and forgotten, if not thrown in the trash.

Being a non-member means nothing either. It means the UN ignored them. They have no status with the UN.

Most importantly, they have no status with actual Native tribes. They are almost entirely non-Native crackpots posing as Native representatives, along with a few Native tokens who have similar ignorance of the law and treaties.

As corrupt and unfair as mortages are, the sovran leaders offer no solutions, only delusion, failure, and ruined lives for their followers. The sovran leaders largely do not follow their own advice or claims.

"Irene Peace" AKA Irene Gravenhorst, for example, is an Indonesian woman posing as a Native leader who makes money selling seminars to people desperate to avoid losing their homes. They lose their homes anyway after following her advice, and also lose the money they paid her. She moves on and makes more money elsewhere.

Not using guns is one of the few positive things that can be said about them. Keep in mind the sovran sprang from, learned their tactics from, and sometimes work with the militia movement, who are very violent terrorists.

The sovrans largely avoid terrorism except for the paper kind. They are con artists who use deception to swindle their followers, and in some cases con their followers into carrying out criminal acts.

You should also be aware their websites are loaded with spyware and viruses. Visiting them can wreck your computer and give them your personal information.

Al Carroll, moderator