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Steven Blue Horse
« on: August 20, 2009, 01:13:15 pm »
Hello everybody,

I'm seeking information about Steven Blue Horse, a Lakota Brulé who is coming in France for at least 2 years in France for Sweat Lodges and Yuwipis. He also organizing Vision Quests and Sun Dances in which he leads some French people (usually in summertime, it take place in the US).
He's coming at fall in France and as he was introduced by Michel Black Buffalo (bison noir) a fake shaman (see frauds in France), I would like to get feed back from you in order to display information in France if he is not reliable.

Steven Allan Blue Horse : Sicangu Lakota (Brulé) his part of the Sioux tribe of RoseBud in South Dakota. He was born on 5 October 1958 from Marie Blue Horse, sister of Chief Duane Hollow Horn Bear.

"Steven, a Sun Dancer, began to make shamanics dreams when he was fivteen. These dreams showed him the way.
Steven has studied the traditional ceremonies from "old medicine-men". Such ceremonies were always performed away from white people, and he has decided to share with us part of these ceremonies such as the Sweat Lodge and the Yuwipi ceremony.
He is also a traditional NA flute and drums (buffalo hide) maker. Steven also learnt the jewelry craft and realize for more than one year high quality jewels in silver and turquoise.[/b]

For information Steven Blue Horse is located in Santa Fé, NM. Could be seen on myspace and facebook too.

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Re: Steven Blue Horse
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On his facebook and myspace it just mentions him being a flute player. No attempts to claim to be medicine man.

He was fined for holding sweats in his home, for the possible fire hazard.

Apparently he does sweats in New Mexico for tourists from Germany. This page is written by a German describing going thru sweats.  This is the bad google translation of the part where Blue Horse is described.

Steven is a wanderer between worlds. Er weiss um die Bedeutung der Bewegung. He knows the importance of the movement. Er lebt in seinem Truck. He lives in his truck. Von Tanz zu Tanz, von Zeremonie zu Zeremonie. From dance to dance, from ceremony to ceremony. Die Menchen rufen ihn, wenn sie in Not sind. The unfit people call him if they are in need. Seine Huette, Zuflucht fuer so viele verlorene Seelen, ist verwahrlost- Lakota Style. His hut, refuge for so many lost souls, neglected Lakota-style. Er redet mit Tieren, mit Geistern. He speaks with animals, with spirits. Er hat einen riesigen Flachbildschirm und liebt Jackie Chan. He has a huge flat screen and loves Jackie Chan. Er lernt Franzoesisch und ist ein beruehmter und gesuchter Saenger auf Zeremonien und Powwows landesweit. He learned French and is a famous and sought-after singers on ceremonies and powwows nationwide. Er opfert sich zeremoniell fuer Menschen, die ihn um Hilfe bitten, er bereist Orte, an denen ueble Spirits hausen und verhandelt mit ihnen und er baeckt das beste Indian Fry Bread (sagt er). He sacrifices himself ceremonially for people who seek his help, he traveled to places where evil spirits dwell and negotiate with them and he bakes the best Indian Fry Bread (he says)."


It also seems he's been to France before.


Well, I had an amazing experience last night (16th May). Wilfie was there too, my hubby,but I can only speak from my view point.
We live in the middle of rural France andhave a friend called Michel who lives about a 3 minute drive away from us..he is French but lived in the States for 40 years and was adopted by the Lakota Nation; he runs sweat lodges and vision quests etc.
Last night we were invited to attend a Lakota Healing Ceremony given by a visiting Lakota Medicine Man called Steven Blue Horse. He is a full blown Native American and a very nice, very down-to-earth man with a wonderful earthy sense of humour.
Anyway we had to wait until it was dark, which is after 10pm here in France, and then we went into a small converted barn which had been completely sealed off from any light source.
Steven had constructed a sacred area in the middle of the room and we, about 25 of us, were ringed around it with our backs to the walls....