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Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez
« on: June 03, 2006, 06:00:59 pm »
I found Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez and his wife Viola Alvarez on a German language site (www.indianer-wiki) where it says they offer ceremonies in Germany.

Their website is: , there is an English and a German section, although they contain slightly different information and vary in length and detail.
An ad for ceremonies can be found at:

Ms Alvarez is a German citizen.
Peter Alvarez is a Tarascan-Apache according to outdoor and his own site in German language; the English section says he is Purempecha-Apache.
While Tarasco and Pure´pecha are indeed used for the same ethnic group, these people happen to live in central Mexico. Their language, as far as I found out, is said to be distantly related to the Zuni language, so there does not seem to be any connection to the Apache.
Both the English and German section say he was born in Chicago.

Alvarez calls himself an "author, leader of seminars, certified teacher and leader of ancient rituals and ceremonies". He co-authored a book on ndn healing with his wife. His site says that although his own cultural background was North American, "his approach is based on multicultural traditions. These he was able to pass on during the 90ies in his own practice in Atlanta/GA, at several universities in the USA and all over the country in speeches and seminars in the field of health care. In spring 2000, Alvarez began his intensive work with the "Raven Circle" of men's groups".

Alvarez offers a variety of seminars (more listed in the German section than in the English one). The offer for a weekend seminar with the Alvarez' on does not mention any year, but reads as follows:
"August 23-25: building of sweatlodge and Indian rituals"
The price is EURO 299 incl. accomodation --- in a tipi, tent, or in the hay.

The Alvarez' site charges between EURO 145-170 per person for a sweat - the difference in price is said to be e.g. a matter of the price of wood asked regionally.

Peter and Viola Alvarez live in the Cologne region in Germany.

Info/comments are appreciated as I'd like to contact the wiki about them. Thnx.

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Re: Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2006, 07:22:53 pm »
First thing to tell the wiki site is that NO Apache elders, healers, or leaders are ever "certified," and certainly not to sell ceremonies in Germany. The only Apache teachers that are ever certified are those that teach in public schools, and that for mundane things like reading and math. Teachers of traditions are not.

These are google translations:
"Original sweating hut seminar with P. Alvarez
This unusual seminar gives an idea of unknown, indianische rituals to us. Pregnant woman women would like please first with their treating physician in connection to set itself, in order to inform about the harmless participation. The sweating hut is prepared together and built.
Peter Bear Walks Alvarez, Taraskan Apache, born in Chicago, author, seminar leader, recognized teacher and director/conductor of old rituals and ceremonies. Its singular work with stones and crystals makes him more integrated one of the most important representatives ethno medical techniques. In the spring 2000 Peter concentrated intensively on his work with groups of men - the Rabenkreis."

What does Rabenkeis mean?

No way should pregnant women trust this guy! I don't care what their doctor says.

Apache elders don't use crystals.

Bear Walks is not any Apache name I ever heard before. Alvarez could be, most of our last names (like my mother's side) are Hispanic. Many Apache did move to and work in cities like Chicago, the most famous being singer A Carlos Ortega. But they wouldn't be regarded as people entrusted with ceremonies, since they'e not around the communities.

No such thing as Tarascan Apache, but I suppose it's possible one of Alvarez's parents was Tarascan. Mexican NDNs come north for migrant farmwork all the time, and they could have met that way.

"Date: 23. - 25 August.
Arrival 23 August, Geländeausritt on Westernpferden, 24. and 25. Structure of sweating hut and indianische rituals.
Price: 299, - euro inclusive Ausritt and overnight accomodation (23 August - 10,00 o'clock Abritt)
Price: 249, - euro without riding, (arrival 23 August - 15. 00 o'clock, with overnight accomodation in the Tippi, tent or hay"

I actually think it's pretty funny that he could talk Germans into sleeping in the hay. And paying for it!

Viola seems to be very Nuagey, incarnation, confusing Indians from India with NDNs and so on. While Peter might or might not be Apache, he doesn't seem to know or practice much about the culture.
"Unresolved tasks and bad coffee
The thing with the reminded Inkarnationen of Viola Alvarez
With the Inkarnationen is so a thing. Who somewhat completely special would not like to have been, a Hohepriesterin in Mesopotamien for example in the previous life or a Pharao is in Egypt, that nevertheless always better than a shoemaker in Nuremberg or a farm servant in the sour country. The artist Viola Alvarez, which leads schamanische seminars with her man Peter Bear Walks Alvarez together, makes itself ago over some mode features of the esoterischen Schickeria
The majority of humans on this planet believes in Wiedergeburt. I also. The abundance of past and future lives is for me a material Mysterium, which good I can leave in peace. My conviction that I and all different in or to other form already times existed, drives me not to investigations about where, when and particularly with whom. On the contrary, it confuses me much, if humans deal with their past lives of experts as with their present one. A strange evaluation becomes clear, because nearly everything was sometime times Indians, at the best Schamanen; all were Tibeter, best Lamas. Gladly to be taken also Egyptian, Hohepriesterinnen.
Rather a Pharao than a Polish plumber
Then it gives a number of the Atlantis Inkarnierten, to burned witches, pursued innocent ones, younger Jesu - alone of the latters I met already at least fifteen, although nevertheless Jesus had allegedly only twelve.
From where does the urge come in the earlier life somewhat completely special to have been? Not necessarily historical personalities, but humans, that were located somehow in the center, who pursued in an unfair way in the expiration of history to the noble Enterbten and belonged. None says: I was not a Polish plumber and was called Hubert, none could me correctly suffer and my whole life long me anything passed.
Or why none remembers, a vereinsamter Schafhirte in 13. Century in Afghanistan to have been? Seems, the more with difficulty, more eventless or more unbalanced the present life is, the more color-gladly and more exciting was the previous. Gladly also old acquaintances are endeavored, in order to explain or dislike and associated intentions. I know someone, which I can suffer well, the usual system according to from an earlier high-mirror-image-ritual life in Tibet or Africa, of it stayed a deep connection, which I could erspüren during the remeeting immediately again…
Esoteri puts on
Particularly are also earlier marriages or conditions than a kind esoterische like put on: In an earlier life I was your wife/your man and our souls have myself on eternally connected… now to have we still each quantity of unaufgelöster tasks, which we process best physically. Hectar!
In case of the dislike we recognize a former torturer, a Tyrannen in opposite or fiesen monk. This Inkarnation took place then naturally also in a not-mirror-image-ritual area, in the sour country or so.
All Karma, which we bring along from previous lives, must, then it seems to be bad: For all possible vague memories we are punished, as if God would have put itself like a smudgy accountant and our offenses would have listed. Thus nevertheless eye around eye?
I have to do all hands with my present/immediate life fully. From where my difficult acquaintances and obstacles come, is less important to me than the question about my handling the same. All our Werturteile are a mirror of ours - does not change whether cosmic or karmisch, much in it. The secrets of the life lie in us; if they reveal themselves to us in or other form, we had luck.
But which helps me as poor Tapeziererin the thought that I perhaps in former times a vain craftsman with Ludwig that XIV. was? The many hidden Ichs of my personality live each day sometimes with me and against me -. From where they come, nothing changes in how I become finished with them.
My man serves a straight cup of extremely bad coffee to me; it can do nothing for it, says it, in an earlier life belonged to it dte plan days in India. To the punishment will I simply no more with it do not inkarnieren themselves to leave."

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Re: Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2006, 10:13:27 pm »

Rabenkreis is 'Raven Circle'.
I had the notion that probably Alvarez may have some ties to the Tarasco/Pur´epeche (but of course he could have obtained the info that these are two different names for the same ethnic group as easily as I did), and that the Apache are mentioned because this would be a name people here will recognize. Apart from that I assume he may be of Chicano background.

And yes, it is possible to make us sleep in the hay and pay for it, provided it's brought across the right way. Mind the order: first booked, first served is sleeping in a tipi like real ndnsTM, wait a little with booking and it's sleeping in an ordinary tent, and the punishment for thinking too long about booking is sleeping in the hay. Close to nature - errm: mother earth, anyway. ? ;D

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Re: Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2012, 09:28:05 pm »
Peter ( Bear Walks) Alvarez is indeed from Chicago, his mother is Serbian, his father Mexican.  I was married to Peter for a few years before he RAPED my daughter here in Florida.  Yes, he is a Pedophile.
No...he is not a Shaman/Medicine Man/Healer/Spiritual teacher.,   He is a freud and truly preys on the vulnerable...mainly children and women.   He is now practicing in Germany ( which I am sure no one in Germany knows of his prison background for the raping of an innocent child/children).

I would report him to the powers that be in Germany, however, I don't know how.  Court records can prove all I have said.

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Re: Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez
« Reply #4 on: April 25, 2012, 10:33:01 pm »
Pls post them if you have them. I did find some parts of an article from Lakota Times that seem to back up what you say. They don't say directly that Alvarez committed rape, but do say there were rapes going on and that he was a criminal type.

Reposts of the article at these two links show Alvarez seems tied in the past to the Ghost Horse exploiters.

Ghost Horse was very reluctant to address questions put to him by the Times. He denied knowing Peter Bear Walks/Alvarez and denied taking money for ceremonies. “I only get paid for talks or speeches.” Ghost Horse said he never used drugs or exploited spirituality for favors. “The only drug I know that is used legitimately is peyote. As a recovering alcoholic, I don’t do drugs or alcohol.”

He denied knowledge of rapes allegedly committed in the course of ceremonies. “We don’t. I hear about those things. They never happen around us. I heard about one outside Chicago. Like I said the raping of women if anything like that is true, the men should be in jail. If children have been molested the men should be in jail or shot.”
Confronted with evidence he had traveled with Peter Bear Walks/Alvarez, he backed down. “The only Bear Walks I know was a guy in Florida years ago. He turned out to be more of a criminal so I just quit running around with him.”

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Re: Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez
« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2012, 10:28:59 pm »
Found the court records of a Peter George Alvarez, convicted in Pinellas County Florida, a sex offender since 1988.

Admittedly it was quite a long time ago, but pedophilia has a very high rate of repeat offenders. Anyone coming into contact with Alvarez is urged to use extreme caution, esp with children.

Pinellas Case Uniform Case Entitlement Date Filed
CRC8713675CFANO 521987CF013675XXXXNO STATE VS ALVAREZ,P 11/12/1987
Type Apr Cal Final Disposition Comp Division
  03/11/1988 PTL HIST 05/13/1990 D

Name COC

30 docket entries displayed of 30   
Current Sort is: -Original Sort-
Reset Original Sort Docket Date Docket Entry Defendant
1 04/20/1995 RE-RECD: OLD A
2 06/29/1988 C/C JUDGMENT TO RECORDING OR 6780 PG 169 A
5 03/11/1988 JUDGEMENT & SENTENCE: (REB) 5 1/2 YEARS DOC A
9 03/07/1988 PRE-TRIAL HRG SET: 031188 @ 8:30 AM - RESET A
10 03/07/1988 CORR TO COURT RE DEFT A
12 02/03/1988 NOTICE OF PRE-TRIAL - 030788 COURTROOM: D A
13 02/01/1988 PRE-TRIAL HRG SET: 030788 @ 8:30 AM 022288 A
16 01/21/1988 BOND AMENDED TO $ 025000 012288 A
17 01/14/1988 MOTION TO AMEND BOND A
24 01/08/1988 72 HOUR ADVISORY RETURN A
28 11/12/1987 BOND SET: $050000 A

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Re: Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez
« Reply #6 on: February 11, 2017, 08:33:31 pm »
One of Alvarez's old associates confirmed Alvarez was a child abuser and described the ceremony selling he did.

I remember all of this history re the child... I remember well. It was within a week or so of the last I'd seen him that a warrant for his arrest was issued and he went on the run. Literally. The victim was [name redacted]. I recognize one of those posts as being was from his wife at the time, known then as Deborah, she having the Lakota name given to her as "Spirit Woman". At that time, the two of them had spent time with the Lakota under their guidance in order to be able to teach the Lakota way and it was then that he received the name, Peter Bear Walks; and thereafter, although he had their approval, nevertheless his teachings were being observed by the Lakota. When all of this news broke, of course they immediately disavowed him, and I had heard even went after him when he was on the run from Florida law. Don't know about that one tho.

He'd turned 49 that summer. I had talked to Deborah after I'd heard he was on the run, and it was then she told me he wasn't Indian, but Mexican, that he was from Chicago; that he had several marriages under his belt and lots of kids. He would near 80 by now, I do believe. His claim was Apache/Mayan, but he was teaching Lakota ways and tradition....

At that time, he and Deborah were teaching together. It's been a long time ago, and I don't remember all that much of what the agenda was, crystal healings were involved, but I've always been a student of crystal and hands-on energies, so that was not anything new or different for me, other their uses homeopathically in native culture.

He built a sweat lodge and performed a ceremony that was adequate as far as his managing it, and the sacred teachings. I've since attended sweat lodges that were poorly performed, and a dangerous one that about took me out from the overly excessive heat....his was carefully set, watched and managed, and very spiritual. It was a splendid experience for being my first. There was an overnight outing where he taught ways of living and surviving in the wilderness....

As to Peter Bear? It's his karma. He came into this life with a hard row to hoe. Life is a school to learn, and hopefully he has. I always had the strong feeling that as he taught us, he was very much above board and earnest in his intent and teachings....I can't explain it any more than that. Deborah told me that something happened at the workshop and he 'went crazy' when he got home from it....

In the long run, Even though the man did not live up to my hopeful expectations, I am grateful for his genuine (and it was) caring and teachings, and at the time he was working legitimately in the field....I don't know the circumstances of the [crime] other than who it was with.  I think, as I read some of those posts, there are those who knew him, worked with him etc, and were surprised at the revelation of the arrest and the circumstances behind it. I, for one, was shocked when news of it came. I dunno. It's his to deal with. I hope he's grown and moved on from it all.

I thank you for your valuable input. I truly do. I see your intent as being warnings. I hope my rambling letter answers any questions you have, if not, let me know. I'm open,
I wish you well, Al. Stay happy, contented, and safe. Life is a bit strange in its ways, but it's good.
My best to you and yours,

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Re: Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez
« Reply #7 on: May 09, 2018, 03:33:16 am »
I found Peter "Bear Walks" Alvarez and his wife Viola Alvarez on a German language site (www.indianer-wiki) where it says they offer ceremonies in Germany.

Their website is: , there is an English and a German section, although they contain slightly different information and vary in length and detail.
An ad for ceremonies can be found at:

Ms Alvarez is a German citizen.
He co-authored a book on ndn healing with his wife.

All three sites are gone. The book is probably this 1998 book in German:

• Geheimnisse des indianischen Heilens (1998) von Peter Bearwalks Alvarez …
= ("Secrets of Indian Healing" by Peter Bearwalks Alvarez …)

Could not find any book in English. Not much more to be found; is this man still alive?