Author Topic: Michael Irving AKA Chief Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering  (Read 1978 times)

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Re: Michael Irving & Chief Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering
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Also an UFO believer, evident in this long auto-biography, which includes an explanation of why he is usurping Sitting Bull's name:

Often I would look around from my desk at the computer, and I felt sure I could make out the vague, silvery-white forms of two fairly tall beings at the far end of the lounge. This felt fine to me. It felt like friendly and benevolent company. I felt this to be the soul who had been both Sir George Trevelyan and Chief Sitting Bull, and the soul who had been White Buffalo Calf Woman. I was beginning to get the idea that White Buffalo Calf Woman was my twin-soul.

Also, seems he got involved with the "Hopi Prophecy" stuff some 30 years ago. Lots of Hopi links in there. Here are a few links regarding the quote above, and the Hopi:

See also:,_4th_Baronet

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Re: Michael Irving AKA Chief Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering
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Jeannie Blakeley
November 29 at 7:52pm
Ernie LaPointe· Michael Irving warrior at Chief Sitting Bull's worldwide gathering 2017 - this guy is NOT related to us and uses our Grandfathers name. I as the spokesperson for the "Sitting Bull Family" have not allowed him to use our Grandfathers name, nor are we involved in his doings. We do NOT support this guy in any way."
This is in regards to Michael Irving and The Gathering, from The Smithsonian verified descendant of Chief Sitting Bull.