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The Skeptic's Dictionary entry on her

The Andrews response seems very canned.  As in, this is a general response to critics.  Nothing specific to the thread is addressed in her response and it keeps going into tangents about nonessential facts.  This was probably written as a response to another article (or possibly any article critical of her) and gets fired off by her staff (either with or without her knowledge).  I don't believe she's read the thread at all.

If this was her actual response to the information in this thread...she comes off as somewhat senile and unable to make a logical argument.....either way, it doesn't help her claims of authenticity....makes her look kinda foolish IMHO....


Lynn Andrews - Blessing the Four Directions at Joshua Tree 2013

At about 3:05 point in video she calls"White Buffalo Calf Woman", Lynn has "blessed the four directions", ending each chant with "Ho!"

What is going on at 4:25? She has a mask on, she is stumbling, someone steps forwards as if to catch her if need be. Lynn sounds like she is crying, or angry, or in some manner not in good shape.

Mystical Crop Circles and Stonehenge with Lynn Andrews

July 25 - August 1, 2013 Optional Extension Tour:
“Mystical Ireland”
July 19 - 26, 2013

For the first time ever in Ireland and England!
Come join Lynn Andrews on this wonderful journey to the
ancient sacred sites of this mother land. Experence the
inspiration these countries have to offer.

She was born Lynn Carol Eggers, 1940, Seattle Washington.

Married Kurt Neumman Jr 1962, they had Vanessa (she can be found online as Vanessa Andrews ), they divorced in 1966. Lynn then married Terrence Andrews in 1970, they divorced in 1975.

Lynn's parents Leif Vankervel Eggers (born North Dakota, died California) and Rosalyn E Crowley (born and died in California) Leif's parents both born in Norway. Rosalyn's parents from Missouri and Colorado.

Started researching Lynn yesterday and wasn't getting anywhere, had no clue what her birth name was. Finding the article on her daughter Vanessa broke the log jam since it gave me the name of one of Lynn's husbands.

As I pieced together a possible family tree with public records on, I then came across someone else's public family tree with some of the same names - done by Vanessa Andrews herself. Her mother's name is not listed as she is still alive, the rest of the genealogy is, same as what I'd come up with.

Lynn & family in 1940 census


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