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Title: De Alva Ward "Hopi Shaman"
Post by: Piff on October 10, 2018, 12:26:52 am
I am also Kaibab Paiute and Hopi from federally recognized tribes of Arizona.

I am Native American of Kaibab Paiute and Hopi descent. A clan member of the Badger/Butterfly Clan. My spiritual path is from my culture. I incorporate my spiritual ways in my ceremonies and energy work. The energy work I do is spirit guided from Power Animals, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Ancestors.

Rev. De Alva Ward - Intuitive Reiki Master/ Shamanic Practitioner
De Alva Ward is a "Puhagant" from Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians and Hopi tribes of Arizona.

As a Native American woman of the southwest, I have chose to stand out by embracing my cultural up bringing and my intuitive gifts to help people who are non-natives that are in need of spiritual develepment through Mother Earth connections. My teachings and transformation work is forbidden because I am a woman, teachings are sacred to only clan & tribal members of the community. My spiritual guides I work with have always encouraged me to share the wisdom for all of humanity who want to learn, be transformed by this knowledge, and by the experience I bring through transformational work .

Shamanic Sessions
* Basic Session - $340 for a 90 minute session and 15 minutes of intuitive information.  The first 30 minutes will be relaxing the body by removing everyday energy and get the body to a relaxed state. Then a scan of the body with Grandfather Eagle Feather to see where energy loss is or energy intrusions are.

As a channel of star seed information. I have been guided to teach about the coming of the future and the evolution of humanity. What I have been told by my star ancestors is a new tribe of humanity is forming that has nothing to do with gender, sexuality, culture, race, religion, and financial statues.

The shift has begun as Hopi Prophecy has predicted and the consciousness of humanity is changing. The blanket of souls among the plant has been awakened. This awakening has shattered the Mind, Body, and Spirit to clear a path of remembrance of why you are here and to open you up to your souls purpose. These souls are the Rainbow Tribe.

There are many people who don't look Native American but feel deeply connected to Native American culture. There is shame and guilt for embracing what our souls know to be of truth, and fear of judgment. I believe all people who feel native on the inside are native in the soul and are our ancestors returning in a different vessel to create change to protect Mother Earth...this is the rainbow tribe. This new tribe of humanity is evolving to a higher consciousness to remember who you are and what your mission is here on earth. This transformation starts by being your true authentic self and take accountability of your own actions. It has everything to do with the human connection to all beings on this planet. The change starts within yourself. This group is here to raise awareness, understanding, support, and learn from each other to be our authentic self in all areas of our lives. It is time to embrace the Native American Within.

Native American Within Facebook group
Title: Re: De Alva Ward "Hopi Shaman"
Post by: Piff on October 10, 2018, 01:16:04 am
I watched one of her past Facebook Live videos that was about 40 minutes long. This mostly consisted of laments that her family doesn't support her work, that she is not being paid enough, that she is criticized for charging money, and that the women in the spiritual community that she is trying to form are not committed enough.

Plus Facebook drama including difficulty with gossip and the fact that clients try to get free advice.

From a review:

She put her hands on my head and said, "I see you are a teacher."
Title: Re: De Alva Ward "Hopi Shaman"
Post by: educatedindian on October 10, 2018, 01:22:24 pm
Puhugant is actually a Shoshoni term for medicine man. No idea why a Paiute/Hopi woman would use it. She also says she has descent, implying she's not enrolled and didn't grow up in her communities.

She calls herself Reverend. I didn't see any mention of ordination or belonging to a church or other group. On a pyschic fair site ssh says she's a "reverend energy intuitive energy worker." It's either a Nuage certificate or something she made up.

So very out of touch, mostly Nuage not traditional, and selling ceremony. Moved to Frauds.
Title: Re: De Alva Ward "Hopi Shaman"
Post by: Piff on October 10, 2018, 11:25:53 pm
I watched most of this video interview:

Ward says that she was raised white. She married and went into military, she isn't clear whether she herself was in military. She was Southern Baptist for awhile. She says she then tried many different religions and supposedly took the best ingredients of all.

She describes a lot of Nuage practices and beliefs. She claims that she compared what she was already doing to what she then learned of Hopi - and decided that everything is the same. Everything is connected, everything is the same, she was already doing intuitively what other cultures practice.

She says that Native beliefs are for that past time period. That many Native American people are struggling to evolve. She on the other hand is evolved and has the specialness to share with us all.

She looks at people as computer systems. They have too many tabs open and they need a defrag. Ward tries to apply a "modern" gloss to her claims but they are the same ol' Nuage. New Thought, visualizations, create your reality type stuff.

According to her - people are either angelic, star seed, or elemental. She tells you what you are and then may apply music accordingly. For instance angelic level people get tuning forks, chimes, and bells cause drumming would make them feel sick.

Unfortunately she has many clients that she says are "last resort". She has many who have breast cancer. Ward claims that she can feel matching cancer pain in her own body when she works with patients and that she can even taste chemo.

She lays Nuage guilt trips on people who are suffering. Got breast cancer? You have heart centered issues, you need to speak your truth, you've played martyr too long. Chronic pain? You are inflamed with anger and have been limiting yourself.

She says that Hopi beliefs are very similar to Christian bible. Everything is connected, meaning to her that everything is pretty much the same.

Ward preaches that non-native people who feel called to supposed native ways are members of the rainbow tribe who are returning to humanity.

She does cold readings of people and then tells them what they want to hear.

White people want to be told that they are special and that they are Native American. Ward is one of the people doing just that, for a fee.

On her Facebook page Native American Within she has asked people:

Please share here how you sensed that you were Native American at heart so much but you chose to hide it from the world and how long you hid it.

Mary Jo Gardner/ "Maria Yraceburu" is a member of this FB group.