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Title: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in Maine
Post by: frankie on September 05, 2005, 04:32:31 pm
It was suggested to me that I list this information with your group so that perhaps someone can get this woman to stop these activities she is charging hundreds of dollars for.  

This is her website:

Last year, I contacted this woman directly asking her who she is and why is she charging for ceremonies such as Inipi, Pipe and yes, she does Vision Quest ceremonies as well.  She told me she has every right to do these ceremonies as she is instructed by her spirit guide, which I assume is the person she mentions on her website who she states has since passed on.  Hiram is a small rural community of about 1000 people and mostly there is woods - woods and more woods.  I am not sure where she may be holding these ceremonies in Hiram, Maine, but I suspect she may be using land owned by a local man who lives in Cornish, Maine - the town adjacent to Hiram, by the name of Ernie Rose.  I can't be sure of this however, but Ernie Rose has been involved in nu-age activities for many years.

I tried to get help from other individuals to put a stop to this woman's sale of ceremony and her misleading of the public in doing so.  

I hope that perhaps you may be able to expose this woman and maybe that will put an end to her activities here - at least stop her from charging for her "workshops" which bastardize ceremony.

Thank you.

Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in M
Post by: piya on September 05, 2005, 06:02:29 pm
I liked the part on her site, which said,

"Some of my deeper spiritual learning came as several Native Americans Elders mentored me in the way of the Sacred Pipe, Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge and Soul Journeying. ",

Now I am more than 100% certain this is untrue, so I have asked her who they are, now lets see if I get a reply.

Meanwhile people here will investigate further

Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in M
Post by: TimberlineWarrior on September 05, 2005, 06:18:42 pm
I mailed her too hehehe I wasn't quite so polite!

You claim to have been monitored by Native American Eldrers and a great deal many other credentials.
If you had been truelly trained by Native Elders then they would be horrified to hear that you are selling the gift that you CLAIM they shared.
Monitored you are indeed but by several groups who will expose you as a Nu-Age fraud and charlatan.
Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in M
Post by: educatedindian on September 05, 2005, 08:45:03 pm
There's all kinds of things you can do to stop her, simply by pointing out the truth to the public.

For starters, ehe brags about being trained at a Waldorf school and learning Steiner. Steiner was a white supremacist who said Indians needed to die out for whites to progress spiritually.

Chances are her "Native" teachers were white imposters, but if you email her as just a curious onlooker, she might tell you their actual names and we'd have a better line on her. In her links she lists exploiter H Storm and Joseph Rael as her favorite authors, so they might be the ones.

Some parts of her site are laugh out loud funny. "Light coaching"?

"Rainbow, you can do it! You can make that goal!"

And "pipe awakening"? LOL!

"Hey pipe! You're gonna be late for work!"

There's a number of approaches that can be used to cut into the profits of her fraud business.

And for the sweats you should hand out a version of this. Feel free to quote from it or reproduce it.

Also useful to hand out to people.
Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in M
Post by: frankie on September 09, 2005, 04:58:29 pm
Yes I am and I thanked you for giving me the number of David Karbon.

Sorry for my initial confusion on the board here - I'll try to more careful in the future.

Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in M
Post by: piya on October 15, 2005, 11:00:50 am
Well I finally got a reply, here it is, interesting eh, lol,

Well my better half, has taken with great interest the Micmac part, so the story will not end here.

Dear Steve,
Sorry for the delay.  I have been focused on the annual quest and preparing for a Earth Circle Spiritual Leadership training that I will be lauching next April.
I am also interested at what prompts your question?  What is it that interests you?  To answer brifly, as I say on the website:
More information about the Sacred Pipe
The Pipe is an ancient ‘technology’ for activating affirmative prayer and intention, acknowledging our connection to Creator,  Great Spirit, Source and the Unity and Diversity of Oneness of life.

We call ourselves into the present, engaging ourselves - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The herbs that are used to offer Prayer have that purpose and are not ‘mind altering’. The power of the prayer process in all four dimensions ~spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical is mind, heart and life ‘altering.’

The Pipe I carry is not a ‘Native’ pipe. It is the third Pipe I have received.  

I received the first pipe in 1988 from my former husband.  He bought it at a flea market.   During the years in which it co-habited my space, my life as I identified with it was stripped away.  

I 'returned' that pipe to the first Native Pipe carrier I met in 1993.  I was told that it was an 800 year old Eagle pipe.  I could hear it sing as it was passed in ceremony by the Elder who had graciously received it.  

In 1996 I received "my rights" to carry a pipe under the guidance of Micmac and Malecite Medicine people in the St. John's River valley of Northern Maine after completing a number of four-day food and water fasts in a medicine wheel.  That pipe led me to Hollis Littlecreek.

The pipe I now 'carry' I made under the wise instruction of Hollis Littlecreek, a full-blooded Ahnishinabeg Elder of the Marten Clan. The bowl is made of pipe stone, that Hollis and his son mined by hand at Pipe Stone National Monument in Minnesota, where being full blooded he had a mining permit.

Hollis was clear that his way was Native and that mine was not. The first time I met Hollis he said, The Pipe is very ancient, originally it belonged to all people. You guys just forgot.???

He taught Pipe making so we could invoke ourselves present to Spirit to find our own way with the Pipe.  He trusted the Pipe and Spirit to awaken us to the new way that is being created to weave us all back into the Oneness.

Hollis was from the last generation to be raised completely within the native tradition.  

When he was five, he was thought to have died of an illness.  His aunt was quietly sitting with him for almost an hour after she thought he has passed away, when he 'woke up' saying that he had a vision in which he was instructed to share the pipe with people of all races.  He was taken to the circle of elders to share his vision.  They instructed and older brother to make a pipe for him which was kept for him until he was older.

Hollis lived his life as a member of the tribe in all ways until he was 52.  Then he left the reservation to fulfill his mission.  I met when he was in his seventies, a year and a half before he passed to the other side.  The pipe I carry was 'awakened' in the last sweat lodge he held.  I am forever grateful to his spirit as he continues to be a powerful guide in my life.

Thanks - maryanna

Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in M
Post by: educatedindian on October 15, 2005, 02:37:55 pm
My guess is the "Micmac and Malecite" people she's referring to are these.

They're not a recognized band, and I have no idea how legit they are. Keep in mind that many New England NDN groups have many people with distant ancestry, and that some of them have to deal with claims by operators such as Francis Talbot/"Med Story".

About Littlecreek, seems like there's quite a few "interesting" claims being made about him on the net.
"On April 30, 1999, Hollis Littlecreek, my flute teacher, mentor and friend, passed from this world. Hollis, an Anishinabe Native American elder who freely shared his teachings, was an important catalyst at many points in my life. How appropriate that on the day Hollis left, I would apply for my Massachusetts Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit. I could imagine him laughing to himself. For while his pipe, his flutes and his tools were never far away, neither was his gun."

It does look like Littlecreek was happy to teach people about making and playing flutes, but I seriously doubt he intended people to make lots of money using his name for their other goofy claims. I found one reference to him having been Treasurer at Red Lake rez in the 80s (1/3 of the way down)
but no other claims of him having been an elder except for Nuage sites. Of course I'm not from Red Lake and they'd definitely know more than me, but it seems like the Nuagers are confusing elderLY with elder. If Littlecreek left the rez twenty years earlier, likely he was no longer a Red Lake elder, if he ever had been.
Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in M
Post by: piya on October 16, 2005, 11:55:44 am
Our good friend here in the uk  just happens to be Anishinabe and knows Red Lake and the people well so we will see what she has to say.

Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in M
Post by: piya on October 17, 2005, 07:37:20 pm
Without any doubt, I feel I can now confirm that this Maryanna, has joined the growing amount of people using the name of a passed over ndn, to fill their pockets with $'s.

From an Anishinabe, ( whose name I  will not reveal at this time, but whose credentials and tribal knowledge, are beyond reproach) who is a close friend of ours.

Whilst Hollis Littlecreek may have been a tribal member, he may have been a tribal older but certainly not an Elder .

As for the Marten Clan, well there ain't one.

Pipe " awakened " in a sweat

What more can you say.


Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in Maine
Post by: Smart Mule on March 15, 2009, 01:45:38 pm
Sorry for necromancing a dead thread but I felt the need to clarify some things.

First of all, the Anishinabe person in the know, doesn't know much.  The is most definately a Martin clan.  One would think that they would be aware of this.  Granted it is not spelled Marten, but I would think a spelling error would at the very least been corrected instead of stating there is no Martin(marten) clan.

Secondly, Hollis WAS a tribal member, if this person actually had contacts at Red Lake they would have known that he was in fact considered an Elder (capitol E intended).  The fact that he was exploited as an old person by newagey twinks did not take away from the respect of his community.  He spent his last years on reserve prior to his crossing. 

I doubt he would have approved of people making a living off of his name.  He lived and died in abject poverty himself and never complained, never looked for a hand out and never attempted to make a buck off of spirituality. 

He did teach people how to make flutes, he tought maybe half a dozen workshops in a ten year period.  He loved the flute and felt there was nothing wrong in sharing the craft, nor did his community have a problem with it.
Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in Maine
Post by: piya on March 15, 2009, 05:55:18 pm
My apoligies,

At the time, of my earlier post, the information given, came from a telephone call between two people in the UK mentioned on another thread. At this time I will reveal no names. I posted what was passed on.

I had met the person "in the know" maybe three or four times up till then, and at the time had no reason to doubt, the background or any claims of that person.

Since them days I have on a number of occasions, asked the other person for the contact details, of the "person in the know", as I had a number of things I wished to discuss/clarify. Only to be told that I could not have these contact details and that anything must go through the other person. Why?  I think I can now understand why, but thats another story.

Thank you Sky for correcting the wrong.

Title: Re: Asking for help with woman doing ceremony in Maine
Post by: Smart Mule on March 15, 2009, 06:53:51 pm
You were merely relaying what you were told was factual accurate information, so I see no reason for you to apologize.

Piya, I would be suspicious of individuals not allowing you to contact a person directly. 

No problem on the clarification :)