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Riegert, Wilbur A.
Sans Arc Dakota woman, Mrs Martha Bad Warrior with group of relatives and friends, Green Grass, South Dakota 1936
Contained in: 
Glass Negatives of Indians (Collected by the Bureau of American Ethnology) 1850s-1930s
Phy. Description: 
1 8x10 in photograph
Black and white copy negative
Bio / His Notes: 
Date: 1936 (3 months before Mrs Bad Warrior's death).
Photographer: Wilbur A. Riegert, Wounded Knee, South Dakota.
Excerpts from letter from R. DeMallie, 5400 Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, 60615, dated 9/26/66: "The picture shows Mrs Martha Bad Warrior holding the Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe - the main content of the most sacred of the Sioux medicine bundles. The date is August, 1936, three months before Mrs Bad Warrior's death. The occasion was a severe drought. Mrs Bad Warrior unwrapped the pipe at sunrise, and sat all day in the hot sun, praying for rain. It came, eventually, of course, but it is said that her death was a result. The photograph was taken by Wilbur Riegert. I met the little boy on Mrs Bad Warrior's left. He's now a grown man, of course, and is the father of the present keeper of the sacred pipe. The picture was taken at Green Grass, S. D., on the Cheyenne River Reservation."
Extract from Indian Voices, July, 1966 page 4 (reprinted from The Sioux Journal): Custodian of Mystic Calf Pipe Dies at Green Grass, S. D. Mrs Lucy Looking Horse, the second woman to ever be the custodian of the Mystic Calf Pipe died April 12 at her home in Green Grass, South Dakota. Over many generations, dating back several hundred years, the only other woman so honored as administrator of the pipe was Mrs Martha Bad Warrior who was Lucy's mother. According to legend, the White Buffalo Maiden (calf woman) appearing in the form of a beautiful golden haired maiden, presented the pipe as a token or medium to be used in obtaining the blessings of the Great Spirit (wakan). Appearing to the Indian people in the midst of famine and pestilence she implored them to be patient and that she would come to them, bring ease and comfort as a reward for their suffering. Seeing that their faith was evident she taught them in the use of the pipe--that it should only be used in case of dire need and that on such occasion, only, would the pipe be exposed. She then lighted the pipe, pointed to the sky with the stem and said: "I offer this to Wakan Tanka for all the good that comes from above. (Pointing to the cardinal points:) I offer this to the four winds, whence come all good things." She then changed into a white buffalo calf. The sacred pipe has been handed down from one generation to another. The original family who administered the pipe was the Elk Head family. In recent years, Mrs Bad Warrior, who died in 1936,passed it on to her half brother Ernest Two Runs, also of Green Grass. The latter gave possession of the pipe to Ehli Bad Warrior in 1942. Upon Ehli's death in 1959, it passed to Mrs Lucy Looking Horse. It is not known who Mrs Looking Horse designated as heir to the pipe.
Copy (9/66) from original photograph loaned to SOA-A by Mrs Belva Jack, Mission, South Dakota (through R. DeMallie, 5400 Greenwood Avenue, Chicago 60615).
Cite as: 
Negative 55936, Smithsonian Institution National Anthropological Archives
Local Notes: 
Written on back of print: "Property of Wilbur A. Riegert, Wounded Knee, S. Dakota. "Died October 25 - 1936 [Must refer to Mrs Bad Warrior]. "Given to Lucy Looking Horse on 10-29-64 by W. A. Riegert, Everett C. Jordan, Mrs A. M. Clark." [Lucy Looking Horse died in April, 1966. At the giveaway after her death, this picture was given to Mrs Belva Jack.]
"This picture, as you see, belonged to Mrs Looking Horse (Lucy H.), the daughter of Martha, and the keeper of the sacred pipe. She died last May. At the giveaway after her death this picture was given to Mrs Belva Jack, of Mission, S. D., a distant relative [who lent it to Ray DeMallie]. ...Although there is no doubt that this is the sacred pipe, it is denied by the modern day keeper's family. They claim it is a replica of the sacred pipe. This helps throw ethnographers off the track. The family says this was not the real pipe, no white man has ever seen the pipe (not true, of course), we cannot open the bundle for you. John and I were not the only ones to try--they said there had been a couple of people there from California, and one from England. John and I did get to go into the sacred pipe enclosure and "pray over the pipe." The picture in the Library of Congress collection shows it wrapped in a buffalo robe; today it is wrapped up in an old, man's gray overcoat."
Extract from Indian Voices (continued). Funeral services for Mrs Looking Horse were held April 16 at the Congregational church at Green Grass. The Rev. Moses Flying By conducted the services. She is survived by her husband, Thomas and one son, Stanley. Preceding her in death were a son and one daughter. Mrs Looking Horse was born Dec. 20, 1891.
Dakota Sans Arc
Subject - Geographical: 
South Dakota
Form / Genre: 
Repository Loc: 
National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
Local Number: 
OPPS NEG 55936
Item information
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National Anthropological ArchivesOPPS NEG 55936Add Copy to MyList

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