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Boozhoo, I’m not sure how much proof or information is needed to move someone from “Research Needed” to “Known Frauds” but I believe we are at the edge of the tipping point with Nathon. I have spoken with multiple people about Nathon’s claims and I want to address a few questions that were posed on the thread. I’m not going to use the names of the people who provided the information to me publicly but am open to having a private discussion. #1, regarding Nathon’s dad, Robert Breu is the biological father & has a relationship with Nathon. #2, Nathon’s “Dad” from Lac du Flambeau is Bobby “Bullet” St Germaine who befriended Nathon in his late teens. The two met through ceremonies based on Nathon’s then claims of being Chickasaw. Bobby “adopted” Nathon along the way. Bobby is a nice man, does a lot of work with kids, is from LDF and has lived in the south central Wisconsin area for many years, (none of this is intended to be negative towards Bobby) #3 Nathon’s “Uncle Ginew Makwaba” from Keeseekoose First Nation is actually the uncle of a former romantic partner; #4 Nathon did not attend school in LDF, his description of the old grade school as a ‘shack’ is completely inaccurate. The school was old and repairing/replacing old pipes and systems was not financially sound, but it was far from being a shack. #5 I used the genealogical info provided by Advanced Smite, (double checked family members on and then checked the Chickasaw Dawes roll for any surnames on Nathon’s mothers side and found nothing. That’s likely why that claim was abandoned for claims of Ojibwe heritage. Anyway, I have typed this on my phone so forgive any difficulties in reading. I feel it is clear that Nathon and his mother have scammed people for many years, and taken up space not meant for them.

Advanced Smite:
Thank you for providing additional information and context, ojib22. It sounds like Nathon Breu showed up with a false claim and was welcomed by one individual based on it...just like his mentor, Margaret Noodin.

An interesting commonality between Nathon and Margaret is participation in their high school bands. Both played percussion. Margaret would go on to start multiple "Native American" drum groups; in one of which Nathon was an active participant. An actual Native American student at UW-Milwaukee questioned the handling of the big drum by one of these groups and was allegedly reported for harassment to UW-Milwaukee campus police based on the accusations of Margaret and Nathon. Allegedly Margaret and Nathon were unable to provide any evidence of the supposed harassment. Based on Nathon and Margaret's claims, the Native American student was allegedly deterred and/or prevented from attending a class that included Nathon Breu as a student. There is a public Facebook post containing these allegations. Although it's a public post, I'm trying to get permission from the former UW-Milwaukee student before sharing the actual link and screenshot.

The State of Wisconsin has a helpful website for looking up Circuit Court records (which are public under state law): Nathon Breu (note the unique spelling of "Nathon") pled guilty to several misdemeanors and had a felony dismissed from charges entered on 5/4/2020. He accepted a deferred prosecution agreement that appears to have been completed and resulted in the dismissal of the felony. Nathon lists his race as "American Indian or Alaskan Native" which is incredibly distasteful behavior and evidence of the harm done by pretendians. Nathon (a white man) now has his crimes included in "American Indian or Alaskan Native" statistics. This is also interesting in light of the harassment accusations allegedly made by Nathon against the former UW-Milwaukee student.   

Post Attachments: I've attached an article from The Oshkosh Northwestern that was published on 5/15/1992 and lists Nathon Breu as a member of the Omro High School percussion ensemble. The other attachment is from the 1982 Chaska High School yearbook and shows "P 0'Donnell" (Margaret previously went by "Peg/Peggy O'Donnell") in the percussion ensemble.

I'm not sure how NAFPS administrators/moderators make the decision to move from Research Needed to Frauds. Can an administrator or moderator advise on what else is needed?


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