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NAFPS Housekeeping:

Due to the focus in the northeast regarding the fake tribes in Vermont and New Hampshire, I think it's time that a good look is taken at this AIM chapter.

The chapter was founded by Jason Fiske, a law enforcement officer in New Hampshire who is a member of the state recognized Nulhegan band in Vermont. TIt is my understanding that the chapter was founded prior to the fake tribes receiving state recognition.

The majority of the former and current members of this chapter are also members of the four fake tribes. Former member Sherry Gould is currently a state representative in New Hampshire who unsuccessfully attempted to seek state recognition for the Nulhegan, an attempt to create multi-state control for fake tribes and disappear the voices of actual Native people who live there.

Other prominent members include Ernest 'Thunder Bear' Proper, Takara Matthews Hansell, Nathan Johnson, Melody Nunn and others. Both Nathan and Ernest additionally claim Lakota and their drum won a Nammy award at one point

Entities such as Strawberry Banke are promoting the chapter and members as authentic the chapter is a sponsor of Strawberry Banke's powwow.

The chapter is sanctioned by GGC, Clyde Belcourt sanctioned them and they were sponsored and initially guided by Corine Fairbanks AIM So Cal/AIM Santa Barbara, who, interestingly enough, lost their sanction in 2020.

The issue of fake tribes is already incredibly problematic. To have AIM actively involved with pretendians and in opposition to actual communities like Odanak by supporting members of fake tribes as brothers in arms is particularly unsettling.

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NAFPS Housekeeping:
While some NAFPS members may not be members of Facebook, those that are can look at the page to see that they regularly tag in individuals from legitimate tribes in order to appear accepted and supported by these individuals. After reviewing many posts, I am not seeing respected tagged recognized tribal members responding and falling for their attempt to validate their authenticity by interacting.

NAFPS Housekeeping:
This post helps to shed some light on the issue of those involved


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