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Got a request about him. Nothing that is concerning so far.

Hailing from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in southern Ontario, David Finkle is an award-winning multi-instrumental recording artist versed in many musical genres. He’s a sound engineer, traditional knowledge keeper, storyteller, drum maker, and producer....


The Finkle/Leonard Clan (David Finkle, Laura Leonard and daughters) is a blended family of traditional knowledge keepers, artists, facilitators and performers representing 4 distinct indigenous nations from what is now known as Canada.

They have resided in the Ottawa area for the past dozen years or so and are trusted members of the local indigenous community....

Dozens of similar links.

David Finkle has been mentioned thrice before in the forum:

1. In the thread "Passing as Native Musicians":

--- Quote from: CrazyCree on April 30, 2010, 03:25:48 am ---There is a guy who claims to be Mohawk and when challenged will then claim to be an "Indian in my heart"

He is teaching drum making and cerimonies. As well as teaching about traditions and culture at various schools in and aroung Ottawa, Ontario.

He is not a Mohawk and has no connection to any reservation or long house.
He is just a white guy who is making money off of the Aboriginal Culture.

A favorite in the AFN and Ottawa crowd.

He has had a string of Aboriginal spouses he uses for thier treaty card numbers to gain access to Pow Wows to sell his wares.

He uses his daughter who is Aboriginal through her mothers side, to gain access to events as well.

And now working with a Metis woman they secured funding from the government to start a company that teaches Aboriginal knowledge.

Check him out on Facebook. And then ask him about his Mohawk roots! No one from Tyendinaga knows him except when he lived there with his daughters Mom.
--- End quote ---

2. In the thread "Roy Barnes":

--- Quote from: Odelle on January 24, 2013, 06:05:58 am ---

Here's a drum-making workshop, marketed as though it has a spiritual element, that he taught with someone else:
Join us January 29, 2011, 1:30 - 4:30 to make your own drum.
Facilitators will be musician and drum maker David Finkle as well as Roy Barnes - Lodge Keeper and Sundancer"

Cost of workshop is  $120.00 all materials supplied for a medium size drum
--- End quote ---

3. In the introcuction thread of a member who posted only once:

--- Quote from: Mojibwemoproblems on February 28, 2015, 12:20:32 am ---I found this board some time ago when I googled the name of David Finkle, a known fraud in the Ottawa area who continues to attend community events, claim ancestry, and sell the culture.
--- End quote ---

"A known fraud"? Most links in my quotes are not working, so we have to start again I guess.

Advanced Smite:
November 10, 2016: The Pioneer, "Experiencing Indigenous Culture"
Direct Link:
Archive Link:

--- Quote ---That culture of community and storytelling was on the mind of David Finkle Saturday afternoon. Born in Belleville, but now living in Ottawa, Finkle makes and sells traditional native frame drums. Joined by his wife Laura Leonard, Finkle performed traditional indigenous music for onlookers, among other performers.
--- End quote ---

David Finkle (DF) is from Belleville, Ontario according to the article quoted above. I found a Finkle family in Belleville likely connected to DF. I haven't been able to identify his branch of the family yet. It's a large family with multiple published accounts of their early settlement of Ontario.


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