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This person has a huge following on twitter. I don't use twitter but I created an account there after someone posted about Susana in the Cherokee Frauds facebook group and did some digging. You can find her tweets containing this info by doing keyword searches like "Indigenousai Latinx" "IndigenousAI Latina". Sort by date to see that her claims of being Cherokee are new. I took screenshots because I'm sure she will scrub her twitter page if she sees this. Everyone should take screenshots. She is a computer programmer and will get rid of evidence once she gets wind of this.
-Used facebook, pinterest and linkedin as "Xoxi Ichel" until early 2019. Talked a lot about being Latina and being raised in a cult and computer programming. Still talks about computer programming the same as when she was "Xoxi Ichel" so I'm sure it's the same person. Her LinkedIn and Pinterest have pics and it's obviously her.
-Made a new Twitter 2018. According to her own posts, she claimed to be Latinx and Sephardic (Jewish) computer programmer while living in California.
Appears to have moved to Georgia sometime in early 2019, and began to claim to be vaguely "indigenous" and Sephardic. Changes background to talk about being raised as a Native American.
-August 2019, claims a Cherokee identity for the very first time when her twitter gains a lot of followers when she speaks out against Johnny Depp claiming to be Native American. Seems to drop Latinx from her identity completely at this time.
-A short time later, she has a twitter run in with Cherokee geneolgist Twila Barnes. At this time, she says she hasn't found her ancestors on any roles and is unclaimed by any tribe. Ms Barnes informs her that she will help her for free, but Xoxi/Susanna/IndigenousAI fights with her instead.
Since then, she has taken on a totally Cherokee identity. She claims that she and her children have been the victims of discrimination as Cherokees, even though they're clearly white (Some of Susanna's pics are darkened to make her look darker. Many show blonde hair and fair skin. Not that Cherokees can't have fair skin. This just seems like an odd manipulation).
-She now has a job as a Cherokee computer programmer for a group called WOAPE Foundation, which appears to be legitimate but obviously hasn't don't their research on this person. 
-She appears to have digitally befriended some older Eastern Band people to lend credibility to her claims on Facebook. When asked, these older people seem like they just wanted to help her but they cannot verify that she is Cherokee. She is taking advantage of their kindness.
Having a fake twitter is one thing, but getting a job as a "Indigenous Engineer" is fraud.

More screenshots sent to me

If you are still looking for research/evidence this thread has quite a lot

I shared your post to warn others & there is also more evidence & receipts in the replies to that tweet- as a content warning some of the replies include links to her arrest reports/court documents

For proof that she has used various aliases I found this (screenshot below, couldn't get it to embed)

Thank you for this warning, I wish I had seen it sooner but better late than never - you should know that dozens of other people are grateful for your warning, thank you again for putting this together!

Super disappointed that I missed your reply. Those Twitter threads have since been deleted. I am not really on there but I just did a quick search and it looks like she's finally, FINALLY! been outed. Thanks for sharing the link.
I saw her arrest report in our local paper and wondered if anyone would notice. She fooled people online for so long, I sort of resigned myself to thinking she would always get away with it. Sgi!
Oh, for the record, elders notified WOAPE and they did nothing. They said they asked her some questions, but they said that self-identification as Indigenous was enough for them 👀

That's disappointing to hear about WOAPE, I will let folks know


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