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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Just curious, are Severny and Handozhko the same person?
Pics look the same

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Just curious, are Severny and Handozhko the same person?
Pics look the same

No they are different people, although they look similar in some ways as both have a similar pattern of hair loss.  I do not know how old Severny is but Handozhko appears to be a few years older.

I have seen them both together in the same photo and they are definitely not the same person.

Video of Severny Olen (probably not his real name) here

Video of Handozhko / Mamonta / Kanesh here

Pls note how he claims to have received a special "sign" that Spain was important to the future of humanity and that is why his group opened a project in Spain. He said exactly the same thing about the US in a different interview.  He just says the same thing wherever he goes depending on the territory.

He is also talking about "indigo children" and how his group of associates are the best people to raise and educate them.  *shudders*  Chekes appears at the end of the video and is speaking very fluent Spanish.  I had assumed that she was Russian but I'm wondering if she may be Spanish of from a Spanish speaking country.  Apparently the fake shaman Lada aka Ohin Hara / Hohin Hara is not a native Russian speaker.  She may be a native Spanish speaker, or maybe from a country with a different language.  The Russians may have picked up some Spanish speaking recruits or it may be that they are working cooperatively with another criminal network based in say Mexico or some other territory (I think that the latter option is fairly likely given the size of the network).

Edited to include chat show in English language ostensibly about Konstantin Rudnev.  The discussion has quite a lot of interesting bits of information and is worth checking out, even though it is a "chat" show and thus, not exactly high brow.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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You mentioned Diana Saiz

Just so everyone can be aware of who she is

there is a video of her here

edited as I made a mistake - the above video is NOT of Diana Siaz.  This woman looks like her but is in fact an associate of Baba Dez Nichols and his Sedona Temple.  Please accept my apologies for this mistake

Her meetup profile is here (this is the correct profile)

All the groups that she is organising are fronts for recruitment into the Russian network.  Like other cult members she may join unconnected meetups, including as an assistant organiser or co-organiser of groups with many organisers, in order to infiltrate them and recruit more victims.

Of course if she is a "believer" she may genuinely think she is helping people by introducing them to this network, although she is likely to be making money by recruiting new members via the network's franchising scheme so there will also be a degree of self-interest involved whatever the situation.

While I'm here, here is Severny's meetup profile

Although, typically for members of this network, he has other profiles under a different name, Stelios

Other recruiters (please note some of these people are vulnerable / mentally challenged and are definitely victims as well as recruiters)

Kalki (uses other aliases) - please check out her photos, she has a wart or some kind of growth on her face so is easily identifiable
her FB page, where she is called Kyrie Collins

Irene (possibly not her real name) - I don't know much about this person but she is an organiser for the network's events - possibly a vulnerable adult - very clear photos via her profile

This young American woman is definitely a vulnerable adult.  She says in her video that she no longer takes the anti-depressants and mood stabilisers that she has been taking for the last 10 years.  She is basically a young woman with mental health problems who is being used / abused by this network and who, as a recruiter, poses a danger to others. Please note also her provocative clothing, fairly typical of "goddesses".  Erin has been organising meetups for this network and is recruiting for them.
video here
meetup profile here

"Reena" (may use other aliases)
This young woman is interesting as she appears sleep deprived and confused during the interview. It is such a shame, she may be a good, kind person, but she is being used by this network and is recruiting for them via meetups via the name Reena.  Please bear in mind that the overt and covert administration of drugs is part of the MO of this network, and I think you can see the effects of this in this interview.
video here
meetup profile

Erika Henson
meetup profile
FB page
video (normal make up)
video ("goddess" make up) - this girl seems quite vulnerable / fragile in this video to me

Eka Joti
FB page
video (he's the guy with the beard and glasses)
meetup profile

Zoe Wild
FB page

meetup profile
video - VERY interesting video

I will edit this post to add more recruiters when I have a moment

I just want to say again that these people are either serious criminals or vulnerable and even mentally challenged individuals.  

If you check out the videos you can see that some of them at least are sincere and extremely vulnerable.

Please do not approach these people, just stay well away from them.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Please excuse me if I take the attention from Mr Handozhko and his associates for one moment.

Earlier in the thread I mentioned that I had discovered the nature of the business (THB) of the Russian network after researching a Romanian network with a similar MO, namely MISA yoga school and its various international subsidiaries.

I just wanted to include a news story about the "guru" who is in charge of MISA yoga school, Mr Gregorian Bivolaru - Grieg to his followers.

Like Mr Rudnev and Mr Handozhko, Bivolaru claims that he is a persecuted spiritual teacher.

The recent news story below suggests otherwise.

Text reproduced via google translate:
It was a prostitute, he robbed, he put lives in danger to Gregorian Bivolaru. Gazeta de Cluj 'presents, exclusive, shocking testimony Bertescu Valeria, a civil party in a lawsuit against MISA, an organization that, under the guise of absolute integration, conducted numerous criminal activities.

My name is Valeria Bertescu I 52 and on 15 January 1991, the practice of yoga. Gregorian Bivolaru sent me directly and personally to thieves, to steal and prostitute myself for it. One day he asked me for $ 10,000. When I arrived in Cyprus from a yoga conference themes to give it to his gold Mart intructorul, Bivolaru upon us in the car and told me: "I know a few days go back to Turkey, I pray that time produce my next $ 10,000. I was surprised and I said I can not make him that money from prostitution, what I do then. There taking out more than $ 2,000 per month, of which 1,000 to pay my hotel I stopped, my food and expenses and the remainder was sending through the instructor. I went with the instructor, the second day, Bivolaru, in a room where we talked face to face, without any third party, and I said, "Grig, I can not get you $ 10,000 in tie only one month of prostitution for the money are hard. The stolen do not know, but I do not know sex, the world's oldest profession "that Bivolaru told me:" You're Goofy, I teach you to steal your age! Are not you ashamed? "

Reporter: And what ... given you advice?
BV: I brought a bag with bottom fold, containing a diplomat in it and told me to go into all neighborhoods where there are embassies, consulates, respectively in the Taksim district of Istanbul. I said to lurk a guy who comes out of the consulate or from a bank or a woman who comes, so the armored, with a kilogram of gold on it, and I keep after them. She said she can buy her, and her, a newspaper, something, and when the woman was an attack, and if a man steal her diplomat diplomat in my bag and fold it, and bring him to find money, jewelry, electronics. So I went to Istanbul and a long lost time there was a sucker to catch them sutesc diplomat, as I learned master.
Q: So, you sent the robbers?
BV: Of course, but I was cautious because I knew that Turkish prisons are cruel to the Romans. So I'm pointing it. And once I went to meet with a black guy. These are very complex, especially when they see a white woman, but it was very relaxed, calm, basically, I was offered the tray to hang him. For me it did not matter that is black, wrote a note on his forehead for $ 10, $ 20, as I understand it with time and services and make them. And I went to his house, an apartment that he rented a villa. The villa that were about 20 blacks. At one point, asked me what I drink and eat. Coca-Cola I drank, I drank no alcohol is to yoga and after several hours of talked, I made a proposal. He said look, you're a nice girl, if you want to earn easy money our man. More precisely $ 5,000 a week. When I heard, I have asked directly what to do. He said nothing, so I have to go with a plane from Istanbul to Rome, that they are aware of police collimator, the guys from organized crime by Interpol. They told me that I need to do the right thing to do, because they need fresh and white people to go unnoticed. Well, what should I do, I asked myself, where they told me that they are heroin traffickers. After I spent several months on their heads, I saw how they were operating. Those bringing bags of heroin and share them all night, about 20, in small doses several grams plastic. So, and those doses to be swallowed. The only thing is that first swallowed a small amount. Well, having already made up your stomach, could swallow more. One question was, do not drink alcohol, because alcohol melted plastic, your blood flowing and quantity of heroin being too high could die on the spot.

Q: And how smugglers operating?
BV: In one day, around 12 at night, came a guy from Canada by plane, a leader of their own. It was very much annoyed. He asked who brought the Romanian girl, the prostitute that. He feared that the police give the welcome and must change their residence.
Q: In what language?
BV: In English. My English was not perfect, but understand. Patrick, my client said that he brought me, I'm a prostitute and I came to make money, not to give in the neck. Basically, I was in the underworld. Then he took on Patrick, who was a secret name, their names were different. They were all dinTanzania, in Mauritania, but U.S. passports were British. And they told me she was going to give me a British passport, which would lead me to smuggle heroin once a week. And their boss took Patrick and brought in another villa. Beat. When it came after an hour had a thick cut on the hand, as Gypsies in arm with the knife cut, and had face full of blood.
Q: For some reason the beat?
BV: They beat the other gorillas because I brought with me, without asking his permission. Patrick told me that the boss told him to not have ever trust a white woman, as are interest only and they are dangerous. And this is why the beat. I then knew that three of them were already married romance.
Q: There has been fear?
BV: I managed to get out of there the next morning, I spent the night with Patrick. Morning came and my boss said that I let go, but if I do go out in May he did not know when I see the other side to cross the street, forget where I was. He told me not to say anything to the police to kill me, he did not want to give me away, but was asked, and I understand, and so I went. When I went there I could kiss the ground in fear. I was convinced that no life out there, I was sure gonna kill me.
Q: But Bivolaru, which is mixed with heroin in the story?
BV: Not long after, I met again with Patrick who tells me to see you at the Roman Catholic Church in Taksim, there does not look like cops. I wanted to put a good word, can change their mind and accept me head and me to earn money with heroin. When I said I'm not on my own in Turkey, as I must first ask in Romania, I came to my yoga master Bivolaru prostitutes. I told him that I had this thing for this money go to them Bivolaru, but have to ask first. The next day, when I went to a customer in Taksim, I saw some black people that he recognized. Please believe me that was the first time I made my hair stand on end to fear. Then I realized that I could stick a knife in me and nobody would do anything for a prostitute Romanian. However, the need for money made me get back to them, as I know there, and they were very surprised to see me. They said probably that chick is bad or wrong and not what hes done, or working for the police, or need of money. They did not accept because I have to take drugs, and I have accepted that I would become a vegetable. I would be autodesfiintat, I would not have been able to earn my living, to be on my feet. And I told Bivololaru, I said, "Look Grig, sutesc walking to you I made a diplomat for the black guys stuck with heroin. It's hard to convince, but if you want I still make them, "I said.

Q: And what was his reaction Bivolaru?
BV: I've said that Blacks and guys are always stoned and drunk and at one point, the ears fall under tables, and I could steal their money or heroin. What to do, master, "I asked. And he said to me: "You know, all I have to learn how to do. Get some wax paper and, when I see blacks that are finished drugs and alcohol, or heroin, or steal their money and put the merchandise in waxed paper. But do not go out with her, even if you see the dead drunk. You go to the bathroom and hide the package in the toilet tank, then go with waving hands and come back after a week or two. They are going to fight among themselves, who stole heroin, money, and when spirits are calm, you go, you take the package and I bring him to me as I know what to do with heroin and money. "And this I personal learning, lighting Gregorian Bivolaru, who fooled around Romania.
Q: You've got to put into practice "lessons"?
BV: I told one of my clients Grig, who feels very much obliged for my services, I can do to get a gun. And I asked him what to do, there are all sorts of books, many colors, fainting, paralyzing, killing, etc.. I told them that I can shoot straight and if I give permission, pac-pac-pac and kill them all. But I did not, the Turkish police took me, as I have found the gun.
Q: Yeah, but you get shot?
BV: Yeah, if I would have given permission. As was the prostate. Master gave me the blessing, he put his hand on his head, the priest. He told me "go to robbed and stole for me." All the disciples were put to indoctrinate students and the yoga world, parents, children, brothers, colleagues, nor his entourage are not all together as a beard or hair of the head master. And if you send the master to sell seeds in Ferentari five years, you have to go, the master sent you to do obedience. And the story ends with the Turkish police. I was caught with expired visa and without a silencer pistol. Everything I have gone through different circles, I get the silencer, shoot them to blacks, but I failed. I went to the police station, gave me the passport ban for six months I was unable to get into the country.
Q: And as we welcome back?
BV: So, how can you say? Gregorian Bivolaru is a criminal, he taught me to steal, to thieves. He put all others to do shit. When we arrived in the country I fought with them. I told her I pull the trailer and as I hauled myself. And they keep me. Bivolaru I brought money, gold, gold I bring as I could go with two hands, as they do not fall down. Plus luxury clothes and luxury items. But at some point, I am tired. I told the trainer, Eugene Mart, I want to make myself a break and do yoga, not to go and do corns at the bottom to make their money. So I asked them and they tow me or even give me some money back. What he said shocked me. He told me to insist that if they see something send money back one on one, and now the man of Bivolaru, and that the days of C eausescu Security was the killer, and kill me.
Q: Do you know his name?
BV: Yes, his name Asmarandei. Eugene E Mart guy who bought a company and an apartment in the currency made my butt.


Such lovely people these tantric traffickers *sarcasm*

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Back to Mr Handozhko and his associates.....

The woman who represents this network in Denmark recent uploaded a very interesting and rather creepy video advocating abortion.  Rather it claims that abortion is a sin, but is justifiable if you do not have the resources to care for a baby.

Coercing female victims into terminating their pregnancies is a common feature of pseudo-spiritual criminal networks involved in THB.  Obviously young females are move valuable commodities if they are not pregnant or nursing infants.  The video is here

Shockingly, given their THB business, at 1.49 they even use a photo of a little girl with the text "not for sale" as used in anti-child trafficking campaigns.

I am personally pro-choice but I do find the video very creepy and disturbing given the context.  I was checking out one of the network's recruitment sites recently and the text was pretty much telling young women not to get pregnant as it impeded spiritual progress and personal relationships.  On the other hand the network seems keen to get its hands on young children, especially those with behavioural problems, as indicated by their summer camps and various workshops, retreats and educational programmes targeted at kids with autism, ADHD, etc. who they claim are "indigo children".

I also want to say, and this is really, really important, that both the Russian and the Romanian THB networks use extremely diverse and novel methods of recruitment.  Please, please do not think that I have identified them all here as I have not.  

Just for example, the demographics of victims vary from territory to territory and they cast their net wide.

Obviously people with an interest in magic, shamanism, meditation, tantra and yoga will fall into their target groups for recruitment, however via social networking websites they are targeting people with the following interests:

horseback riding
cold water / outdoor  swimming
adventure sports
white water rafting
belly dance / oriental dance
pole / erotic dace
kinky / alternative lifestyles
swingers / polyamory
parents of autistic kids / kids with learning disabilities / behavioural problems
parents of gifted children
singles / dating groups especially spiritual and green dating groups
general spiritual interest
detox / purging / cleansing
mental health support groups
support groups for people with AIDS / cancer / other serious illnesses
colonic irrigation / mucoid plaque
vegan and vegetarian groups
raw food (raw foodists seem to very easily fall victim to them)
spiritual entrepreneurs / green entrepreneurs
anti-THB groups
ecstatic dance / drumming groups
feminist spiritual groups / women only spiritual groups
celebrating your inner goddess
men's spiritual groups / inner warrior
any groups at all related to Osho
all and any kinds of tantra groups
healthy living groups
learn to massage groups

There are plenty of other more obscure and less obvious groups they are involved in but I will not give details here as I do not want to let them know that I know.

Please do not think that the list of recruiters in my earlier post is anything like comprehensive.  Eradicating this network is going to be a very difficult thing because it is like weeding, you get rid of some weeds but more keep appearing.

It is extremely important that the authorities in the many territories where these people are active are not complacent and that they understand the seriousness of the situation. This task needs swift and decisive action if there is any hope of ever containing this, let alone stopping it.  

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I just want to share something

I have been thinking about Mr Handozhko and his associates, reading more of their material and checking out more "testimony" videos of the young people they recruit and one thing is extremely clear.

This network claims to be able to cure many serious and terminal illnesses via magical powers and shamanism.  They also claim to be able to cure schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses.

I feel so bad for the young people who are sucked into this and I am reluctant to post more videos of the victims of this network.  Please take my word for it that there are many examples of young people with serious and chronic mental illnesses who claim to be feeling much better having stopped taking their medication and started training with this network.

It is completely clear to me that this network is specifically targeting young people with autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and other mental illnesses and learning disabilities.  They are advising these young people to stop taking their medication and to cease contact with their families in order to develop superhuman powers.

If anyone from law enforcement wishes to contact me I will be happy to send the proof of this.

Alternatively you can just do as I have done and follow the connections on social networking sites and view the various testimony and other videos. 

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I read your forum and it makes me to laugh!
Don’t you think, that exists at coin 2 sides? Why you look at situation only with one eye? The smallest it is necessary to see at list though 2 parts to find the truth. For example, in courts of ancient Rome didn't consider case if won't interrogate 2 parts. It seems to me that you are an one-eyed Cyclops to look in one lens. :)

I have no relation to Mr.Rudnev's group. But when I ‘v red your conjectures has somehow strained. You are not clever person if try to withdraw attention of visitors of a forum to such nonsense, as Mass Media info. But if you undertook, let's esteem something from Russian info.

Apparently you never lived in Russia? Then you can't know first-hand what in Russia have happened. I come originally from near Moscow, Tula.
For example, you paste links where Mr. Rudnev put in prison (2010), and ‘that he sexually anxious maniac, and forces women with violence who round him live.’ But for some reason you don't do translating of the comments in the bottom of the article. And there that is written:
Comment: «And in what a problem that these women live there, after all any of 38 women doesn't give indications against Rudnev! Can you imagine? And one girl to mother to another town has brought by police, and she has run away again to Rudnev’ house after few days - here was a funny trick!! Isn’t it? What do you think why she came back to such ‘bad house’ (as TV and Mass Media saying)? Because In Russia revelry of suicides, narcotics and violence in families. Thus pops and religious priests are silent, and to the state the criminality revelry is simple on a hand to make billions. So it is better to be in such sect: in warm house, with food, dressed, to study yoga and dances, than to be beaten in a family by the alcoholic father or husband.»

Well, not bad to read full translation? :)   

Here statistics across Russia.
• Over 90 % of women in Russia day by day suffer from various forms of family violence. Each half an hour someone from them perishes from hands of husbands and boyfriends (the United Nations data).
• More than 90 % of the Russian women face physical, sexual and psychological violence in a family ("Interfax" referring to Fund of researches of the United Nations in the field of the population).
• "almost all women faced violence in a family", - Tatyana Zabelina the head of research has drawn a heavy conclusion at press conference in Moscow (2008) As she said, ‘women and children become objects of violence more often.’
• By data statistic more than 14.000 women annually perish as a result of house violence. Actually, each 35 minutes someone from them perishes from hands of the sexual partners.

«Last years the state didn't begin to protect actively interests of women and children who have become victims of house violence.» - Experts have concluded.

• According to scientific researches, the violence in this or that form is observed in each 4th family. About 30 % from total number of premeditated murders is made in a family
• According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, during the period since 1994 for 1996 the number of crimes on which victims were women, has increased on 7,9 % and has constituted 610.000.

NOTE!!!! - the data on 2010 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia doesn't give, because of enormous growth of murders in families.

The data of statistic in Russia shows that 40 % of victims of violence don't address to police because of disbelief in their possibility to solve a crime, punish guilty, and also because of complete vulnerability.

Annually about 3 million children 14 years old are beaten by parents. For many of these children an end is DEATH. More than 50.000 children within a year leave the house, being salvaged from own parents, and 25.000 minors are wanted.   - rus   - rus   - engl

And at below link is possible to find statistics of murders all over the world, where Russia is on 5th place!? Not bad we live? 

Visit please next link, where ‘ Group 1 (High suicide rate):
Europe and major parts of Asia seem to have a high suicide rate. In fact Russia (38 suicides per 100.000) in comparing with other ‘Groups 2-4’ as Denmark (13.6), Germany (13.5), China (13.9), Sweden (13.4), Australia (12.7), Canada (11.9), India (10.7), the US (11), Italy (7.1), UK (6.9)

Statistic of violence on women in the USA

• About 97 % of victims of violence in a family are women. (Department of justice of the USA)
• Each 9 seconds beat the woman; more than 4 million women beat every year. (Fund on violence prevention in a family)
• On the average every day 4 women kill owing to violence in a family.
• Women who leave from the offenders, on 75 % risk is more often to be killed by the offender.
50 % of all homeless women and children are salvaged from violence in a family.
• Shelters for animals three times more than shelters for women and children who have suffered from violence in a family. (Hearings of legal committee of the Senate, 1990)
• 30 % of the women killed in 1992, have been killed by husbands or roommates. (FBI)

So, what for the liberation need the women of the world as learned Osho (Bhagavan Radzhnish) or this ‘School of Goddesses’ by Mr. Rudnev?
Unless only for the sake of suffering or to escape from senseless life? Also may be for the sake of understanding of true nature of the woman?... Why you want to discredit all of this? Why do you search in classes of yoga or children’ dances groups just negativity? Don’t you love yourself?

Name please to me though one school for girls - women, for boys - men in Europe, Latin America, US where really develop female and masculine essence, help to girls or boys understand their "natural type", their internal talents hidden in them. After all if such woman or man understands who is he/she", then they can find the partner which will correspond to their internal nature and internal rhythms. But in the social world, without having any knowledge of 'art of relations', women and men search each other blindly, marry and... scandals, violence, divorces then begin.

But from the beginning it is necessary to develop you, bring yourself to the state of total perfection (individually for woman and for man). Only from this state there possible to understand what kind of partner you need to find to live with him/her happy whole life.
For example, homeless people they choose partners similar to them, and then suffer, bear humiliations and work hardly until death.
People of average class already have more developed intelligence, they have mutual respect, but they depend on opinion of surrounding people and often live in suffering from it.
Also there higher class of people who lives successfully not in imaginations but in reality.
But you need to go further to become free, to listen blessing of God on those or other actions, which you should do. Exactly in this time real state of true love awakening..

I didn't participate but saw my friends after seminars of the Astral Aikido: strong, assured, how began to grow their business in reality. I saw women who have believed in their higher nature after only 1-2 lessons of ‘School of Goddesses’, they became more independent, young, bright, instead of weak after man’ beating.
If I didn't see it I wouldn't began to break my head to write here. You are engaged with nonsense!

Interesting, what wise man of India speaks about it?

I have found video exactly on a ‘family-woman-men-children’ theme :)
Watch it please!
This is Indian enlightened Master Osho Radzhnish (1931-1990).
His pupils for 5.75 millions $ have purchased him a ranch in US, the central Oregon and have constructed there Ashram where lived more than 5000 persons; trained in meditations, yoga, trance-dances. For four years while Osho lived there, popularity of Radzhnishpuram grew: on festival in 1983 there have arrived nearby 3000 persons, and in 1987 - for 7000 persons from Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. In this city there was a school, post, fire police managements and transport system from 85 buses. Such growth of a free spiritual commune in the center of US certainly it was not pleasant to the authorities. The authorities of US have put Osho in jell where he has received radioactive irradiation, in food added thallium that has gradually led to his death.
What is the similarity with K.Rudneva's group, isn't it?

By the way, such popular at school’ Osho trance-dances «the drunk & mad», Osho took from G.Gurdjieff’ Sufi school to stop of internal dialogue.
(G.Gurdjieff is a Russian enlightened master, 1872-1949.
You can read the book of his pupil P.Ouspensky «In searching of the miraculous». G.Gurjieff has been forced to leave Russia, and then has build Ashram around Paris. But he has found by Russian government and on the instructions of Stalin on G.Gurdjieff in France has been made attempt..)

And again I see similarity to destiny of Mr.Rudnev.
By the way, Mr.Rudnev's modern school with success as I see uses not only G.Gurdjieff’ Sufi dances, but also an ancient theatrical Russian art of buffoonery and clownish. On channels of Russian TV these shots very often show with comments «the drunken fool guru» - what is pure ignorance…
And just trance-dances or ‘buffoonery’ it is the real objective art when mind of the person becomes silent, and the essence or consciousness unites with the higher spirit.
Like this, ignorant Misters and Misses!

Time will show who is right and who is guilty.  - Osho, ‘ The broken family’ (engl titles)

The following article which I bring to your attention can open with ease eyes of readers of your forum on power of corruption in Russia, on persecutions on alternative currents of healers, shamans, foretellers, astrologists, on 10.000 groups, believes and religions societies if they don't concern Christian Orthodox Russian Church which has proved for a long time as “the right hand in Russia”, and “the left it hand is Mass Media”.
 Since January 2010, the prohibition and closing of non-Christian groups is entered into Russia. On their centers and houses attack soldiers in masks, put their leaders in prisons extrajudicially, can kill them with ease at any time and anybody never will find causes of the murder.
Is this not interesting to you to begin researches in this area?
For example, those journalists, reporters who tried to declare openly about this in newspapers of TV or radio simply killed. 

Also do conclusions.

… There were numerous reports of governmental and societal human rights problems and abuses during the year. Direct and indirect government interference in local and regional elections restricted the ability of citizens to change their government through free and fair elections. During the year there were a number of high profile killings of human rights activists by unknown persons, apparently for reasons related to their professional activities. There were numerous, credible reports that law enforcement personnel engaged in physical abuse of subjects. Prison conditions were harsh and could be life threatening. Corruption in law enforcement remained a serious problem, and many observers, including some judges and law enforcement personnel, asserted that the executive branch influenced judicial decisions in some high?profile cases. Security services and local authorities often conducted searches without court warrants. Government actions weakened freedom of expression and media independence, particularly of the major television networks. Eight journalists, many of whom reported critically on the government, were killed during the year; with one exception the government failed to identify, arrest, or prosecute any suspects. Beating and intimidation of journalists remained a problem. The government directed the editorial policies of government-owned media outlets, pressured major independent outlets to abstain from critical coverage, and harassed and intimidated journalists into practicing self—censorship. The government limited freedom of assembly, and police sometimes used violence to prevent groups from engaging in peaceful protest. In some regions the government limited freedom of association and restricted religious groups. There were instances of societal discrimination, harassment, and violence against religious minorities….

And here too remarkable video – ‘ Putin System ’ – it will tell about many things!
During the last years hundred-thousand Russians leave Russia, without hoping to create family without violence from the alcoholic husband or to begin business without mafia.
What do you know about us?
Yes, this Mr.Rudnev from my point of view simply hero-guy if he has constructed the house in Russia for these women and men, feeds-dresses them, in this house, (as I heard) can come to be trained in yoga, dances, actor's skill any Russian or foreigners.. But after all it is forbidden in our Russia!! There is no such law permitting freely to create and live! But if someone does something not at will of governors and church, doesn't pay them fabulous millions bribes then they put such people in terrible jells or murder.
Very few people knows in the world about it.
We are afraid to speak about it on pain of death. So – «Welcome to the world of Russian nested doll (babushka) and a white birch», to the Russian world of ‘welcome’ and beauty. But if to look inside more attentive - there for a long time already the decayed public morals, hatred-envy to those who searches new independent road of the governors of this world or who becomes simple more rich. And the one who doesn't agree with life laws, that on this birch hang up headfirst.

have a nice day!

Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #67 on: February 09, 2011, 01:30:53 am »
what? so.. do i understand that the violence of rudnev's group is a nicer violence so
should be accepted as a better violence and be ok with it?

it's terrible if the info given is true, 90% of the women suffering at the hands of
such violence, but the solution is not found in a 'nicer' violence.. instead, it is
sickening if what you say is true, that these women have to choose the lesser
of two evils.. literally.  neither are acceptable.. however, i can now see how these
russian human traffickers get away with it and are so easily able to create and
maintain their business.  Sick is what it is. Sick.

press the little black on silver arrow Music, 1) Bob Pietkivitch Buddha Feet

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I read your forum and it makes me to laugh!
Don’t you think, that exists at coin 2 sides? Why you look at situation only with one eye? The smallest it is necessary to see at list though 2 parts to find the truth. For example, in courts of ancient Rome didn't consider case if won't interrogate 2 parts. It seems to me that you are an one-eyed Cyclops to look in one lens. :)

I have no relation to Mr.Rudnev's group.


Long tedious post attempting to justify the activities of Rudnev and his associates by giving exaggerated and false information about Russian society.

have a nice day!

Simon (or whatever your real name is).

If you want to convince people here that this vile network is in fact a misrepresented spiritual group then I advise that you do the following:

1.  Contact Paul / Pavel Handozhko aka Ganesha / Biven Momonta / Biven Mamonta / Biven Mamonte / Bes Beloyar / Kargan Kanesh / Kargan Kenesh or whatever he is calling himself these days and encourage him to come forward to have an HIV test as requested in my earlier post.

The fact that he is wanted in Russia for infecting dozens of people with HIV and that he disappeared when asked to take a test, combined with the fact that he has not responded to my post here inviting him to take a test, (in fact he has again disappeared) does not inspire confidence in him or his organisation.

2. Ask Mr Handozhko to come back and post here about why his organisation:

 - provides its students with highly addictive drugs in the guise of "shaman's tea" the "elixir of life" and recommends regular consumption of such drugs as a healthy tonic

 - trains women to be strippers, erotic dancers and prostitutes

 - puts its students on water diets lasting 5 days and longer  - I have seen the testimony videos of students in this respect

 - tells students that they only need 3 - 4 hours of sleep a day

 - targets mentally ill young adults, telling them that they are not mentally ill and are in fact "indigo children" and shamans and advising them to stop taking their meds and distance themselves from their families.

that's just for starters, but Mr Handozhko really does need to come back and explain himself if he is to retain a shred of credibility

3. Stop talking about Osho / Bhagwaan Rajneesh as though he was some kind of persecuted innocent guru.  I know exactly what he was as do other people here.  I met the men who were dealing drugs and the women who were prostituting themselves to raise funds for his ashram back in the 1980s.  Other people here know about this also and have had similar experiences.  Your bullshit doesn't fool anyone here.

4.  Stop claiming that Rudnev feeds and houses his followers.  This is an especially infuriating lie.  Unless you consider feeding someone starvation rations interspersed with "water diets" to the point where the victims have to supplement their diet by eating grass to be an adequate description of "feeding".  As for housing them, there are credible reports of people sleeping on the floor with no blankets in winter and even freezing to death in ashrams.  How can this be feeding and housing people?

5. Ask Mr Handozhko to come and make himself available here to answer questions about the very serious allegations of the sexual abuse of young children at the ashrams.

I could go on but really what is the point?

It is Mr Handozhko who should be here answering questions and providing the results of his HIV test. You are just a distraction.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Hi again
i was wondering about jadgment of people who 've never been in Russia..

In Russia and in the World there are many different directions and religions. Each citizen has the right to choose, based on the freedom of expression, to which church to go, where to be and whom to choose as priest and as fellow believer. You can’t avoid the Law or the Constitution of any country, but the events taking place these days in Russia: the brutal persecution of several religious communities and its masters, the violence used against them, the humiliation, plus on top of all, the fact of kicking them into prison, horrifies not only the Russian and European citizens, but also to the structures of power in the Russian Government, who are starting to see the smoke of inquisition awakening throughout the vast Russian territory. But there is no smoke without a fire.
Where is the root of the problem?
Let’s take a look at the book
"The Church in the politics of the Russian government or the progress towards feudalism"
from S.Lunev

The Canon

‘Canon’ means ‘rule’ and the canonical etiquette is the brand providing an example of perfection. Yet, this brand has now been trusted into the hands of defence agencies, subsidized by ‘offenders’.  
Our church is the Orthodox church, and also in Russia we have such a thing as the ‘right beer’. (Russian adv.).
The special rights that are mentioned can be correct from the point of view of Roman rights, but not from the point of view of belief. Neither the persecuted ancient Church nor the apostles had any special rights.   These appeared after the Church became an institution of the state, with a corresponding administrative organisation.
There was a certain pseudo Dionysius the Areopagite, to whom has been ascribed the treaty ‘About the celestial hierarchy’. This describes the three angelical hierarchies, according to which, “is formed our holy hierarchy, similar to the heavenly ranks world.”
The authoritative power is capable to withstand only the institutions that strengthen it, in our case, those that strengthen its authoritarianism.
John the Baptist unmasked the monster Erode, the same monster who beheaded him. John Zlatoust unmasked the power, and this exiled him. In a totalitarian state, the church is legalized only under the condition that this becomes an institution of the power that this sacralises, not only in the eyes of society, but also for its totalitarianism.
In an authoritative state, the church is legalized only on condition that it becomes an institution of power and sacralises in the opinion of a society not only the power, but also its authoritarianism.
Konstantin Pobedonostsev, the public prosecutor of the Holiest of the Holy Synod, in the book ‘The great lie of our times’ wrote, “The democratic principle is one of the falsest political principles, an ideal that, unfortunately, has been sustained ever since the French revolution, namely  that any power proceeds from the people and has its foundations  will of the nation.
The parliamentary theory, which till has misled so many of so-called intellectuals, unfortunately has entered into mad heads of the Russian, and it  keeps on being kept in their minds with the persistence of narrow fanaticism, although its lie is being increasingly exposed before the world, day after day.”

Church revival

Guicciardini, the Renaissance historian affirms that a State depends on two necessary things: weapons and religion, and ?acchiavelli that the most important thing for a Prince is to appear ‘religious’. Even Napoleon, a ‘practical’ politician, acknowledged religion as a very powerful tool for controlling society. "When I entered the land of Egypt, I became a Muslim, but I captivated the Italians with ultra Catholicism, and if I had to control the Jews, I would reconstruct the Temple of Salomon." The Mystic, with its categories of ‘sacred’ justifies cosmic and ontological order in such a way that this is made to correspond to the interests of the governing elite.
Communism, to some extent, became a new form of Christianity: it expressed the ancient dream of paradise on Earth, so typical of those times. The faith in communism was the consequence of the belief that it was possible to improve society through human means rather than Divine Intervention. It replaced the ‘religion of the celestial Kingdom’ with the ‘religion of the earthly Kingdom’. It also replaced ‘God’s principles with the ‘Moral code of the founder of communism’.”
This, however, was not a change of consciousness. People were pulled into the new life with the same motto, namely that of “not obeying one’s will, and to act only accordingly to the likings of the authority, which the chief enjoy i.e to make the will of the authority become our law; to force ourselves to make our  will coincide with the ruler’s will’- regardless of what kind of rational opinion we  had-  and secretly prioritize him above everything else, regardless of the lack information, and even in spite of the passions of those leaders.  We had to express ourselves ignoring all this, and in our expression we saw one and only thing: our own imperfection, with the consequence that  we ended up not having enough will to do anything, having  humbly given our will up to the Divine will, and to the authorities above it.”
(From the book ‘About the three vows of a monkhood: virginity, no gain and obedience’, the Spiritual Censorship, St. Petersburg Committee Publishers).
When the belief in a utopia has vanished, Gorbachev has taken care of Church revival. When the party, under the pretext of moving to a lighter future served the Central Committee, then the church under the pretext of moving also to a lighter future began to serve the oligarchs ideologically. The Glasnost propagandistic scenario worked in such a way that it showed how the unique panacea from the feigned power crisis was the refusal of public property, which had not fulfilled expectations.   Both in the  reformatory press and in daily private conversations, the Western world appeared almost as an earthly paradise; what had been said up to just recently  about the ‘ faults  of capitalism’ including the quite authentic knowledge of its shady sides,  was thoroughly erased from memory.  
In order to support privatization,   the question of the ideology of the new democratic state was of course not the last of questions.   Foreseeing a managerial crisis, the only way out appeared to be the revival of spiritual values.  The Orthodox Church that had always been the state religion of the authoritative state, and whose definition of ‘democracy’ had been 'demono-cracy' (evil authority), adopted the role of the spiritual helmsman in the ‘democratic’ reorganization: perestroika. The type of factories to be created as well as the ethos of public relationships were being rebuilt on the grounds of autocracy.
The church, that had developed and had established  itself according to the authority of  the holy fathers,  for the sake of rescuing relationships, adopted a corresponding knowledge , whose characteristic features were:

• neglect of property, rights and freedom; slavery does not mean much to God, it only means something to humans;
• endowment  with sacred powers   of both the secular and the spiritual power, as well as authoritarianism;
• humbling function of fate through a recognition of sinfulness and lack dignity;
• obedience to seniors was imposed from above and  all aspiration to independence regarded as evil.  
A medieval organizational theory justified the need  for authoritative management: hierarchy and obedience were under construction. All this was based on the assumption that:  workers do not like to work, avoid taking responsibility and are interested in nothing else, but their salary.  
In any hierarchical organization,   the staff, as a rule, is afraid of taking independent decisions and of taking control of their own actions.


I am an ordinary citizen, and I am concerned about how the Russian mass-media’s approaches the bizarre character of Alexander Dworkin, and pays lip service to him by listening eagerly to his comments – mostly  personal in nature, charged with a tinge of hatred and, normally, quite illogic -  about people and their faith or about one or another Russian religious community.
The real questions are, “What does he know”? “What has he studied that he can teach people?”
In ancient times, King Salomon was such a wise man that hundreds of thousands of people, who wished to receive some intelligent advice, followed him. Amongst these there were not only simple citizens, but also rich governors from many different countries: they wished to learn how to believe in God in order to be happy, rich, and healthy. Civilization, under the direction of this King, flourished. But what do we have now?
As for Mr Dworkin, he has a long way to go before he can attain King Salomon’s level.

We live in times governed by two polarities: wherever dirt reigns, celestial purity also reigns, and wherever ignorance and egoism rule, a higher mind and a divine consciousness capable of putting everything back in its place rules too.
Who can help us to find the essence today? Is it possible that in the whole of Russian and amongst all Russian citizens, we can we only count on the opinion of a bunch of false ‘professors’?
“No one is a prophet in his own land” suggests an old saying, and yet the sky is already showing the truth to those who have ears to listen and eyes to see.
So who is the master and who is satan?

Monsters are born from within a sleeping mind; be aware sectarian!

Lawyer’s dictionary:
• the word ‘sect’  indicates a group of people who have left a mainstream religion. ‘Sect’ is not a legal term though, and it means ‘religious organization’ and ‘religious group’. The wording ‘totalitarian sect’ is a rather unclear term, used as a social weapon by certain groups of interest in order to craft a certain opinion in society about specific groups, and address them ‘totalitarian sect’.
• ‘sect’ is also an unlicensed organisation that, when documented, can turn into a Church.

Quotes from the lectures of A. Dworkin, the sect-pathology’s expert (the one who discovers and describes the pathologies of sects:
"I see a serious problem linked to the Oleg Molenko sect. We must take care of this organization as soon as possible. Up to now, we simply did not have enough helping hands. Now his followers have spread in most parts of Russia, which is why it is necessary that we create a strategy to oppose this destructive sect."
"Totalitarian sects (‘destructive sects’) undermine and destroy our citizens’ health. For this reason, the state and the communities must participate more actively in the battle against them. Sects win their faith with lies, and this is why the specialists must unmask them – specialists are like warriors against sects. They have a double function: on the one hand, that of helping the public to recognize the enemy and, on the other, that of helping the state by enabling it to destroy all sects through legal channels. From that moment onwards, traditional religions will be able to sleep in peace.”
 "All sectarians want to be healthy and rich! They pray to God in order to achieve this! This is not good. So we will fight against them. Yaroslavl has turned into a place for us to develop and train methodologies to fight against the sects."
The only religious organizations protected by Dworkin are the satanic ones, “Don’t touch the children; they are harmless and do not have any kind of organisation. If they destroy the Orthodox Cemeteries, paint obscene images on the walls of churches and synagogues, they do it just on the impulse of the energy that plays inside of them, and which they express it this way. When they will grow up, they will become more reasonable. "

What do we have to say about Alexander Dworkin? He is a person who loves scandals: in the past he has been a punk, who battled against those in power and now he is just a servant and an ally of this very same power.  This is a joke! From the ordinary people he moved on to ‘nobility’ or, better put, from the USA he jumped to Russia.
Recently an entry has been posted on the website ‘’, it reads:
 “.. we have been informed by A.Dworkin, President of the Russian Association for the study of religions and sects, doctor in philosophical sciences, professor…”

Such titles demand deeper examination, or else we could by mistake downgrade the ‘honest professor’.

From an interview with J. Olejnikova, the editor in chief for the newspaper ‘Ekklesiast’:
-   Mr Dworkin lacks academic titles and the title of ‘professor’ that he shows off comes from being a guest of the Holy Orthodox Monastery of Tijvin (a city in Russia). True enough, in his lectures, he calls himself ‘professor’ and ‘doctor in philosophy’, but this is false; yet, in this way, he manages to confuse and cheat the students. In addition, A. Dworkin enjoys the reputation of being someone who creates religious conflicts, an activity at variant with the authorities of this country and with the President of the Russian Federation, who aims at reconciling different religions. We hope that Dworkin’s activity will be somehow restricted.”

Other comments:

V. Rjahovskiy, lawyer:
-   A. Dworkin was denied the possibility of teaching at the MGU (Moscow State University), because of his lack of higher education. I was a witness to his offensive replies directed against ’God’s Church’. How does he dare to talk about ‘sectarian’ and ‘pseudo-religious’? I consider it necessary to react against this! For me, personally, working with this person was an unpleasant experience, very unpleasant indeed.”

K.Lunkin, director of the ‘Religion and Law’ institute:
-   It is inconceivable that Dworkin becomes manager of the Ministry of Justice Council! He has no education, he is not a scientist, and he has no titles in science! The powers of the Council have now been extended to him, and from now on he will take control over all religious societies.  The most important issue is if the Council will consider any literature or an organization itself ‘extremists’. The Council for the religious affairs from the Soviet period already had this task.”

S.Rjahovsky, President of the ‘’Russian Association of the United Christians of the Evangelic Faith’:
-   We shall now be expecting indecent measures, a direct attack against freedom of consciousness, the human rights, and the religious rights of all human beings. This resembles what happened in the times of the USSR, or in the epoch of the Tsar. Spiritual corruption, absence of shame, and ideological greediness are now simply manifesting through Dworkin. A decent person would simply renounce his position. This is the opinion of both renowned scientists and lawyers, and we will create an alternative expert Council.

Conference: ‘Does Russia need an Inquisition Tribunal?’
-   “We are shocked that a person like Dworkin, who does not have any personal qualities or even a former religious education and religious plurality can be the chief of the ‘State Council  of Experts of Religious Tribunal’. He is simply a showman on a stage; this is how Dworkin acts in the Council. Where is professionalism?”
-   “...The Constitution has separated religious associations from the State, and does not mingle with its internal mechanisms nor with how those conflicts are resolved. With these kind of actions, Dwarkin is simply increasing social division, and represents a ‘threat to Russian security’.”

A.Nezhnyj, writer:
-   “Believe me, to know Dworkin’s life and work has not given me the slightest pleasure. To be more precise, it has produced in me the sensation that is has swallowed something disgusting by mistake, and that I had to puke it up afterwards.”

M.Zharov, monastery warden at the ancient ‘Temple of Joan Bogoslov’ in Toronto:
-   “Are you not ashamed, comrade sect-pathologist Dworkin, ‘professor’ and ‘doctor in philosophy’, of such an heretic and dishonest curriculum on your back? Pseudo-baptized pseudo-professor in sect-pathology, A. Dworkin, how do you dare to ‘fight for the cleansing of the Orthodox’s Church; without even reading the web site of the Church of Ioan Bogoslov, you have pointed your punishing finger, and said, “With just one hand Dworkin will destroy you!” adding our Church, its sons and the faithful to your list of destructive sects, and now you have  also begun to, ‘urgently build the strategy of the opposition…”
Human Rights defenders, religious specialists and the clergy have all stood up against the intervention of the ‘Ministry of Justice’ in religious matters.

This is what Prof. Ekaterina Elbakjan, doctor in philosophical sciences, said:
“The ‘Council of Religious Expertise’ and the Ministry of Justice lead by the sects’ specialist A. Dworkin are made of people full of hatred. It is dangerous that he tries to interfere in religious matters, because this is against the Constitution. Dworkin calls himself ‘professor’, but he is not. He also proclaims himself ‘doctor in philosophy’, but there is not such degree in Russia; there only is a degree in philosophical sciences. Finally, he also calls himself ‘sects specialist’, but such discipline does not exist either. His diploma is signed by the Patriarch (higher qualification of priesthood in Russia) but this, according to Russian Law, is not valid. Dworkin cooperates with the ‘European Federation for the study and information of sectarianism’ that has been persecuted in several countries in Europe.  And now, the congresses of precisely this organization will be held in Russia. The ‘Institute for the freedom of Conscience’ has reacted against the creation of the Council of ‘Experts of Religious Affairs’, and also against the creation of the lists of ‘extremist’ literature and the intervention of the power in religious affaires.

Please see:

to be continue

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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---- Second Part ------


Our hero, A. Dworkin ‘an expert in religions’ during his youth had such a ‘noble’ and ‘pure’ view of developmental processes that the time has now come to unmask it.
The ex-hippy, dissident and emigrant, is now a ‘professor’ of topics related to ‘sects’ and the leader of the ‘Russian anti sectarian association’. When he is asked about his American citizenship, he shows distress. He reports that he left Russia in the 70’s, but these years to the simple person to leave USSR abroad it was almost impossible and furthermore to leave the country for residing abroad. To do this could only those who was under protection of  KGB. He doesn’t tell about his work in radio "Freedom" and "The voice of America", both financed by the CIA.
How is it possible for a man who pleads with words for the Orthodox Church to receive the support of it ideological opponents?

Since the end of the 80’s, A. Dworkin starts to actively promote the CAN (Cult Awareness Network). Established in 1974, s organization specialized in ‘deprogramming’ people (by request of relatives) who had been attracted by religious movements not so known to the mainstream.
On June the 20th, 1996 CAN was dissolved by decree of the Chicago Federal Court with the charge of bankruptcy, caused after those subject to his ‘deprogramming" sued CAN, requesting a large compensations for moral damages.
The details of the crimes committed by CAN continued to be investigated also in the years following this court case and, in 2000, for example, the American court declared CAN and some of its agents guilty of kidnapping and attacks described by the court as "so disgusting for their character and so disconcerting and outrageous, that they surpassed the limits of decency; Absolutely brutal and inacceptable in any civilized society".
The Christian Dzhejson Scott was one of their victims. CAN defined his small religious organization a ‘cult’ and decided to take care of Scott’s ‘salvation’, which began with a violent kidnapping. The agent in charge of this task was Rick Ross, whose criminal records included, amongst others, conviction for an important robbery of jewellery, calculated in 100.000$, from the shop Feniks, in the state of Arizona. After the kidnapping, Ross and his accomplices kept Scott locked up for 5 days, and during this time, in many different ways, they tried to force him to renounce to his ‘inadequate’ Christian religion.
The Seattle’s Court was so indignant with the violence displayed by CAN’s procedures that it imposed on Ross and the company a fine of nearly five million dollars.

Please see: (for an example of kidnapping for religious reasons)

In 1991, when CAN’s activity seriously began to awaken the interest of the FBR (the old KGB), an International scandal began.
A.Dworkin immediately moved to Munich (Germany) and little later to Russia, where he began to activate the centre for the anti-cult movements. As the leader of the Irinej Lionsky Centre, Dworkin began an active battle against any other manifestation of religious life in Russia, other than the Russian Orthodox Church.

As the same time when the powerful anti-cult movement was being dismantled and destroyed in the USA by means of a series of legal procedures, in Russia from the year 2000, it began to grow in power at the hand of A. Dworkin and A. Kuraev. Dworkin started  an active ‘crusade’ against any anti-orthodox currents, using on the public stereotypes well known to the CAN, like, for instance: ‘The enemy and the hostile’, ‘The Orthodox Christians and the Satanists’, ‘los Russians’» and the ‘alien sectarians’.

1999: ‘The news in Moscow’,
“Dworkin is telling lies. He informs, and disturbs society by talking about the 250.000 families that have been destroyed by sectarians. The attorney office of the Russian Federation District has reported that these statistics do not exist, and that Dworkin "’as made them up’. He lies accusing the Jehova’s Witnesses, the society for Krishna’s consciousness and other religious associations of committing crimes against people and public security. There are no facts, no evidence or criminal files, only miserable and evil lies. In his work there are some untidy, distorted ideas about which the author, as it seems, has no idea: a mountain of falsifications, slander, and  an array of absolutely illogical and pseudo scientific arguments.

J. Isatov, chief editor of the ‘The Slavic House’ newspaper
“I am convinced that A.L. Dworkin is an American spy, he cannot violate in any way American laws, even being in Russia. A. Dworkin has been deciding for a long time on which side he should be: the side of USA’s daughter (the CIA) or the Russia’s Orthodox Church. His methods are always the same, he covers in darkness Russian history, because he is the son of the Russophobic organisation ‘Freedom.”

I.Kolchenko, ??-president of the World Russian cathedral
"As a teacher in the Russian Orthodox Church Institutions for education and as giving class to the future orthodox ministerss, theologician and scientifists, A. Dworkin with his activity undoubtedly harms the interests of the Church and the Orthodox people of Russia. He inspires students to be disrespectful and reject the methods of scientific work. He is preparing for the Church a bunch of vain and spoilt people, who not only  will not know how to protect the church’s interest in front of modern civil society, but will also bring the Church’s science into disrepute in front of lay investigators.»


Really, how can people be so attached to the opinion of this little professor, who inculcates in the ignorant minds (on this subject) of the Russians such horrible lies about ‘totalitarian sects’? If we dig a little into history, only 2.000 years ago Christianity did not even exist. Then there were the Pharisee, who was the dominating elite in Jewish religion. As they were not at all happy about the existence of a Messiah who delivered a new faith, they simply crucified Him. Does this remind us of a similar situation in the 21st century?
In those times as in our days, and for over 2000 years (!!), the Christ, the most authentic sectarian, has been followed by millions of people from all over the World. This is the plain truth and the also the paradox: the whole Earth is sectarian. If we followed  Dwarkin’s view, we should send all of us to the Calvary. Moreover, we cannot forget that even Dr. Dworkin is a sectarian: when will you be crucified, Mr. Professor?
Of course, whether we cannot say that anything bad is to be expected from any of these groups, the same cannot be said about political parties, rock bands, sports teams, the casino, psychiatry, etc. We cannot say either that the new religious movements are organizations of the mafia.
Criminal groups are formed with the chief intention of committing crimes. Obviously, this is not the prurpose of religious groups. A. Dworkin, the creator of the expression ‘totalitarian sect’ tries to convince us of a completely different situation.

When he came back to Russia from exile in the 90’s, although he still was an American citizen, he decided to save Russia from the worst of all sects:  the so-called ‘totalitarian sects’. This expression was rapidly spread out by the Russian press. It seems, according to Dworkin, that  the ‘totalitarian sects’ are organizations, whose leader and co-workers aim at getting money in all possible ways, even religious ways. Under this definition, we could rank any  commercial company. Possibly, our ‘professor with no education’ may be does not  know this.
As most people had never met with this before, the western term ‘destructive cult’ has proven quite effective in post soviet society. This is why, by recurring to psychiatric methods of indoctrination, A. Dworkin has created a new expression. Inspired by both political science and the ‘cold war’ propaganda, this expression immediately produces a link with absence of freedom, concentration camps, soldiers, barbed wires, forced work, little food, etc.
What is now left to be seen is how totalitarianism  is manifesting in the new religious groups, so radically condemned by Dworkin? This is rather difficult to determine. Very frequently, the signs of totalitarianism are described as, ‘having a rigid authoritative structure and leader idolization. Yet, rigid structures do not only exist in so-called totalitarian associations, but also, for example, in the Catholic Church.
The Pope, the boss of the Catholic World, is worshiped as the general representation of Jesus Christ in the world. At the same time, in many of the so-called totalitarian spiritual/religious associations, there are no rigid structures. You may not agree with the doctrine of the Roerich family, but at the same time, in the associations created by their followers, not even by trying hard, would one be able to find hard authoritarian structures.
What would make it attractive for other religious associations, governmental organizations and other countries citizens to produce so much hate against the new religious organizations? Only one answer comes to mind: could it be respectable pay cheque in the pocket for the interest groups?
The uncertainty and abstractness of the characteristics ascribed to totalitarian religious associations makes room for a huge action. In this way, political opponents easily use the expression ‘totalitarian sect’ with the purpose to discredit representatives of the new power. In the absence of a good argument, in order to say something negative about another politician, the easiest way is that of calling him sectarian, and this because this is  incomprehensible, difficult to check and, at the same time, i sounds terrible and very convincing.
Foreigners say that in the streets of Russia one cannot see people smiling. Do you think this is because of people’s attitude to life or because they have not receive their salary in time? No! It happens because everyone is afraid of being called a sectarian, and this is also why they all look at each other in the most ferocious way.
The renowned ‘professor of the sects’, Alexander Dworkin, whilst visiting the city of Yaroslavl  had declared that it  precisely a smiling face and a benevolent attitude that would clearly indicate that this person was a member of a ‘totalitarian sect’.
“All sectarians want to be healthy and rich and they pray to God for this reason!” said the terrifying voice of the lecturer who had come to Yaroslavl. “Does God give them this?”  asked shyly an elder lady in the public. “Well, in a certain way yes” he hesitated “but this is not relevant; it is bad. So we will fight against them! Yaroslavl has turned into a training camp for the formulation of and the work with methodologies to be used in the fight against sects.”
Behalf of whose interests are these experiments undertaken? Is it for the Russians or for another interested structure?

An Orthodox newspaper ‘The Russian bulletin’ reported the following comment made by someone who attended one of Alexander Dworkin’s conferences:
“For the first time in my life I felt the essence of a sect. It seemed that all participants in the event were Orthodox, and yet, that was a sectarian meeting because, when people gather for religious purposes, but do not praise God or do not express love to others, this meeting cannot be called in any other way, but a sect. On the surface of things, they had all gathered to talk about God, but the angry faces of the attendees showed that they had not come together for God’s sake, but because of someone else’s theories and methods».

Another letter:
“For 9 years I have been in a School of K.Rudnev and am proud of it. They have taught me many things there: yoga, energetic techniques, meditation, love for people, and to set up a great businesses. I have even stopped smoking and drinking! I see with pain that my former friends who criticized me for not being like  them, completely gave themselves up to hard  drinking, and ended up with  brothel families, hooligans  and addicted children. About the concept of ‘sect’: a legal court case is now being set up  against a newspaper for the use of the words ‘sect’ and ‘sectarian’ as well as for  terms like ‘zombies’ or ‘heretic sect’ in the description of certain groups’ activity. In addition, a declaration of criminal responsibility has been wedged against the news paper’s editors for encouraging religious confrontation. ‘Professor’ Dworkin has helped substantially to create this.

In Ukrania there is an organization that operates in Dworkin’s name called ‘the committee for the defence of family and youth’. Under  the pretext of helping parents, whose children have fallen in the hands of ‘terrible sects’, they spread horrible lies about religious organizations, frightening the parents and inciting them to religious extremism. (Doesn’t this ring a bell? Is this tone not similar to that used by the American organization ‘CAN’?) Parents, on the other hand, may not have even noticed their son/daughter attends a ‘terrible sect’, but simply think that they are feeling well, doing yoga, not using drugs, not committing crimes, smiling,  being happy with their life and loving their parents. Yet, Dworkin has managed to convince them of the existence of ‘sects’. What he does is the kind of action that should be investigated and stopped! This, in facts, according to the Ukrainian Criminal Code is considered a crime.
A. Dworkin often visits Ukraine to hold his ‘seminars’, and the authorities report  that during his visits the number of crimes committed for religious matters increases by 20-30%.
Dworkin and his followers proclaim that their aim is that of protecting the citizens’ mental health against the invasion of ‘totalitarian sects’. But what do they achieve, de facto? What all anti-sectarians manage produce with their religious intolerance is: broken windows, followers of new religious movements being assaulted, mosques and synagogues being burnt in Russia, ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Serbia, Falun Gong followers being mutilated and killed in China, anxiety, panic, the destruction of families,  mental illness, and disrupted lives. Do we need all this? Is it not so that what we really need is to reconcile different religious organizations, and give the chance for each one of them to practise its faith?
In general, any religion – even the Orthodox religion - can be considered a sect. Sometimes they can be even worse than their new born concurrent. For some reason, Dworkin does not fight paedophilia, licentiousness and other ‘flowers’ that grow in the ‘orthodox garden’. Before looking for the cockroaches under other’s tables, try looking under your own, you may find something really interesting…

FECRIS  Proclaims  that its  aim is that of protecting families and individuals against  the presumed violation of Rights by religious minorities. Yet, it has been proven that  its real aim is that of spreading falseness and slander against religious minorities. These facts by themselves give rise to an environment of intolerance and hostility amongst the people of a society.

For instance, the French and Russian members of FECRIS are cooperating with the Chinese Government in order to assess religious minorities. This has caused to the well known ‘Falun Gong’ movement in China (a group who practise breathing exercises) to be the victims of repression, provocations, and genocide.
According to statistics, gathered by European of Human Rights supporters  and  presented to the European Council, in the past years, 1.170 Falun Gong members have been murdered, more than 100.000 have been sent illegally to concentration camps, where they were tortured and tormented, and more than 6.000 have been condemned to spend time in prison (up to 18 years).
Hundreds of thousands of members of religious movements have been illegally arrested, and put in jail because of their religious beliefs. ‘Terrorism’ is precisely this, the politics of Governments against religious organizations. Anti-cult organizations, in this case, are playing an instigative and provocative role, creating an atmosphere of hate against organizations (of any kind).
There is good evidence proving that A. Dworkin and other ‘anti-cultits' have close bonds with the Chinese leaders in the repression of the Falun Gong movement.
The following prove it beyond any doubt
Between the 23rd and the 25th of April, 2001, the international conference ‘Totalitarian Sects –menace of XXI century’ was held in Nizhny Novgorod. Dworkin was the organizer and host of the conference, attended by the most famous Russian and foreign anti-cult activists, amongst whom was also Baizhun Zhang, Doctor of Philosophy and Professor in Peking, invited by Dworkin. In his report ‘Sects and the State in modern China’, he tried to justify scientifically the Chinese government’s repression against the Falun Gong movement, proudly reporting to the public that the Chinese Government had managed to render outlaw the most important Chinese ‘sect’.
•   Between the 8th and the 10th of October, 2002 was held in Vinnitsa (Ukraine) the International Conference ‘Totalitarian Sects – the menace for the Human Rights in Eastern Europe’. Here they declared Falun Gong as one of the modern destructive cults.

•   Between the 9th and the 12th of December, 2002,  was held in Yekaterinburg the conference ‘Totalitarian Sects – the menace of religious extremism’. The final document established the Falun Gong as the ‘most destructive and renowned totalitarian sect’.

•   Between the 9th and the 11th of November, 2004 was held in Novosibirsk, the International Conference ‘Totalitarian Sects and the democratic state’. In the final document Falun Gong, amongst others, was classified as one of the most ‘destructive and renowned sects’.
Furthermore, in the 1st Edition of the magazine ‘Clairvoyance’ (2002), of which Dworkin is chief editor, was published an article called ‘The Chinese murderer-sect reaches Russia’. In this article he spreads lies about the organization Falun Gong and its presence in Russia.
At the moment, all the civilized countries are engaging in legal proceedings against high exponents of the Communist Party of the Republic of China (PRC) involved in the repression of Falun Gong followers:

Perhaps, the only religious organization that Dworkin carefully avoids to talk about, while accusing others of blood crimes, is the Church of Jesus’ Saints of the Last days, known as Mormons.
We can only suppose that the Mormons are closely connected by common interests both with the Russian Department of Religious Science of the Public Administration, at the service of the president of the Russian Federation, and with representatives of the USA. Where their headquarters are (Salt Lake City) they exert a very powerful political influence. For Dworkin this is a clearly ‘no, no’ area: firstly, the Mormons finance official theology in Russia, turning into a profitable aim for the government and secondly, as Dworkin has recently come back from his second mother country on the ‘other side of the ocean’, it seems better for him to be in good relation with the  influential North American believers.

light to your brains dear Forum readers!

Simon (its my real name)

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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by the way here I've found Russian blog in network. I think it will be too interesting to you to read - seekers of K.Rudnev

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I can see that you are really into this Rudnev guy and I appreciate that you don't like any criticism of him and his activities but the fact is that the best way to convince people that Mr Handozhko / Mamonta / Kenesh isa genuine spiritual teacher would be to convince him to come back and reply to my questions and to take an HIV test at the AIM clinic (Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation) In San Fernando Valley. It is convenient for him to travel to so there should be no problem at all with him getting tested.  If his test is negative the clinic will give him a certificate to say so.  This will be a great relief to the many people in the US who have had unprotected sex with him and his friends and associates (as they all have sex together the HIV allegations are relevant to all the people involved in this network)..

The longer that he just runs away and avoids dealing with the important issues the worse he looks.

No amount of you posting up long tedious posts about anti-cultists will effect this.

So if you really want people to even start to trust Mr Handozhko, you should get him to come back ASAP with his test results.

All this other waffle is just a waste of time and space.
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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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by the way here I've found Russian blog in network. I think it will be too interesting to you to read - seekers of K.Rudnev


Your very own blog.  The text is just as long winded and tedious as your posts here.

I call shenanigans on your use of the word "interesting".   

That's 5 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. 

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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And since what year this information on Mr. Gandosko you have? I have shown the information of your forum to my friend and he has told that such photos in Russian TV have started to show about 12-15 years ago and like this every year. So funny trick!
Really there anything new haven't found?
As far as I know the doctors say that who is sick by AIDS doesn't live more than 10 years, especially without treatment. Do you understand about what this speech?

Ye.. And the people so openly trust in this lie. And the main thing that there any witnesses. I'm really sad for such famouse forum like yours.
And why it so disturbs media? Why it so disturbs you? I'm as a neutral reader of your forum has ‘to pick up the ears’ – what purposes you pursue? May be something you receive from Russian government to be in war with these people about whom so much absurd you write?
Then I can suggest again to watch a film «Putin System»

and read about Mr. Dvorkin (look please above my comments) to understand, who govern Russia, to whom this lie is favorable to keep people in fear.
Therefore your arguments and words already so silly! Come on!

I’m also wondering, the information how many was burned and hung up shamans in Russia and in the USSR didn't come across to you?
Look for it please!
Though, most likely it is difficult to you to understand Russian and you wont find established facts about this tragedy – mass media all this in a secret holds.
Well, here a link in Russian

By the way, in days of Perestroika in Russia the shamans of Siberia became such popular, to them even presidents and businessmen went. But gradually, with 1995 persecutions have again begun. And how you think, to whom it is favorable, that a considerable quantity of all Russia people went to Siberia and Altai to shamans and became healthy, strong, independent, didn't go to doctors, didn't buy any medicine in drugstores, have ceased to serve in army and be at wars, and began to communicate with Spirits, do camlany with drums, to run on coals, keep healthy lifestyle  and to laugh?
Certainly, it isn't favorable to state 'machinery'. Therefore have started again put shamans and their pupils in prisons, the public prosecutors and courts fabricate different files on them, sling with on them a mud on TV and radio, in newspapers. Have intimidated the people!
For instance, exactly in 1995 was awoke websites who started to criticize new spiritual groups, directions and believers in Russia. Who wanted this?
Its silly to trust in delirium of media. I have already thrown out from my house the TV and do not buy newspapers. I do not want to be a puppet in hands of governors of Russia. And to you I do not advise