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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Hi Nemesis, this topic is related to this thread, but could deserve a thread of its own. It would be useful for people new to this board to be able to have a picture of how genuine practitioners in therapy related fields are trained and registered by the appropriate boards in their respective countries. It would also be useful for people to know that this means that clients of these practitioners are protected by ethics standards and grievance procedures.

Here in the UK there are a number of professions that have protected titles, in relation to the arts they are;
• Art psychotherapist
• Art therapist
• Dramatherapist
• Music therapist

In relation to psychology they are:
Practitioner psychologist
• Registered psychologist
• Clinical psychologist
• Counselling psychologist
• Educational psychologist
• Forensic psychologist
• Health psychologist
• Occupational psychologist
• Sport and exercise psychologist

C&Pd from the HPC website here

After reading your post I took a lot of time to think about this and to check out the situation re sound healers and it seems that the main difference between music therapists and sound / voice healers is that sound / voice healers have either no qualifications or dubious qualifications in terms of the psychotherapeutic element of their work whereas music therapists are properly trained and qualified. 

I have discovered that there are hardly any* HPC registered professionals who are involved with dodgy cults involved in the sex industry and THB, whereas there are very many psychotherapists - some UKCP accredited and some completely uncredited - who are. 

The whole issue is I think incredibly important and suggests, to me at least, that there is an urgent need for greater public protection, probably via the statutory registration of psychotherapists. 

You write that ' the main difference between music therapists and sound healers have either no qualifications or dubious qualifications in terms of the psychotherapeutic element of their work...'
I would say that one of main differences between the two is the way in which they represent music to prospective clients.
Most of the blurbs I've read for sound healing sessions present the 'healers' work in quasi spiritual terms and seem to imply that the sound healer is able to impart a spiritual/energetic healing through their music powers. (maybe they can...there's some amazing stuff out there...)

Music therapists dont present their work in this fashion. We've worked for some decades to be recognized as an evidence based allied health practice. It's a completely different role. It's less personality based, and calls for a more pragmatic and scientific relationship to music. Its also more focused on the clients relationship to music and what that process might be.

As I mentioned, this may be pulling this thread off topic. It might be sensible to open a thread somewhere, say in etcetera where your HPC website and other links from other countries could be listed? Just an idea...

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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PM sent :)

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Hi all,

I unfortunately met in person two of the people of Ashram Shambala or Altai or Aharata in Spain (Southeurope), just one seminar and I realized soon that something went really bad with that people. The worst part is that some of my female friends took several seminars with them. At the beggining they were very excited about learning "femenine energies" or "the ways of the godesses", that kind of crap they use to capture their female victims. Fortunately, all of them are aware about who this people truly are now and they are completely out of touch with them.

The female recruiter acting in several cities of Spain during 2011 (I don´t know about her now) was called Laxshmi Natyam (actually, her real name is Laura Peralta Beltrán), a mexican girl about 28 years old forced to abandon her family in Mexico by the sect (as she herself told to my friends). She contacted my friends by her website (only in spanish). Here, you find that she changed her name and now she is known as “Lalita Devda”. She acted as a dancer (she as a dancer teacher in Mexico here)

and “teached” femenine magic ways in her "seminars". This is her website operting in Spain:

And here is her facebook site as her new name, and her contacts:

It seems that another woman has join her as a recruiter in Madrid, as Ana Olivares appears now as a contact in Spain (in Laxshmi website) whereas Laura Peralta seems to have returned to Mexico.

They were trying to start one of their "schools" in Spain in 2011, but they were soon known as a sect by several pleople so I truly hope that they cannot be able to start one “school” here.

This is another website working in Spain and connected with these people:

The other person my friends met with was called Oyun, and I read in previous posts here that he has another names (Oyun = Yarovit = Aharata Queretaro = Dharma = Maestro Yarovit ). This man was acting as a false shaman, teaching an impossible mix of Qi gong, martial arts, russian yoga and what he called russian or Siberian shamanism.

About his man, the last news were that he is now acting in Chile, Southamerica. He appeared in this publication (sectarian publication). Now the link appears to be broken:

Here is Twitter for this publication!/revista_somos

Unfortunately, there already is an “school” of this sect in Chile
Escuela Internacional Golden Altai
vitacura 4454, Chile Santiago 8320000, Santiago
t: 098647980

I am willing to have as much information as I can about this dangerous group. I also wish to warn people about them, but I actually don´t know how to do this because I do not want to expose my friends or myself, as these people are really dangerous. Several times, I thought about going to the national spanish cops, but I don´t know if this is a good idea. Any advices??

Thank you a lot for your advise and help here. You do a very important work here, it is really important that people get concerned about all of these groups of fakers and criminals.


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"Arteum Oyun Iva (Sampo)" seen in Germany often
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Website is:

See also my little forum:

Introduction seminar is interesting an feels good, but quickly you are sold very expensive "treatments" only he "the master" can give.

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"Arteum Oyun Iva (Sampo)" recently in Germany
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He calls himself now "Shaman of Joy", and in Hungary "Szaman Radosci", so the full list (to my knowledge) is:
Oyun =  Arteum Oyun Iva (Sampo) =  Yarovit = Aharata Queretaro = Dharma = Maestro Yarovit = Shaman of Joy = Shaman Bringing Joy = Artyom Oyun Kaichi Iva = Öröm Shaman =  Szaman Radosci
Only problem: he is a self-declared Shaman, and pupil of Konstantin Rudnev (Ashram Shambala).
There was a tour across Germany:
Die Seminare des Sibirischen Schamanen finden vom 13.02. – 18.03.2013 in Schelklingen (bei Ulm), Buchbach (bei München), Halle (Saale) und Rinteln (bei Minden
                Anziehung des Glücks für die Familie/ Harmonie in der Familie, Schutz vor negativen Einflüssen, Spirituelles/ geistiges Heilen, Schamanisches Heilgebet
                10 Tiere-Helfer eines Schamanen, Reise in die Welt der Erfüllung der Wünsche, Arbeit mit den Geistern, Geheimnisse für die Beherrschung der Geister, Praxis der Schamanischen Reinigung und Ritualen für die Anziehung des Erfolgs und der Prosperität im Leben
The seminars will take place from the Siberian shamans 13.02. - 18.03.2013 in Schelkingen (near Ulm), Buchbach (near Munich), Halle (Saale) and Rinteln (near Minden)
* Attraction of happiness for the family / harmony in the family, * protection against negative influences, * Spiritual Healing, * Shamanic Healing Prayer, * 10 Animals helper of a shaman, * journey into the world of fulfillment of desires, * working with the spirits, * secrets of mastering the ghost, * the shamanic practice of cleaning and rituals for attracting success and prosperity in life