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The frauds making out like bandits, by creating non-profits and sitting on fat grants are, these people have no shame, they even made up tribes for themselves when they didin't get along with the other "chiefs", these are all factions of the first group or actual re-enactors, literally:
April St Francis, "chief" st. francis abenaki.
Luke Willard, "chief" nulhegan
Nancy Millitte-Crouger-Lyons-Docet, "chief" koasek, first the coasekm but they all got into a fight and she started her own corporation.
Roger Sheehan "longtoe" chief, Elnu tribe

Fred Wiseman- supposed historian helping them and john moody during the denied fed. recognition issue. he also claims to be Abenaki, but we know otherwise.

The Nulhegan band, an angelfire and facebook site.

There used to be another page,, that's now lapsed.

Message on a genealogical board where the leader, Luke Willard, tells someone online she is Abenaki based on her story of a "fifth great grandmother".

VT state doc that recognized these groups.

karen mica:
So, their already getting Grants, without ever having to prove that they are indeed Abenakis!

Thursday, 24 June 2010 
Abenaki Indians gets $78,120 federal grant
By The Associated Press
Thursday, June 24, 2010

MONTPELIER — An Abenaki Indian group has won a $78,120 federal grant to support job training and placement services.

The money, from the U.S. Department of Labor, will go to the Abenaki Self-Help Association/NH Indian Council in Vermont.

It's part of $67 million in funds to 256 organizations under the Workforce Investment Act Indian and Native American Program.

The grant was announced Wednesday by U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, who says the money is intended to help American Indians, Alaska natives and native Hawaiian communities....

There is also a NH group who has gotten an $83,000 Grant for Abenaki language revival

and to date none of these groups has ever been able to prove that they are Abenaki.

In fact they one of them has said that (if proof is ever required) they`ll worry about it then!

This is outrageous!



Smart Mule:
Regarding April St Francis Rushlow Merrill, chief of the St Francis-Sokoki Band Inc., she's got some explaining to do.

St. Albans, Vermont - February 1, 2011

The leader of Vermont's largest Abenaki band is in trouble with the law.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department cited April St. Francis-Merrill for exploitation of a vulnerable adult. Investigators say she stole several thousand dollars from an elderly man while handing his finances over the last several years. She allegedly used the money for personal expenses.

St. Francis-Merrill is the chief of the St. Francis-Sokoki Band.


Sheriff’s office alleges exploitation of adult
SWANTON — April St. Frances-Merrill, chief of the St. Frances-Sokoki Band of the Abenaki Nation, has been charged with felony exploitation of a vulnerable adult by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a statement issued by the sheriff’s office today, the office received a complaint from Adult Protective Services last summer concerning the finances of an elderly man.

The complaint concerned suspicious activity in his bank account over a period of 4.5 years.

“During the course of the investigation… it was learned that April Merrill was taking care of this elderly male’s financial business,” the press release stated.

The press release did not say when Merrill would appear in court to answer the charges.


April St. Francis Merrill, chief of the Missisquoi Abenaki tribe based in Swanton, is facing a charge of exploiting a vulnerable adult by manipulating his financial records, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday.

Merrill, 42, of Highgate is due for arraignment March 14 in Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans on the felony charge, Sheriff Robert Norris said.

Repeated attempts to reach Merrill at her home and tribal headquarters were unsuccessful Wednesday.

Norris said “several thousands of dollars” were involved during a 4½-year period related to bank and credit-card accounts while Merrill was taking care of the financial business of an elderly man.

Norris said his office received a complaint last summer from Adult Protective Services about “what appeared to be some suspicious activity in his personal bank account.”

Norris said the call came into the Sheriff’s Office because it patrols Highgate. He said during the past several months Detective Kevin Bushey conducted the investigation, which wrapped up Tuesday when he issued Merrill the citation.

Franklin County State’s Attorney Jim Hughes, who will be responsible for prosecuting the charge, said he had spoken briefly with the sheriff’s department about the case and plans to meet with Bushey to review the allegations. Hughes said he does not expect to receive the final court paperwork until about 10 days before Merrill’s arraignment.

Merrill is the daughter of Homer St. Francis, the longtime chief of the Missisquoi band who fought for federal and state recognition. He died in 2001.

Merrill, who inherited her title from her father, told the Burlington Free Press in September that tribal rolls include about 2,500 Vermont and New Hampshire residents with Abenaki roots.

Her father began to seek state recognition in 1974 after taking over as chief. It was granted in 1976 by Gov. Thomas Salmon but rescinded the following year by Gov. Richard Snelling. Gov. Madeleine Kunin rejected the request in 1985 because of the legal problems it would create. The Vermont Supreme Court rejected an Abenaki request in 1992 to claim land in northwestern Vermont.

The Legislature was asked last month to recognize two tribes, while two others including the Missisquoi group are not far behind.

“If it weren’t for my father, none of this would be happening,” Merrill said last month of the state recognition effort.

The Abenaki sought federal recognition initially in 1980, withdrew the application in 1985, and reapplied in 1992. The Bureau of Indian Affairs denied a petition in 2005.

I wonder if Zoi Lightfoot is going to represent her.  From what I understand, the number of charges she is facing continues to increase.

I'm not surprised, these questionable non-indigenous derelicts often have shady backgrounds.  ;D

Lim lemtsh,



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