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That is only true with dial-up, whether it's AOL, EarthLink, Level 3, or any of the others. With dial-up, your IP may change several times during one session. If you have cable internet, your IP remains constant. It may occasionally change, but that's rare. One way would be if you've had trouble with your service and your internet provider needs to resend a signal to your modem. Of course, if you change internet providers or move, you'll get a new IP.

Edit to add: While an IP is the surest way to determine if someone is a "sockpuppet", there are definitely other ways.

In the "numbers" given to "prove" I, and others, were sock puppets, or are/were the same people, who live in very different parts of the country, I had changed providers four times.  All dial up. People who were accused of being sock puppets were in different parts of the country.  I don't understand very much about IP's, or HOW the internet works, I do know who has used my machines, and from where.  My daughter uses it, she lives with me, but does not post on the ng.  James has used it a few years or so back, while visiting, he has dropped in recently, but I couldn't put a time frame on that, whether he posted from it or not, I don't know.  I don't use cable, however, I do use dsl from at this time, and have for about three years or so.  DSl for me, is quite expensive, and I may have to go back to dial up. :(

The problem with dial-up . . . Not only does the IP change, it very seldom shows exactly where a person is located. Think it has something to do with regional towers, routing, proxy servers. For instance, AOL usually shows as Reston, VA or Huntington Beach, CA (no matter where the person lives). Three people using AOL dial-up, located in three different states, could possibly all show up with the same IP located in Reston, VA. They aren't all in Virginia, using the same computer; it just looks that way.

Oh, thanks.  That was the best explanation I have heard.  I don't understand how it all works, and most people get involved with technoese, which I don't understand, either.

Well, is dsl a fast dial up, as it comes through the phone lines, and are  cable and satellite different?


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