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jim tree:
Hi All,
Anyone have information on Tony Ghosthawk, a souix, doing ceremony over in Austrailia?
Wado, Tree

He does seem to actually be NDN.
"Ten years ago Tony Ghosthawk envisioned a Bitterroot Valley All Nations Pow Wow."He didn't know how it was going to happen, he didn't even have a drum," said Jim Malatare, of the Flathead and Cree tribe, who has competed in the men's traditional Dance at the Bitterroot pow wow from its beginning....Though Ghosthawk has since moved to Australia and did not attend this year's event, what he, Gardipee, and others began years ago is thriving in the Bitterroot Valley."

I found him listed as an alleged "Sioux elder" who gave a supposed "vibrating feather" to a really out there bunch that calls itself the Tribe of Light. But all the other sites listed him as simply someone who gave speeches to high schools. It could be the twinks simply minsterpreted what he said in a really bizarre way.
"Dear Animal Walker and all,
Thank you for receiving and posting this message.
And thanks also to the others for the further postings.
I am seeing some relationships here which span the eons and ages, existing inside and outside the earthly plane, as Heather described.
I have a golden eagle feather here which is positively vibrating. Cornwoman and I were given two opposite golden eagle feathers a couple of years ago by a visiting lakota elder, Tony Ghosthawk.
As I write this my memories emerge of life as a lakota, and life as an aboriginal. The latter is surfacing more. Or perhaps I am focussing more on the native culture of this land (Australia) as it reaches up and touches me from the heart of mother earth.
And so that the understanding of our grand purpose will be revealed through our relationships over the eons.
I am realizing more and more the need to tell these stories...
Thank you again to all
Lewis ~ Desert Walker"

They seem to be a Nuage outfit in Australia who believe in...just about everything! Angels, energy fields, ascended masters, pyramids, Arcturians, a Whie Brotherhood, and of course giving themselves some pretty hilarious twink names.

Pt. 2

And their account of how they got together involves an incredible mangling of the White Buffalo prophecy:
April 2003.....Heather goes to Kirael message board and leaves her own message board address. Joy Walker goes one day and also finds links to White Feathers Messageboard called Spirit in the Sky. Joy Walker meets Moutain Wolf by emailing back and forth. Mountain Wolf is also called Barb. Joy Walker starts talking to Mountain Wolf about the tribe. Mountain Wolf feels she is part of this tribe. They share and then also White Feather and Two Hawk are also part of the tribe. Then Kelly from same messageboard feels that she may be part of the tribe as well.
April 2003...Amy from Kirael site emails Barb (Joy Walker) and feels she is also part of this tribe. Amy is also called Spirit Feather.
April 2003...Joy walker feels there are two others. Tim and Margaret. She emails both of them and gives some brief information. Tim emails back with a yes !!!(After he read the chanting and singing parts.)
Margaret has not replied yet.
May 2003....Barb (Joy Walker) starts paying attention to Dar at Joy Walker likes what she hears from Darlene and feels like she should get to know her more. Then it dawns on Joy Walker that Darlene may be part of the tribe as well. When contacted Darlene is sure that she is.
May 9th/03 Joy Walker decides she better write all this down. Getting too complicated. So here it is.
May 5th /03 Amy asked question about tribe as well go to:
go to May 5th /03 then go to third hour about 46minutes into the program. You can use your advance arrows to get to the 46 minute mark on your media player .
Spirit Feathers transcribed the message.May 5, 2003, hour 3, 46:30
Spirit Feather:
My friend Barb and Dar and others have come together in what we have called a "tribe". I feel that this has really opened things up for me in the past couple of weeks. And I think we have some very powerful things to do. I wonder what guidance you have for me about this.
Master Kirael:
First of all, I would say to you so that you would understand - HA HO ..DO you understand HA HO- you got it!. What I just spoke to you was the shaman's greeting of all light workers that enter through and pass out of the different shaman realities of the Earth plane. HA HO is a term that has been misused over here, so I give it back to you to make sure it is used properly. My message to you, my friend, though you were one of the very first female shamans of the tribe that you existed in, I would say, now hundreds of years ago. But , because you were the first female shaman to do those journeys, you have to realize that in those times you were put upon by the male energies and tested almost every day of your life. Now you have not a fear, but a concern that if you let your powers be known on this Earth plane along with Barb and the others that you may be tested from here forward in your world. I assure you my light friend, that you will not be tested. I assure you that there is no one would dare test a shaman of your power. My message to you and the tribe is for them to encourage you to open up your gifts and let your shaman light shine until the force of the rest of them has caught fire. For instance, the one to your immediate right in the next circle that you form, she will be the old chief that died in your care. Didn't die, but you were the one that escorted him over to what we call the beyond. You were the one that brought the great White Buffalo to his presence so that he could make his transition. And he has now felt as though he owes you. He will sit to the right of you in your next circle. And you will know who he/they are now. What I am saying to you my friend, is the tribe is putting it mildly. It should have been the tribe of tribes. Thank you for your phone call, work out the details, and love me enought to know that I would only send you in the path of enlightenment. Mahalo"

jim tree:
Thanks for the info. A vibrating feather???? Geesh!!


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