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"Tribal Tatooing"?

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You know I have been thinking about this tattoo thing off and on all afternoon. I can only guess that nuagers may draw the line with tattoos but I could be very wrong. But hey, they want to do it to thier body I don't care. They want to write "Mom" in Cherokee and put it on thier chest, let them. Now if they want to pretend to do a scratching then give me the scratcher and I show them what its all about.

And oh yeah, my son showed me the picture of that tiger guy in the Ripley's book. Very strange. Very sick.


Oh Joseph, use "gleaned" ya much as ya like. No biggie. barring a stroke or heart attack, I'l wake up in the mornin' whether or not the word gleaned is used . . . :)

And there are Cherokee Lowery's -- they are Sequoyah's cousins.

I'm desceneded from the Guess's and the Brown's and my acestors once settled near Dwight's Mission in what is now Sequoyah County, Ok. (known through i.] 1828 documents about Nicks Township that later became the site of Dwight Mission near Sallisaw , Ok, and ii.] "Indian Pioneer Papers" -- 1930s WPA project where Old Timers wrote down what it was like living in Indian Territory -- my great uncle wrote a little about our family history for that project).

What part of the Cherokee Nation is your family from? Maybe our ancestors knew one another. :)



Thanks for the info on the name Lowry. It can get confusing here in Baltimore for those that have been told they are Cherokee and but the Lumbees insist they are Lumbee because of the last name. For a while the Lumbvees were trying to bloster their numbers and they "coercised" many to identify themselves as such.

According to my family history, part of our family were part of the old settlers and eventually ended up in Texas. Then when forced out they went to Mississippi. Somewhere along the way they acquired the surnames of Lapido (which I have been told by Mexicans is a shortened version of a Mexican name) and the name Ladnier and Ladner.If any went to OK I don't know. Another part of the family stayed in the east and are on the rolls until 1851 (Siler rolls) and then they are not listed. My Mom says this was her grandmother and her grandma's sister both of whom are listed as single names (no surname) on the Siler rolls.

I never paid much attention to the enrollment stuff until I became an adult. Oh yeah, I also have cousins that I never met in Texas (they may have moved) in Waco and Houston with the last name of King and Williams.

Through all of this though our/my Clan affiliation was still passed down and so I know these back 3 generations. Well, its easy on the matrilineal side but when I was a child they made sure I knew it on grandpa's side too.

Well, there's more than I have said about myself in a long time in a public forum


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