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We had this contest on the old Yahoo group. I was doing a search and came across several sites that reminded me of the contest and thought I'd bring it back once again. Plus it's a way to build up material for the book.

My two entries:

The first I don't even know where to begin. It's a conspiracy site using the Lakota Declaration of War for "A Saga on the Exploiters of Laponian Spirituality- Laponian Spirituality has been exploaited, experts told on FM channel
Independent Laponia.."

And then it goes on to claim Zionists are out to get the Sammi. A brief bit which is typical of the site (misspellings kept):

"The enemies try tpo change them
to Jewish marionettes Evangelians and teherefore they mobilize the specially equipments, staff...
- But I met a woman Mikaelsson...  But did you know that same person is distributing the Zionist propagandamatters and manipulates the spirituality wealth of Laponians?"

It mentions a lot of Swedish names and groups, and I have no idea about any of them.

Number 2:

Loren Zephier/Standing Elk/Golden Eagle-
"Hehaka Inazin, Standing Elk  - a Ihanktowan Dakota - aka Loren Zephier, Azuya Mani (Scout), Hehaka Oyate Oyasin (All Elk Nation), Mani Ota (Walks With many), Wambdi Zizi (The Golden Eagle)"

"...he was visited in Dreamtime by 4 tall, metallic-speaking Orion Star people, Wicahpi Oyate, who showed him a bar with symbolic writings. Receiving instructions telepathically, Standing Elk began a journey that to this day is just beginning. Later that year at the International UFO conference in Mesquite, Nevada these same star symbols were presented having been discovered on control panels of the Roswell starcraft. Standing Elk, understanding that the symbols interpretation was far incomplete, sought further inspiration from his Vision with the Orions."

And the original site:
"On January 23rd, Standing Elk attended a 12 strand DNA repatterning ceremony."

Sounds painful...

"In January 24th, Standing Elk went through a direct soul fusion with Golden Eagle (Wamdli Gdeska Zizi), a High Heart (Christ Consciousness) connection with Master Jesus, 144 Sacred Breath of the 12 Rays of the Sacred Colors, 14th Stargate Portal Connection with the 13th  dimensional frequencies of Andromeda and the Vega systems,  Ceremony of Rebirth and Ceremony through the Stargate of Purification. There was a successful conscious Walk In with Standing Elk and The Golden Eagle."

"On January 25th, Standing Elk successfully went through a Cellular Release ceremony"

Is it just me, or does that sound like his cells were having sex?

"and he was initiated into the Order of Michael and knighted with the Excalibur. (There was also the Sword and the Stone connection which will be explained at a later date)."

For anyone in Glastonbury, sorry, he beat you to it.

"The Golden Eagle has landed and will be connected to the conscious personality of Standing Elk. There will be much data downloaded through this new energy that will be made public as Spirit directs. The reason for this correspondence is to let everyone know that Standing Elk has completed his mission on Earth. His body was ready to leave this earth plane and his spirit was going home. Blue Hand intervened and told Standing Elk that he need not leave his body. His body was to transform into a light body that was to hold the frequencies of the Andromedean and Vega energies. He need not leave his body to do this."

Mighty conveeenient...

"Reportedly, he does the Lakota Sundance using Apache words and praising Jesus."

Why? Somebody please tell me why?

"Why? Somebody please tell me why?"

You answered your own question: They're LOONY



""Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and ShamanBotanicals.com

UPDATE! ? Shaman Botanicals.com Announces


Shaman Botanicals.com is donating at least 6, 000 tablets of SB-Normal Stool Formula every month to Direct Relief International to help disaster and poverty victims throughout the world. This will benefit as many as 2,000 medically under-served people on a monthly basis in countries like Venezuela, Honduras, Turkey, India, Bolivia and other areas around the globe. ? You can help too!!"

THe above is half way down the page


Funny and tragic, using tsunami victims as guinea pigs and for marketing instead sending something useful like money. And then not even having the tablets...

I'd like to nominate some of the local talent -

Cayelin Castell (the woo woo formerly known as Carolyn Brent)
For her fine work with "Shamanic Astrology"

Main Web site:


local web site:

Email:  p3@ShamanicAstrology.Com

Sky Dancer Enterprises
PO Box 91451
Tucson, AZ 85752
Phone: 520-744-6923



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