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I looked several times and perhaps I missed it. Margaret did the voice over in the trailer for the movie Antlers. At a time when we are trying so hard to Indigenize Hollywood and are actually making breakthroughs, Margaret took up space that could have gone to an actual Native person. Graham Greene and Lisa Cromarty were the only Native people with a presence in the film Greene's presence was heavily cut and Cromarty narrates.

--- Quote ---The movie Antlers, produced by Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro and directed by Scott Cooper is based on a screenplay he wrote with Nick Antosca and C. Henry Chaisson retelling Antosca’s short story “The Quiet Boy” which is a true Wiindigo tale warning against greed, corruption and destruction. In the film, a teacher says: “What is Storytelling? Storytelling started with our indigenous people.” Cooper and Del Toro worked to respectively connect their Wiindigo story to stories that have been told on this continent as long as anyone can remember. Grace L. Dillon was the primary consultant for the film and she contacted Margaret Noodin when the movie needed a voice of warning. As many of us work to revitalize languages that grew weak during colonization, attempted assimilation and the era of boarding schools, it is wonderful to know Antlers contains accurate Ojibwe. Our languages are growing stronger.

The final trailer for the film includes Margaret’s voice speaking Ojibwe. Here are the haunting words of warning:

Wenaakonigejig owiisagenimigoowaad wiindigoon.
The nations have been made to suffer by those who walk with greed in their hearts.

Nishiwanaajitoonid akiwan gaye nibiiwan miinawaa nishwanaaji’aanid asiniiyan, begazojin, bemoodejin, bemisejin, bemosejin.
They have destroyed the land and waters; they have destroyed the stones, swimmers, the crawlers, the ones who fly and the ones who walk.

Maazikamikwe godagendaagozid mii gikendang aabdeg wii-izhichigaadeg.
Mother Earth is in danger and knows what must be done.
--- End quote ---

She got the role through her friend Grace L. Dillon who was a consultant on the film. Dillon 'gave them permission' to use the 'w' in the films storyline. Not going to write the word, sorry.

--- Quote ---“What's important to me is that I was given permission by people who most know about the wendigo — and who covet it, and who understand it far better than I do — to tell this story,” he adds.

The production employed Grace L. Dillon, a professor in the Indigenous Nations Studies Program at Portland State University, as its Native American advisor, and the film’s vision of the creature largely stemmed from Dillon’s expertise. “That was important to me because it means so much to their culture,” says Cooper.
--- End quote ---

Dillon also claims Anishinabe descent but I don't know what her story is.

Grace Dillon now has her own thread.

--- Quote ---
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The website called "Humans and Nature" has a copyright of 2022, indicating it's an updated and/or active website.

Margaret Gives-Herself-An-Anishinaabe-Last-Name-For-Fun has a bio on it whereby she "identifies as American, Anishinaabe, Irish, and Metis."

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