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white wife with a question
« on: June 24, 2007, 10:16:02 am »
Hello from Texas,

I am the blonde wife of a full blood Native American who is condemned to death in Arizona for a crime that he did not commit. My husband practices the Lakota Traditions of his grandmother, so when I ran across your site it seemed a good place to possibly learn about what is authentic and what is not.

My first question since I am here is concerning how those of you who are Native American feel if someone such as myself chooses to follow her husband's beliefs. I greatly respect what I learn from Eldon and he encourages me to learn more and to trust what I learn and what I feel to be. Because I read so much online where others are against white people practicing the Traditions, I feel sometimes that I am stepping on toes, when I don't intend to, though.

My husband believes that that our union was meant to be and that we are meant to learn together in this life many things. However, we have faced prejudice against his marrying a white by some of his family already. Ironically, these family members knowing he was innocent were willing to leave him incarcerated and never try to assist him to get out, because they feared someone would learn they had a family member on the row. Then, they turn on him for marrying a woman who believes in him and fights tooth and nail to see him come home.

I do not attend any ceremonies and would not without I knew they were authentic in origin as it seems to me I wouldn't learn very much if I follow fools rather than those of the way that my husband follows. We do hope that Eldon will be home someday and we have an innocence project trying to help us get there. I expect that I will then attend ceremonies and other events with my husband, but wonder how many will feel that I have no place there.

Eldon was actually a little afraid, when we first got into discussing religion, because I was white and he enjoyed my company, but had lost other pen pals who wanted to save his savage soul. He made the offer that he would understand if I didn't write anymore if his beliefs bothered me, when he first told me of practicing the Traditions. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that I did not consider him a heathen as others had called it. What we found is though I never labeled my beliefs I did believe really close to what he believes, when I found him.

A connection to the natural world was more or less born with me and I never called what I knew to be God anything other than God before we met, because Christianity scared me to death from the time that I was a child.  Since finding Eldon I have had beautiful experiences with hawks having came to me in magnificent and unexplainable ways, butterflies in droves at some of the hardest moments of my life and other unbelievable experiences. I also have a connection to my husband with even thirteen hundred miles between us that is uncanny. He says that there is strong medicine between us. I usually call it magic, but is certainly a healing power.

Occasionally, I smudge and this began at my husband's suggestion. The first gift that he managed to get to me was a very small amount of his own sage sent through the mail.Though I do not understand as much as I should, I respect the practice and he likes knowing that we share at least that small thing.

Eldon is my only human teacher, other than the books that I read, but I feel that I learn from the world around me continually. I also expect that if I am meant to learn from an elder that this person will be provided as was my husband. They will come by design of the Mystery that guides all of our lives.

And after this long winded introduction to my place in life, there is a question. Am I wrong to follow my husband, though I cannot tell you whether or not there is even a drop of Native American blood in my past only that I respect the man I married and the beliefs that he follows?

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Re: white wife with a question
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Hi Eldon's Wife
There are several support groups for wives of incarcerated native americans.
Here's a couple links that might help

And in Albuquerque,NM. this is a link of many different support groups. If you go through the list you will come across support links that apply in your case.

You may even want to contact the prison chaplain where your husband is at,  they could lead you to their support groups that are offered, and being in AZ. they should have someone that does come into the prison as a spiritual advisor to the inmates. They too may offer options of support groups that they would recommend.
There are many woman who are white, that are married to native american men in the prison system, that do offer help in the areas of emotional and spiritual support.

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Re: white wife with a question
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Hi Eldon's wife,
For myself, I believe that non-Indians, married to Indians are in a different place then some yuppie who just finds "Indian spirituality" cool. I know many men and women married to Native people who attend ceremony.  I would say that because your husband is in prison, you need to be careful who you attend ceremony with. I do think that you are on the correct path by  saying that you will go by the ones your husband provides.

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Re: white wife with a question
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2007, 03:31:17 am »
This Eldon here on AZ Death Row? See Link...

On December 2, 1989, codefendants Eldon Michael Schurz and Patrick Delmar Allison attempted to rob Jonathan Art Bahe of money and liquor at the City Center Motel, located at 600 West Van Buren. Mr. Bahe resisted, so Schurz struck the victim several times about the face and head with his fist. Following the fight, Schurz found a quantity of gasoline and doused the victim with it. Schurz then made a trail of gasoline away from the victim and lit it with a cigarette lighter. This caused the victim to be set ablaze and subsequently die. Schurz and Allison fled the area and were arrested a few hours later. Allison testified against Schurz pursuant to a plea agreement. In addition to the death sentence, the trial court sentenced Schurz to 12 years for an attempted aggravated robbery enhanced by two prior felony convictions.

Presiding Judge:Hon. John H. Seidel
Prosecutor:Noel Levy
Defense Counsel:Edward J. Susee
Start of Trial:June 6, 1990
Verdict:June 11, 1990
Sentencing:September 21, 1990

Aggravating Circumstances
Especially heinous, cruel or depraved

State v. Schurz, 176 Ariz. 46, 859 P.2d 156 (1993).
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Re: white wife with a question
« Reply #4 on: June 27, 2007, 05:00:44 pm »
Hello and welcome, Eldon's Wife. Thanks for your input Paulie - we now know what the court decided Eldon did, but that's all we know. I don't think this is the right forum for discussion of the case, so could everyone please keep the thread on topic: Eldon's Wife asked for help in avoiding frauds.

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Re: white wife with a question
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2007, 03:41:58 pm »
Eldon's Wife asked for help in avoiding frauds.
Maybe she can start in her own garden...
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Re: white wife with a question
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Just wanted to let Skully know if he is still around - you cannot believe everything that you read - especially if it involves an Indian in prison in Arizona


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Re: white wife with a question
« Reply #7 on: August 31, 2009, 05:16:39 pm »
greetings Eldons Wife. on the mainpage there are some proclamations closing LDN ceremonies to non-natives, but it doesnt mention spouses, in your own heart you may travel any spiritual path you feel inclined to, but to answer your question Eldon's family may be helpful, but in my opinion there can be no true spiritual connection, as far as Native Spirituality goes, without a direct tie to the community and the Spiritual Leaders found there. and true humilty would always be the foundation of it all. thank you for posting your questions!