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(Khat Hansen) Doesn't seem to be an exploiter but....
« on: April 15, 2009, 05:38:57 am »
 The things this person says and does disturbs me. Here is an article a friend sent me in which this person is being interviewed.


An Interview with Khat Hansen

Choctaw Medicine woman reveals details of Bigfoot encounters

By Brent Raynes

Kath Hansen explains that she is a Choctaw medicine woman, a “Soul Eater” (a type of empathic healer) whose training as a medicine person began back at the age of three. Since age five, she has encountered various spirit beings. One of these (the main subject of this interview) is known by her people as Ste’ye’mah (what we call Bigfoot).

For more information, visit Kath Hansen’s website: <a href=""></a>.

Editor: To begin with, how do you wish to be identified?

Khat Hansen: My name is Khat Hansen. I am an American Choctaw Indian Medicine woman and Soul eater (it is a type of empathic healer). I have retired from the archeology field and now live quietly in the Nevada mountain range.

Editor: You have written in a blog that you've been interacting with Ki'ho'sa since age five. You explained that Ki'ho'sa means Bigfoot. You state that he's neither animal or human, and can do very incredible, if not downright supernatural sounding things. Is Ki'ho'sa a Native American term?

Khat Hansen: Yes, it is Choctaw. That is not exactly correct. Ki'ho'sa means "to forget (me)" in Choctaw. It is the name he has named himself. I have only given him this name as he gave it to me when I was 5yrs. old. He said that is what I was to call him. He is neither animal or human. He is Ste'ye'mah or Bigfoot. I do not call them sasquatch as that is a made up Indian word. It is a conglomeration of words to create one word. Ki'ho'sa calls his kind "my people" or "such as we". He has never used anything else. The Bigfoot are capable of doing many things that you or I cannot do but at the same time we are capable of doing things they cannot do. It is a balance between us in a way. They do not choose to know our way of living. For example, they do not cook or read, but they are capable of drawing and like music. They do not play music but will play with the instruments per se. They do however mimic bird whistles and song and have used them many times as a form of entertainment. I have had them steal mouth harps and slide whistles but have never heard them play them. I think they took them because they saw us playing them and were curious as to how they work. If I am playing the guitar or sitar they will come down and sit quietly in the bushes or around the area. When they are done they will leave the area and that is all I ever know. They do not tell me if they like it or experience joy or sadness. I do know that they experience anger and rage. They can also forgive, these are the emotions that I have first hand knowledge of with Ki'ho'sa and his kind.

Editor: Does being Native American open you up more to such experiences, do you think?

Khat Hansen: Maybe, maybe not. What I think opens me up to such experiences is the fact that I have been taught to respect and believe in all forms of life. I was taught that I must accept what I am being told and shown by legends and elders and other people what is true. To accept with my heart and mind that what I am being allowed to experience is a gift. I was told at an early age that not everyone can see the Bigfoot. THEY choose who will see them and what capacity it will be. For Ki'ho'sa to have chosen me was a very sacred gift to myself and my people. For him to interact with me over the years has been an even more invaluable gift. He has taught me much about myself and acceptance of things that I do not understand or comprehend.

Editor: Please tell us what you can about Ki'ho'sa and what your own first-hand experiences with him have conveyed to you about what sort of creature he is.

Khat Hansen: Ki'ho'sa is a spirit being who can assume a flesh and blood body. Which simply means: He is a being/creature that has access to this world. He comes and goes of his pleasing. This is why sometimes people say they have found footprints coming from UNDER a small rock and disappearing into a small scrub bush with nothing surrounding it or just stopping in dirt and not continuing anywhere. He can shift and leave this realm/world when he wants. He is not limited to being here as are we. He has different gifts that he uses. That we humans have not learned or been given.

For instance, Ki'ho'sa can mindspeak to people. It is a very unusual gift that took me a long time to get used to. By this I mean he can put pictures into your head and a fleeting voice that is almost like an echo. He uses this to communicate and get his meaning across to me. It is almost like flashcards strung together to create a meaning. When he does this though, it causes me terrible pain in the form of migraine type headaches and nosebleeds that sometimes last for days.

They also are able to cause humans and animals to feel certain feelings. It took me a long time to understand what this process is and a name for it. It is called infrasound or thought blasting. They use it to cause fear, terror, panic, peace, confusion or calm. It is a mind weapon of sorts. They use this when they are feeling threatened by humans to make us leave their area. In this way they will not have to physically attack us although if it did not work they would then resort to leading the person away or chasing them away. If that did not work they would attack. They are capable of anger and evil if they choose. They are not the creatures in Harry and the Hendersons. They are very intelligent and cunning. This is not a human being. Nor is it an animal. It is Ste'ye'mah or Bigfoot.

Bigfoots do not age as humans do. I always say that he is about 175 years old according to my understanding of their aging process. They age much slower than humans. It has something to do with their metabolism being different. This is also why when people have shot at them or hit them with vehicles it does not appear to hurt them. It really does hurt them, but it may take weeks or months for the wounds to manifest. This is why people have seen them just walk away from woundings without marks or blood on them. This is also why certain Bigfoot are seen over and over again for long periods like the yellowtop Bigfoot. He has been in that territory for almost a century... he does not age like us so it is a short period of time to him.

They have many different gifts such as great as a car when they choose. The ability to become invisible (which has been explained to me as "wrapping the light around themselves"). I have pictures of this on my website. Great inhuman strength. And the ability to camouflage themselves into different forms, i.e.: stumps or trees that people do not realize are Bigfoot until they actually see it walk away or go right up to it and realize it is a Bigfoot.

Bigfoot are keepers and trackers of time here on this earth. They are waiting for man to finish his time here. Then they will resume the keeping of the earth. They will begin again and help it to heal and overcome what damages we humans have done.

They do not hold anger against us for doing the things that we have done to this planet. They just understand that it is our nature to do the things that we do. When their time comes they will again help the earth and humans and animals to balance and accept each other. For now they are here, watching and waiting.

Editor: Could you tell a little more about your background?

Khat Hansen: I am a trained archeologist that worked in South and Central America for over 20 years. My field of expertise is Pre-Columbian Civilizations.

Editor: I understand that your first Bigfoot encounter was in Oregon, by the way?

Khat Hansen: Yes, this is where I first met Ki'ho'sa. When I was 5 years old we were deer hunting and the adults had left me in camp by myself. This was a different time back then when children were safe and able to be left alone. I was playing around the camp area with my Barbie dolls (I had brought two with me) when I heard a crying sound. I listened and kept hearing it. I thought another child was left alone in their camp and was lonely. I looked for the sound and found it a ways into the forest. I came up to a fallen cedar tree and there sitting on the ground next to it was a hairy child about as tall as myself. It was crying and rocking back and forth. I just thought it was an ugly child. Maybe it lived in the woods and that is why it was so dirty? Anyway when it realized I was there it stopped crying and just stared at me. I sat down across from it and took my Barbie dolls out of my overall pockets and began to play with them while talking to the hairy child. I was asking it all sorts of questions and it finally got up and walked over to me. I offered it a Barbie and it chose the blonde one and we sat there looking at them and playing with them. Awhile later the hairy child stood up and began to whine and kind of bounce up and down and seemed to be really excited about something. As I stood up all of sudden there was this great big WHUMP! and there landed right in front of me the biggest, hairiest, ugliest thing I had ever seen. It was a male Bigfoot and it was growling this bone jarring growl and grabbing the hairy kid. I kind of screamed and peed my pants and backed away all at the same time. He pushed the hairy child back away from me and put himself between us and just looked at me. I started to scream really loud and turned and ran back to the camp. I hid in the tent the whole time until the adults came back. I told my dad what had happened and he went with me to see the area and the Bigfoot. All he found were tracks. I was very upset because the hairy child had taken my blonde Barbie doll when it left and my dad refused to buy me another one because they were 5.00 dollars.

After camping for two more days we went home which was about 60 miles away. After being home for two days I went down into the canyon below our home to play in my fort and found the Barbie doll sitting on the floor of it. As I was sitting there Ki'ho'sa came out from behind a tree and sent me the thought 'grateful' for taking care of his little one.

I was terrified of him, but he did not come close. He only sent me quiet feelings. I found out later it was a boy Bigfoot.

Editor: How neat that you did archeological work in both Central and South America for over twenty years. What were some of the most interesting, memorable places that you visited?

Khat Hansen: I have been all over the southern continent. My favorite area though is Tulum and Copan.

Editor: Are any of your archeological works published or posted online?

Khat Hansen: No, I am sorry they are not published that I know of. I worked for a private organization that had it's own agenda...religious links and such.

Editor: How about these UFOs? I seem to recall something about where you observed a strange light with consciousness once. Care to share?

Khat Hansen: I have had several instances with UFO's from the Snake people and the Ant people. I can call them down on occasion and have interacted with them on several occasions.

Editor’s Note: Perhaps Kath will agree to a second interview in the near future so that we can find out more about her experiences with UFOs and other forms of consciousness and reality.<br style="display:none" gauntlet_tokenizer_reserved=""/>

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Re: (Khat Hansen) Doesn't seem to be an exploiter but....
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2009, 05:13:19 am »
She claims to be a trained archaeologist, but I don't think she works doing that. I couldn't find any sign of her at, a pretty good way to track anyone in academia. If you look her up online, she calls herself a "halfbreed Choctaw". What is this, 1950? She seems to be trying to get as much attention as possible since the only things online with her name (and several other IDs of hers like HoodooWoman) all talk about Bigfoot. Even on a Final Fantasy gaming board...

Every single online mention of Kihosa also comes from her. And the creature doesn't seem like Bigfoot in (non-NDN) legend at all.

"Ki'ho'sa is a spirit being who can assume a flesh and blood body....He can shift and leave this realm/world when he wants....Ki'ho'sa can mindspeak to people...he can put pictures into your head and a fleeting voice that is almost like an echo. He uses this to communicate and get his meaning across to me. It is almost like flashcards strung together to create a causes me terrible pain in the form of migraine type headaches and nosebleeds that sometimes last for days....infrasound or thought blasting. They use it to cause fear, terror, panic, peace, confusion or calm."

I recall we had something similar from Arthur Sonier, who claimed to be Micmaq but spread stories about supposed Cherokee and Iroquois creatures like Bigfoot. But these so called Bigfoots actually were very small, smaller than a dwarf. Both of them seem to be slapping the Bigfoot label on to get attention from non-NDNs.

She claims to be a medicine woman but you're right that I can't find any sign of her being like the exploiters we usually see.

BTW, Sasquatch is a "real word" unlike what she claims. Some sources say it's Salish.

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Re: (Khat Hansen) Doesn't seem to be an exploiter but....
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2009, 05:27:09 pm »        [this is a very interesting interview with Khat Hansen]she sounds genuine and sincere to me...Let me know what you think after you listen to it...thanks everyone.