Author Topic: Good News-Another Chance to Spread the Word  (Read 4190 times)

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Good News-Another Chance to Spread the Word
« on: March 12, 2005, 12:10:42 am »
I just agreed to write an entry for the Encylopedia of Native American Literature. It's for a bio of Heywhatever Storm. It's a chance to give readers the whole ugly story of all the protests against his book Seven Arrows and his impersonating a Cheyenne medicine man, when he's actually German with a little Crow ancestry.

Course the bad news is that they want him in the encyclopedia at all. Could be the editors don't know the true story. It'll be interesting to see their reaction.

If anyone can find anything on Storm's early life, let me know. So far I can't find anything on his life before he published his exploitation books.