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Re: Ayahuasca Healings Native American Church (AHNAC)
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"What we really are is an indigenous world culture church," Shackman says. "We fall under Native American church because we're in America and that's the indigenous culture in America. "To be Native American—to fully appreciate Native American culture, you don't have to be Native American. A lot of Native American people have problems with bringing their tradition to white man." Native American Churches who reject groups like Ayahuasca Healings, he says, are "not in touch with their traditional religion," which he believes would not see a separation here.

"We do not expect all native peoples to approach us with such a transcendental perspective, and view us all as one spirit. There are always a few haters," he says. "You can't make everyone happy."


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Re: Ayahuasca Healings Native American Church (AHNAC)
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Customers who were given "scholarships" had to pay several hundred dollars and also do a video testimonial while still under the influence of drugs. The videos were filmed out on the land near Elbe, Washington. During the winter. After several days and nights of san pedro and then ayahuasca. Without much sleep and without unrestricted access to hot showers.

Everyone videotaped was still under the influence. Ayahuasca use at that stage creates a universal love feeling, including relief at having the survived the prior purging and possible nightmarish experiences.

So folks were on a high and loved everyone, plus they had committed to doing videos and needed to do so before leaving.

Those videos aren't trivial, if Trinity had to pay someone for those, they would be expensive or even impossible. So no one actually got a "scholarship". Everyone paid a lot, one way or another.

Trinity and Marc do not care about the safety of their customers. Videos, photos, full names, locations, occupations, and mental health histories of customers are on the AH web site. This is so very wrong.


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Re: Ayahuasca Healings Native American Church (AHNAC)
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For one thing, the leaders were inexperienced. One was living in a tent before Trinity took her in, another was a street performer, playing music in the town plaza with a group of "hippies," Sulastri said, and another was a "Rambo Kung fu shaman" — just some young tough guy who knew Tai Chi.

Sulastri said it was downright irresponsible. A guy passed out the day after a ceremony, and Trinity's crew didn't respond well. "Clearly what [the sick guy] needed was to go to the hospital due to altitude sickness, low sugar and fatigue," Sulastri says. But Trinity and his crew didn't do that. "He was writhing on the ground and they were beating drums over him."

When one of Trinity's ayahuasca "healers" herself got sick and left, Trinity quickly promoted one of the assistant chefs to the position of "ayahuasca shaman," Sulastri said.

"These kids are dangerous," he continues. "These kids are playing with people's lives. I had to throw them out of our property."

Because along with people getting sick, others claim during one ceremony, in the dark, while participants were tripping on entheogens, Trinity received a handjob and/or a blow job from his girlfriend.
For retreat-goer Clifton Thomas, who says he witnessed the blowjob/handjob, it was like seeing the priest getting blown during Sunday mass at a cathedral. And it was hypocrisy. Trinity's "religion" had always asked its participants to be celibate for the time around the ceremonies, but Thomas (and Sulastri) agree the retreat was all a low-level orgy — this "healer" with this guest, this chef with this healer's girlfriend — drama supreme.

"I was very uncomfortable," Thomas adds. "I kept thinking, I did not sign up for this shit."


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Re: Ayahuasca Healings Native American Church (AHNAC)
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This article does not specifically mention Trinity and gang, but it does provide important context.

Millennials on Spirit Quests Are Ruining Everything About Ayahuasca

From Brooklyn to Australia, there’s a growing demand for ayahuasca, a tribal, hallucinogenic tea said to have both spiritual and curative properties. But, like any globalization fairy tale, the world’s embrace is threatening to suffocate the tradition at its source.

“The sacred art of Indians has been transformed into entertainment,” said Moises Pianko, a member of the Ashaninka tribe of northern Brazil.


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Re: Ayahuasca Healings Native American Church (AHNAC)
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In a recent video, Trinity states that he is in northern Thailand. How is he funding his travels?

Here is the latest email solicitation from Trinity. He would really like us all to send him money, money, money.

Thank you for opening this email. <3
Please read to the end, it's very important.
I've been going through a profound shift recently.
And am re-structuring the way our organization works.
So we can share the healing that we are here to share,
with more people.

Especially, for those who are struggling financially -
So I ask for your help, to please donate.
I see so clearly, in order for this vision to thrive, for
us to help more people, we need to come together.
So we can support the people who need it most.
We are committed, to helping as many people as possible,
especially those who are struggling financially.
If that describes you, and you are really called to
Mother Ayahuasca, I'm happy to say -
We are creating more ways to help you. To support you,
if this journey to Peru is really calling you, but money
is an obstacle.

If that's the case for you, please visit this page, find
out all about our retreats, and even if you can't afford
the full price, apply. (Our next retreat starts Oct 28)
And for those of you, who want to help these people
with me, I ask you, to please donate here.
This is how we support each other.

Those with the blessings of abundance, or the desire to
help someone else out there, this is your chance to give.
You don't need to "have a lot" to be able to give back.
Even just $10 or $20 makes a big difference.
For those who can, and are called to support others in
this way, $50, $100 or whatever your heart feels, goes
such a long way.

And those who are struggling, and feel like you need
support... this is your chance to receive.

Ayahuasca Healings is here to bridge this gap, to bring
our global tribe and family together, in as many ways
as possible.

(And more exciting ways, coming soon!)

So this is our initiative, to gift more discounted spots.
And that is only possible, by asking the rest of the
community to help and donate.

This way, we can all be more involved.
To help each other. Grow more, give more, receive more,
and live the example, that we want to see in the world.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
- Ghandi

As a Global Healing Community, we are here for each other.
We all walk the same path, in our own unique ways.
But the same drive... for truth, for connection, for love...
freedom, and healing - for ourselves, and the world,
is what moves us at our deepest core.

The desire to give back, be of service, and make a
difference in the world, is one trait we all share.
And with this invitation to donate, I'm really excited
to see how powerfully this can bring us together.
To see, how much we can be there for someone, that we
don't even know.

Anything you can give, is helping to change a life, open
a heart, and bring healing, in ways so deeply beyond words.
Please click here to donate.

Thank you so much.
For hearing me, and feeling the call deep within, to be
here for our brothers and sisters in need.

Even if you can't donate donate right now, please,
take a moment, to send love to those suffering.
We are so blessed to live the life we do.
So please, let's come together, to share our blessings
with those who need it.

Thank you <3
With infinite love, bringing us together to support each other,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS -
We all know what it's like to struggle.
To feel lost, with no clarity or direction.
To struggle with money, to get "bad news" or when
"life happens" in a way that is just too stressful
to deal with.
In my next email, I'll share with you one of the lowest
points of my life.
When I needed help the most.
And the magic, that came in ways I couldn't have
ever expected...
You'll love this story =)
Talk soon!

Your Highest Truth Inc.
240 N. Glynde Ave.
Burnaby BC v5b 1g9

(I added spacing.)


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Re: Ayahuasca Healings Native American Church (AHNAC)
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Now Trinity says you can pay him to teach you how to:

select the right curandero and shaman.

Further, the participants can learn how to safeguard themselves in the ceremony. In short, they will learn how to get the most out of their journey with the blessed medicine.

Trinity is also trying his hand at doing a fake apology tour. He makes excuses, lies, and never takes responsibility. Plus he still owes many people a lot of money.

Trinity is a Canadian citizen. He has a for profit corporation in B.C. His Ayahuasca operation in Washington state was a business, not a non profit.

It's said that he was stopped at the border and not allowed entry back in USA, because US Immigration saw that he was illegally operating a business.

From a post on Facebook concerning how Trinity operates:

1. Assume your audience are complete idiots
2. Lie while smiling and speaking down to your victims.
Condescension works wonders.
3. Change historical facts while no one is watching.
4. Fake like you are having a grand revelation and awakening while weaving your next set of lies.

Oh yeah....don't give that money back no matter what.

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Re: Ayahuasca Healings Native American Church (AHNAC) / Trinity de Guzman
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The presenter starting that video is Lorna Liana, who owns this huge commercial empire:  —

Lorna Liana also endorses Trinity de Guzman and his Ayahuasca Healings Native American Church (April, 2016).
TRANSCRIPT – Ayahuasca Healings Controversy

The transcript is much longer than what's quoted here. Also, I find it interesting to read this introduction:

Ayahuasca Healings Controversy – Hard Questions Answered | Trinity de Guzman – EN06

Trinity De Guzman, founder of Ayahuasca Healings, is at the epicenter of a huge ayahuasca controversy. There has been a great deal of outcry in the medicine community from people who work with ayahuasca spiritually, as well as from scientific researches and policy makers around a number of key concerns.

Number one, the true legal status of Ayahuasca Healings in the United States. Number two, the safety of the people attending retreats at the Ayahuaca Healings retreat center from both the health and legal stand point. Number three, the way in which Trinity promoted their church and its business model and number four, the impact of their activities on the future of ayahuasca and its protected status as a whole.

Today, he will share with us:

• [11:30] His experiences in traveling to different countries and how he discovered ayahuasca in Peru
• [13:48] What led him to build to the first public, legal ayahuasca church in America
• [15:22] The mission of Ayahuasca Healings.
• [19:36] What makes Ayahuasca Healings legal?
• [21:46] Is Ayahuasca Healings exempted from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act?
• [1:41:57] His plans on how he would establish trust within the ayahuasca community amidst controversies.
• and much, much more.

There are several interesting comments. And link to: — which links further to:

And my point, especially from looking into the two last links:
This scammer is as active as ever before.