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Are you Registered but can't log in ?


Hi Hi Hi to everyone out in cyberspace who registered , but can't log in or who registered but didn't receive a password !!! We know you are out there !

Forum Administration says they are trying to get a whole new forum up and running without the technical problems and when this happens everyone who registered , but still can't get in , will get an email informing them that things are now working again .

Hang in there ...

Will the new Forum be in this domain - ie; only the software changing?  
   good luck on the data migration.

Lindaa @ work.

Yes it will. I'll try to get the migration done ASAP.

The new forum URL will be: http://newagefraud.org/smf

I just discovered that we mail from this forum is being blocked to people with email addresses from mail.ru and inbox.ru. They bounce back with the following message: "Access from ip address (mailout16.yourhostingaccount.com) blocked".

It may be the same for some others. If I learn of any more I will add them to this post.


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