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Paul Butler AKA Paul White Gold Eagle


Been a while since I was here. What passes for my life got in the way.

I came back here because a Twitch chat-stream I was one popped up a Plastic Shaman who calls himself Paul White Gold Eagle. He mixes Native American and East Indian into a New Age soup.

You have to see this to believe it, incredibly clueless. Check out the Cher/Vegas headdress.

His Linkedin gives his original name as Paul Butler.

As you can see, his Linkedin is little but soliciting money. Same for Patreon.

Hasn't had much luck on Youtube, not many views but lots of confused nonsense.

He doesn't seem to exist outside of posting online gibberish asking for money. Like a Nuage version of an influencer.
The only exception is this post mocking him.



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