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--- Quote ---I started to play chess with this man and he mentioned a reservation, Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation, located down in the Sonora desert in the Tucson area  where I met my Teacher, Man of Knowledge/Medicine man/Shaman/Sorcerer/Crazy Indian. I had no choice but to spend the next four years with him.
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--- Quote ---Man of Knowledge
Blackfeet Elder
Sweat Lodge (Pour-er)
And Called Many Things:
(Medicine man/Sorcerer/Shaman/Holy Man BUT Just a Man)
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On his Facebook page:

--- Quote ---I am just an old hippy Indian. I have a Fundraiser for our community Sweat Lodge for blankets, canvas tarps, furniture pads (they work real well and can get for $5 a piece but need like 35 plus 3 of the largest canvas tarps made and they are like $200 plus 4 smaller tarps and they are $75 each), and money for everything including supplies. I am shocked that after sending out 3300 "asks" not a dime collected and no promises of sending blankets ect I am shamed of the human race. I give my phone number, address (you can check who owns home it is public record) yet this important cause is treated as if a scam I don't get it. hell buy yourself something from my online store (all products and services are authentic Native handmade) with exception of the oils and I WILL DONATE 10% of all sales
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Medicine Wheel LLC (Idaho) info via

Filing Type   Limited Liability Company (D)
Status   Active-Existing
Formed In   IDAHO
Term of Duration   Perpetual
Principal Address   2311 N KENMERE DR
Mailing Address   2311 N KENMERE DR
MERIDIAN, ID 83646-1675
Initial Filing Date   11/03/2018
AR Due Date   11/30/2019
Registered Agent   Noncommercial
Michael S Mettert


--- Quote ---PRIVATE SWEATS:

Four and under people $275 (50% in advance and balance upon arrival)

Four to eight people $475. (50% in advance and balance upon arrival)

This will be a 4 to 6 hour event. It will be an authentic "old ways" Sweat. We will start with the gathering of firewood, "cleanse", starting and maintaining fire up til lava rocks (Grandfathers) are glowing red. The ceremonial "cleansing" and preparation to enter the sacred Lodge. There will be 4 rounds with teaching of the walk around the Medicine Wheel. Afterwards we will have communion with a good ole BBQ and/or Indian tacos.

NAMING CEREMONY: $575 (50% in advance and balance upon arrival)

This is a sacred ritual that will last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours PLUS I would need certain information from the one being named no later then 4 weeks in advance. This being a sacred ritual of having one's native name bestowed upon them from the Great Spirit. Family and friends of up to 20 are allowed to attend.

This will include food and drinks for up to 8 people anything more then 8 food and beverages (alcohol of any type prohibited) will be supplied by the participants party.
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Michael Scott Mettert, born in 1961.

He dyes his hair, it is actually grayer than seen in this Facebook photo.

--- Quote --- I was fortunate to come across Michael Two-Feathers in 1998. He is the leader of the northwest Sun dancers and performed regular Sweats in a town Orville, Ca. I got to learn from one of the best sitting in his lodge at least once a month up until 2005.
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--- Quote ---In 2009 I move to Twin falls Id and again on a two times a month drove up to Boise, Idaho where I continued my training with Hawk, a Lakota Elder, who got "sweating" allowed as a spiritual rite crucial to our heritage into the Idaho state prison system.

 I moved up to Meridian, Id in 2011 and continue to live there. As a Blackfeet Elder I have been performing a variety of Ceremonies of various types for a number of years now.
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Mike O'brien / Michael Two Feathers

In case this goes away I'll quote it. He got only 8% of what he asked for:

--- Quote from: Piff on January 07, 2019, 02:16:12 am ---Fundraiser
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--- Quote ---This fundraiser has ended
Thanks to everyone who donated!
Michael Mettert's photo.

Community Sweat Lodge
Fundraiser for Michael Mettert

$48 USD of $600 USD raised
Fundraiser has ended

I am hoping that I can get some kind and generous people to assist me here in the Treasure Valley (Boise, Id) in procuring/donating some blankets and canvas tarps (all types and usage) for our community sweat lodge. It has come to a point that our Sweat Lodge needs to replace its blankets and canvas tarps so we can continue our community sweats (all are invited and I'll post dates when up and running again). They have all, minus a few, have rotted and tore. They are used not only to cover the lodge but for people to sit on. Thank you all in advance Message me or feel free to call (208) 713-5175 and I'll will pick them up or I tell you where to send Medicine Wheel L.L.C. 2311 N. Kenmere Dr Meridian, Id 83646
Michael Mettert • 30 December 2018
--- End quote ---

In connection with and there is also a Facebook page:

Seems to be mostly about selling herbs, oils, minerals, gemstones, stones, paintings and "Handmade Wired Stone Pendants", also called "Tree of Life Healing Stone Pendants", plus "One Of a Kind Navajo Alabaster Sculptures".

Then there is this closed Facebook group with 46 members:
(Medicine Wheel LLC Group) (Created: about a month ago by Medicine Wheel LLC)


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