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"Queen Chief Warhorse, Tchufuncta Nation, Chahta Tribe" Elwin Green Gillum

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First off Tchufuncta is a made up word... it is not a Chahta (choctaw) word. They are not a recognized group by CNO or Mississippi Chahta , and they wont be recognized. She isn't even wearing any sort of Choctaw clothing..why is she wearing a plains style dress and beadwork. The only thing she got right was the word Chahta. I think that sums it up.


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Video has been removed.

Epiphany: Most recent video Start about 15:15 - If I'm understanding her correctly she states her nation is superior to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. 8:16 3:44 Mention of how when applying for recovery funds Queen Chief Warhorse had a complete database on all members, including their social security numbers

My concerns are about the possibility that this is a potential personality cult, drawing vulnerable people who have gone through Katrina and who seek community.


--- Quote ---Elwin Green Gillum...and a total of 825 family members crossed over on the 2000 census from being designated as African-American to Native
American. 'It was like winning the lottery,' she said of the 0.4 percent they represented in the St. Tammany statistics. 'For the first time in 100 years we could be what our family fought and struggled so we could be.' 'We are one family, many colors,' Gillum said of her family, the descendants of Cherokee Andrew Green who was born in Georgia and died at the age of 100 in St. Tammany. The Green descendants began meeting as the St. Tammany Native American Tribe of the Florida Parishes on Oct. 12, 1998, to discuss the issue of the upcoming census. 'We kept our business to ourselves, we met as a family, it was not a public campaign,' she said, 'For nights we met, young and old, filled out the census and told stories.' While the nucleus of the family is known to them, they are now trying to reach the cousins and more distant family members to gather documentation for a tribal roll.
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An American Indian Heritage Is Reclaimed," Sharon Sharpe, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans), May 5, 2002, 1. Copyright 2002 The
Times-Picayune Publishing Company.

Don’t Know Much About Indians (but i let non-indians speak for them anyways) [Point]


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