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Hello everyone,
I went to click on the website given for Mr. Goodblood, to check out what folks were talking about.  My filter kept telling me it was a known and reported phishing site. 

Is that the correct addy and if so, is it a phishing site?

Recieved the same warning. Will have to see if they attach cookies. frederica

There are several links given in this thread: which one (or ones) do you mean?

It flashed a warning on this site, for me anyway. http://geocities.com/fakemedicinemen/goodblood.htm. The warning didn't stay up very long, then went to the site. It did attach cookies. I deleted both. frederica

I think that's probably a false positive. People usually end up at a phishing site after clicking on a link in a spam email or instant message that points to a different address than it appears to. That page isn't pretending to be a bank or Paypal or asking you to enter any information at all.  No harm in being vigilant though.



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