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Paul Edward Driskill AKA Qwo-Li Driskill

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Got a request about him. The numerous peoples claimed sets off alarms.

Two-spirited Native American (Cherokee, African, Irish, Lenape, Lumbee and Osage) Assistant Professor at Oregon State University, where they are director of graduate studies and the queer studies curriculum organizer in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies....

FunkFeathers1   Posted - 01/30/2006 : 7:05:23 PM
interesting article...but it reminds me of the two spirit poet Qwo-Li Driskill who i saw give a reading at U Penn the other day. I questioned Qwo-Li's status as cherokee indian in my head when another listener asked if he had ever been questioned as his appeareance is that of a long haired irish guy/girl. He stated that he is only questioned by non-indians and is well accepted in grassroots movements. Thats one of the big obvious giveaways isnt it?

siksikasam   Posted - 01/30/2006 : 7:18:38 PM
Yeah... Um.. Quo Li is fully legit..... Goot person-good buddy of my cousin.. Its important to have our two spirit folks around contributing positive thoughts and ideas..

b. 1975
Cherokee poet, scholar, and activist Qwo-Li Driskill was raised in rural Colorado. Driskill earned a BA from the University of Northern Colorado, an MA from Antioch University Seattle, and a PhD from Michigan State University.....


--- Quote ---Qwo-Li Driskill is a (non-citizen) Cherokee
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---also identifies as “Crip and Mad.”

They explain, “I have several chronic illnesses as well as complex post-traumatic stress."
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Qwo-Li Paul-Edward Driskill (born 1975)
--- End quote ---

Father's obit:

--- Quote ---Paul J. Driskill of Glenwood Springs passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on December 24th, 2010. He was 73.

He was a beloved husband, wonderful father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Paul was born in his grandmother's house in Lamar on June 22, 1937. He attended Lamar Union High School where he played on two state championship football teams.

He continued his education at Adams State College, where he received a BA and MA.

He married Jeannie Holdren in 1960 and taught high school on Guam and in Silverton before teaching at Glenwood Springs Elementary School for 30 years. He was active in the Colorado running community.

He is survived by his wife, Jeannie; daughters, Mary Kay Reed and Kim Stallone; son, Qwo-Li Driskill; grandchildren, Rachel Rosas, Rebecca Fuller, Taylor Reed, Dylan Reed and four great-grandchildren, Mason Rosas, Kaitlyn Rosas, Kayla Fuller and Cameron Fuller. He is also survived by his brother James Driskill, his sister Pat Yoder and his dog Spooky.

He was preceded in death by his brother Robert Driskill, his mother Thelma Muriel Appel, and his father Paul Edward Driskill.
--- End quote ---

His father was in the 1940 federal census, he and parents are listed white.

His mother on public records sites is listed "Ethnicity: Caucasian".

More links to relevant sites, mostly found by reading articles at previous links:
"For more information, contact Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill at"


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