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Quote (by Ashby)
Posted - 11/02/2008
..........Faux Indians specialize in cruelty as a means of control. Faux Indians served me the single most painful experience of my adult life. What happened to me will NEVER happen to another if I have anything to say about it ....and I do.(end Ashby quote)
(quote by Moma Porcupine)
I wonder who these people were? I haven't seen where she has specifically named them or said what they did to her. Is this someone who is listed here? Is this someone NAFPS could list a warning about? (end quote by Moma Porcupine)

I have been doing some reading and trying to understand these seems according to Ashby's website Faux Indians that the cause of her "crusade" is her former association with  the Diamond Brown Sr. family of Snowbird community. Has anyone (especially from ECBI) researched these allegations thoroughly? I am concerned by these allegations but find Ashby to be a questionable resource based on her history of interactions with others on the Internet. I could use some help trying to sort this out.

Sizzle Flambé:
In case it helps: <>

(Googling "Diamond Brown" AND ANY OF "cherokee", "snowbird", "betsy-ashby",
BUT EXCLUDING FALSE HITS WITH THE WORDS "tote", "carat", "sapphire", "brick",
"kamik", "doberman", "rolex", "geneve", "monaco", "bahama", "keyword", "desiree".
You can add or subtract search terms at the page this link brings up.)

For what it's worth, the only allegations of wrongdoing I found in that are Ashby's own.


This is Ashby's site referencing what got her started routing out Faux Indians. If there is substance to her allegations this is a serious issue; if there is NO substance to them it is also very serious from another perspective.

 From what I read in the link you provided, it seems the issue there is exploiters, which of course is the same thing that is hunted down and exposed on this site. However as has been pointed out by many including Educated Indian, and Moma Porcupine on this site; Ashby has gone above and beyond hunting down exploiters and has wrongly turned her attention to unenrolled mixedbloods. I have seen Ashby engage in that behavior myself, and have challenged her on it many times.  She is wrong for doing that, and has no business in the area of Indian identity when she is in fact not one herself.

 Also as has been pointed out on this site, if those who are enrolled or undeniably Indian point out to Ashby that she is in the wrong for her behavior, she then attacks them as well. Often times when this happens she accuses them of backing exploiters or other things. I have seen that myself as well.

According to info posted on her site, Ashby was adopted into a clan based on her alleged contact with the Brown Sr. family.....something must have gone downhill since then. She chooses to focus mainly on Gayle Brown (GC) and doesn't have much to say regarding Diamond Brown Sr., which i find curious.


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